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Feb 08, 2002, 05:16 AM

Need help setting up Schulze ESC for heli...

Hey guys!

Finally splurged and bought a Schulze 45He ESC for my new Voyager (Yes, yet another Voyager ) with a Hacker B40-8L motor. I keep hearing Schulze are the best ESCs out there! I tried a buddy's Schulze before and we didnt have much luck, but I think it was a result of having a poor set up on the ESC. So I bought my own to do it right

While going through the manual, I see that of course this heli ESC offers a governor. However, they say you MUST plug the ESC Rx lead into a channel that uses a slider or knob to take advantage of the governor feature.

The problem I have with that is that I cant change my head RPMs in flight with my flight mode switch (I dont want to be twisting a know for spool up or in flight!). With my Kontronik ESCs in governor mode, I had 3 different throttle curves - mode 1 was for hovering around 70% throttle. Mode 2 was for basic forward flight and aerobatics at 80%. Mode 3 was for heavy aerobatics using 90% throttle. In all of these curves, I simply set all 5 throttle points to the same - IE - for flight mode 3, all 5 throttle curve points were set to 90%.

Can I do this with the Schulze ESC? I would like to keep it plugged into the throttle channel and use the throttle curves to adjust the RPMs in flight. Of course to act as a governor, I would make all 5 points in the throttle curve entirely linear - say 90% all the way across, etc. The only place I would deviate is in the first flight mode. I would use this for spool up. It would read: 0% (Motor off), 30%, 60%, 60%, 60%. The next mode would be 80% all the way across, and the last mode would read 90% all the way across (These are of course not the actual amounts - I will adjust accordingly after flying the heli and taching the headspeed). By using the ESC in throttle channel and setting the last 2 flight mode curves exactly the same all the way across all the points, will it still act as a governor? I would think yes, but please let me know if Im wrong!

Also, what mode do I use for my Hacker motor? I see you can use Mode 1, Mode 2, Mode 3 or Mode 4. It lists both Mode 2 (Medium hard timing) and Mode 3 (Medium timing - both use 9.6kHz switching rate) as being "optimum" for Hacker motors when using them at the top of the rated specs. After I select the correct mode, how do I program the ESC to choose that mode? The instructions are a bit vague on that.

Thanks for the help guys! Any info on the governor set up, which mode to use and how to program the correct mode is greatly appreciated!

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Feb 08, 2002, 09:41 PM
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The Schultze will work fine on the idle up switch just like your Kontronik. As you go from soft to medium to hard timing the motors Kv will go up, you may need to drop a tooth on the pinion to keep the headsppeds and flight times you are used to with the Kontronik.

I've done the mode setup thing only once, I followed the directions and it worked but I can't say I remeber it enough to walk you through it. All I can say is once you get to the part where it is selecting the mode it is similar to what Kontronik does - it'll beep once for mode one then beep-beep for two, beep-beep-beep for three etc. Once it beeps the right # for the mode you want you snap the throttle closed (I think thats how I remeber it) and follow the rest of the instructions. There is no learning phase like with the Kontronik - it just know based on whetehr you hold the throttle slightly above off or all the way open whether it is a 2-4 pole motor or 6+pole motor. The Hackers are 2 pole.
Feb 08, 2002, 09:58 PM
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Sounds like some experimenting is due then. I just read the V16 instructions and am still unclear for gov setup. I guess you setup in heli mode and go?

I like the setup on the Kontronics, set at 100% and set the idleup% and you are done.
Feb 08, 2002, 10:25 PM
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How many poles is a Kontronik Fun 600-18?

Maybe this is what was set wrong on my Schulze future 45-Ho ESC. I just checked my tracking number on my ESC that has been delivered back to Schulze after a melt down for warranty repair. I do not want to make the same mistake twice. Need to learn everything I can before trying it again. Why do you have to move the trim to idle when turning on the RX just to return it to zero trim to get governor mode? Am I mistaken? Do you only have to do this once or every time you turn it on? I didn't see any mode selects on the 45-Ho any place, did I miss something?
Feb 08, 2002, 10:30 PM
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Re: How many poles is a Kontronik Fun 600-18?

The Kontronik 600-18 is 2 poles.

Depending on what firmware version you had it might not have different timing modes - V15 and higher can change timing and frequency. You need to move the trim up (or just crack the throttle stick up a click or two) to tell the ESC to use its algorythm for 2 and 4 pole motors. You need to do that everytime you start up, if you leave the stick completely low then it isn't in governor mode.
Feb 09, 2002, 04:52 AM
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Hi Jason,

I just got one of these - haven't done more than a dozen flights yet as the weather over here is definately not favourable!

I wondered the same thing - why can't I just use a straight line on the 'curve' for Idle up 1 and 2 to set into govenor mode - so I tried it and YES it does work.

Took me a while to work out you still have to set the govenor mode on power-up otherwise you are still using the ESC in 'normal' but all you have to do is put the throttle stick up slightly when attaching the battery and then bring it down once it beeps. You can then use a normal curve in 'Normal' to spool it up, or just flick straight into Idle Up because the soft start is VERY soft, taking over 5 seconds to reach any form of flight speed.

Not too sure about the timing / frequency modes yet as I'm still experimenting there, but I did find I was getting quite a bit of interference on one mode I tried - haven't been flying now for over a month so the memory hasn't kept up with me there!

Just sold my JR3810 also as part of a package deal to get hold of a PCM10X so that'll give me a whole new challange to 'move' all the models onto the new Tx

Nice ESC though (in my Limited experience)