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Feb 08, 2002, 03:22 AM

Best direct drive set up for speed on the Sky Scooter?

Hey guys!

Im off to San Diego next weeked for the Mid Winter electrics! There are a few Sky Scooter events, so Im picking up a spare SkyScooter Pro to compete.

One competition is SS pylon racing. You can use the stock SS with a 6v motor, 7 cell pack and whatever prop you please.

What prop is best for this set up for speed? The "spoon" prop isnt bad, but I want a little of an "edge." APC "E" props? How bout the Master Airscrew 5.5x4.5 I use on my FMA Razor? Works great there and on many S400 designs.

What other props should I try?

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Feb 08, 2002, 05:31 PM
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probably the gunther (spoon) prop and a pack of 7 500ARs would be best. the gunther will spin at highers RPMs, and give more pitch speed than a 5.5x4.5.

then again, i suspect the SS will lose a considerable amount of speed in the corners, so accleration may be a factor after all. tough call. bring both props, and see if you can get in some warm up runs with other racers.

should be hoot. see you there.