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Sep 15, 2004, 05:19 AM
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OzziE WoWingS Skua Reveiw

Hi guys ,

About the editor:-

My name is Doug Lundstedt, I am 24 years of age and I have been flying rc for 10 years , and four years ago i moved to tasmania when my father needed a change , so i followed suite , for the first 18 months I rode bmx bikes and competed in x-games trials until one day while riding I tore my acl on a trick , and had to give it up , having rc planes as a background hobby during the six month recovery period i would sit "Ed:thats what ya do when you cant walk" and build 2ch gliders, apon recovering I decided to fly my gliders on a bungee to strengthen my knee muscle and within another 6 months my knee was recovered to an extent that i could bushwalk out past the heads here in devonport , not knowing , one day i was coming back from ulverstone and spotted a bunch of guys on a small slope flying and my father and i decided to take a look after a long bushwalk adventure . what we noticed was that these planes were not normal looking config as we had known , i asked one of the men if i could have a go , and he said , sure " ya cant kill it anyway" , not beleiving this statement i put it into a high speed dive into the turf {acidentily he he} , and then walked to see the damage , when i arrived the plane was still in-tact , not even a scratch , i was like "I gotta get me one a these". the next week i joined the club , bitten by the bug again "the foam bug" this time , since then i am organising a big event to combine combat flying and multiplayer pc games into a yearly event for prizes and are more than happy to put my experience on the line with this new shape on the horizion. after ten zagi clones i think its about time to put a new shape in the hanger.

Recently i was looking for somthing different , and looking for austrailian kitters i came across WoWings in Western Austrailia and had a look at the skua video , after seeing it hit the pilot in the head "I just had to have one" so I contacted kye and ordered a Great Skua kit for reveiw , You may know kye from the earlier days when he used to supply brands such as Daw to the Austrailian public to bring the epp revolution down unda , a few years have passed and kye with the help of his wife is now producing two great kits of his own , the Skua and the booby , the latter of both which will be reveiwed here to get a peek into the latest look wing on the combat scene here in austrailia , which i hope soon can grow like it has in other countries with the great success of the "booby" from wowings , first impressons of the kit as it sits here waiting the digitial camera to charge are pleasing , also it comes standard with dubro hardware all the way , also to mention the special extruded fibreglass spars are going to make this quite sturdy for years to come , hopefully tomorrow those batteries are charged and I can start the build , if you are keen on a look already goto and check it out , the following pic is from from wowings site this is the finished bird now lets see how she goes together.


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Sep 16, 2004, 10:36 AM
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Hi guys ,\

Started the build today first job was to join the wing , using the wing beds i applied some hot glue to the inner suface of the wing halfs and aligned the wings until i was satisfied then let the glue dry , then i traced the blue spar joiner and cut through the foam , marked the foam with and x and kept it for later.
Sep 16, 2004, 10:58 AM
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next i glued the fibreglass spars into the holder with 5min epoxy and while that dryed , i removed the noodles from the wing using a blunt pair of scissors for peices that get trapped , easily done , after the glue was dry i pryed the channel apart and applyed goop on the inside and installed the spar into the channel , I would admit that this is one of the best systems i have seen for a spar in a combat plane yet , and shows how much kye puts into the designs durabilty , while drying i sat the wing in the beds with cans of fruit as weight , and once dry you can feel the stiffness in the wing , and comparing it to my other wings i think ill even give dsing a go once finished.
Sep 16, 2004, 11:17 AM
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Next , is to install the trailing edge peices to the two centre sections , with this it is pretty easy as kye has marked the parts for you and they are the te peices not attached to the push-rods , get a straight edge and a sharp blade and make sure you leave no gaps in the centre join , after all this is what you will be launchung from . after the glue is dry you can start installing your gear.

my gear is as follows .

2x jr 331 micros with extenstion leads soldered direct
1x hitec 555 rx
1x hitec 600mah flat pack

to control the skua I will be using a trusy old flash 5sx , colours will be fluro pink and yellow with purple flashing.

Notice the sticker "Godly fear"

Gotta tell others to beaware , this is going to be one mean looking epp
Sep 17, 2004, 01:48 AM
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Today Is my Birthday so most probably ill be having a few beers , I installed the radio gear , and started covering the wing with some glass fibre tape , the photo i got was not so good so to put things in better detail here is one from the manual instead , by the looks of it i shall be flying by sunday.
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Sep 17, 2004, 03:21 PM
mmm... wings....
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Happy Birthday, 25 is the last good birthday we get.
10 - finally double digits
13 - Finaly a teenager
16 - I dounno.... sweet sixteen?
18 - Finally an adult. "R" Rated movies, etc...
21 - Obviously able to use your own ID at a bar (legally this time)
And, 25- Cheaper car insurance...
Thats it...

Always wanted to try one of those wings...
Good Luck
Sep 17, 2004, 06:11 PM
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Originally Posted by zagiace
21 - Obviously able to use your own ID at a bar (legally this time)
We can do this at 18 in Australia

Sep 17, 2004, 07:51 PM
mmm... wings....
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could have told me a couple of years ago...
Sep 17, 2004, 10:03 PM
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Wow that was fast , its finished awaiting flight

Thanks guys , I had an awesome day too , i got lots of cool stuff as you normally would ,and had a few beers at my parents place , while munchin on the general party stuff and having cake , also had some pizza as my bro works at pizza hut , he said "hey doug heres ya pizza" , funny lol , and even got yet another epp plane from my fiance "a zagi 5c" {she rocks} I guess we will be having a few combat rounds now also comparing flying abilitys

this morning i installed the ailerons and covered with my fluro tape , still recovering from last nights beers i forgot that the receiver Antennae wire was in line with the slots i cut for the fins , so i had to pull the receiver wire from the tip and solder it back together , no worries here as i have plenty of wire from my leccy projects , i decided to glue the fins in as i wanted a more permanent setup , and i ran the antennae through a smal slit in the left fin and ran some 10mmm filament tape over the exposed coroplast , then gave her a light brushing with some purple paint on the top and ailerons then ran some 2" tape over the rears for reinforcing them for ground strikes , as most combat planes hit the ground eventually , as i was supplied with some aussie tape "yellow and green" I decided to go with a high vis scheme in the chosen sceme of pink and yellow i wanted a lil thing to say "Aussie made" anyway , but the sulppied tape will be used on the zags so i got a aussie flag decal and applied it next to the computer logo i made with paint shop pro ,

also to mention with a few mods the skua can be turned into a great all rounder , including a dual edf or twin 400 model as there is plenty of room in the middle especially if you are using li-po cells and also a brushless setup could turn it into a fast and furious model , yeeeehaaw, also there is plenty of room for a gas pusher but of course if using deisel or nitro i would fuelproof the wing with an iron on covering first and use a light apc wasp 061 or something with the proper pusher prop on a launch rail for safety.

Now for the ratings on how she builds ,

*ease of construction 8/10
*durabilty 9/10
*setting up servos 7/10
*strength 9/10
*qaulity 9/10
*value for money 10/10

Likes :- the big fat blue spar joiner and spars , this will provide utmost durability to the surrounding airframe , the overall quality of the kit and value for money, and the look "gotta love that".

Dislikes :I cant really dislike anything , the instuctions are in depth and i reckon this will ben more favourable to fly than my birthday present ,even though the trusty old zag,s 5c aint too bad.


A great looking model , and its about time there was something different on the slopes than a bunch of z copys , the whole spar sytem is uniuqe and the model has ethics of the stealty nature , it also provides alot of room to adapt to other flying styles, a great all rounder and a show stopper at your combat slope , a true winner.

heres a few photos of the finished skua , now all i need is a slope and a good day to fly , like most tassie days its raining "grrr" , its cool ill just admire it a lil longer till i can fly hopefully tomorrow. the flouro colour tape on the model is called duck extreme and is availiable through most hardware shops , it comes in orange , pink yellow and green and is like a light fabric tape , so it gives an extra amount of strength to the wing ,"that is if it aint strong enough" i cant wait to ring her out possibly do some dsing also.

Thanks go to kye at WoWings Austrailia , and of course my fiance for letting me build it knowing she bought me another wing , now i will have to get a good day to fly and take her outfor some flying shots . excuse the poor qauility of the photos due to the camera i was using ill get some better ones when the other camera is fixed. and possibly get some videos also , if you are keen in a look , there is a video on the wowings site , and i must say it looks like a ton of fun , kye even gets skuad {sorry couldnt help it} . have a look @ , im soooooo keen to give her a go.

as always

Cheers Dug
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Sep 21, 2004, 09:01 AM
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Hi guys ,

Im hoping to go flying the skua this weekend , I have those batteries charged for the camera and im as keen as mustang to give her a go , i will post all my flying shots here and the results on how she flies , if it flies the way she looks , im gonna keep this one ready all he time for a combat round or two all the time , also im going to compare how she handles with the other planes in the feild including the zagi 5c and and the tornado .

hope the weather keeps.

Sep 27, 2004, 07:56 AM
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Like a bat out of hell , winging it up

Hey guys ,

there is only one way to describe the way the skua flies "slick" , the first lauch traked straight and true with only a slight bit of elevator travel in the turns , and with regards to balancing , i balanced at 157mm which is a little aft but it is okay , well the first flight turned into a three hour fly until the battery is almost dead combat bout , with many zagis and tornados in chase , and the newest addittion to our hobby , "my fiance" on my zagi 5c , to tell the truth none of the other planes could keep up with the skua , and when they where in chase a quick half roll followed by a sideways elevator controled rate one loop , bit them all on the butt . all i can say for flight performance is "you dont need that edf" its a slick flyer and handles combat with ease , making all thos zagi clones wish they hired wowings to do the designing of their airfoil , this is a great addition to the hobby and only if other designers would push the envelope to create wings with elaborate shapes like the wowings range other than re-creating the same shape with another tired airfoil.

Advice :- go to to check them out , i would rather be flying this than another copy of a bommerrang " not that thats a bad wing either" but the way this flies makes you reconsider what you have been missing on the local slope..

Big thanks to kye for all his help and this great design for us to enjoy , i wish him all the best in the future with his buisness and if i was to lose the skua , id definetly get another , maybye fluro green next..

cheers and flying pics to follow soon

Sep 29, 2004, 09:07 PM
EPP Rules!
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Thanks very much for your support Doug. I really appreciate people trying out something a little different and I'm happy that you're impressed with it's flying performance - I certainly enjoy flying the Skua as well!

Go get 'em!

Kye McDonald
Oct 02, 2004, 12:45 AM
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hi guys , just posting an update on my new look as you will see above , the pink tape started looking shabby as it wasnt hobby grade stuff *-( so i recovered the whole wing in an aussie tiger theme , tomorrow i will get some flying shots , besides i think the new covewring , especially yellow looks great on this wing ..


Oct 04, 2004, 02:23 AM
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The aussies say "BUGGER" now whenever something stupid happens , I went flying yesterday and of course forgot the camera "Bugger" then i was coming in to land and hit a pole "Bugger" went to look at the skua , It still looks great and its really tough, but could hear a chattering noisy servo "Bugger" looks like ill have to replace that now . ill get a newbie soon and get the photos here as ordered , i was doing some pretty impressive rolls inside and outside too , oh well ill see you here in a few days with flying shots and hopefully a vid.


Oct 04, 2004, 02:41 AM
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Dugger- I have enjoied your thread. I especially like your zagi-kill move! Hmmm... maybe I should try that with my moth...

Nice thread, Nice build, nice finish, and may the wind alway's be at your slopes face!


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