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Feb 07, 2002, 07:12 PM
Registered User

Why this plane don't fly???

Hi all

This is my first real attempt in putting detail effort in recreating a fuse for my GL.

The original GL wing is now 1.5 M instead of the original 2M(After a slimer take off some part of my inner wing panel). It is rebuilt and now have a 2 hedral ie the wing is just 3 panel. The center flat and 2 outer panel with the original wing hedral angle.

I built a fuse with carbon tailboom and vtail. I know, I know I should stick with the conventional tail since this is my first attempt.

Anyhow, the fuse is a little shorter than the original since the wing is also shorter now. I use back the same CG. Vtail 110 degree. AUW 22 oz. Sp400 7.2v on 8 600 AE cells. It should fly, right?? Well yes and no.

I try to off power hand launch to see how it is. Being first time jitter, I nosed it in. but nothing damaged. What the heck, lets have some carnage fun. I power it up, and launch it. It instantly climb fast that I off the power, and instantly the nose came down and the left/right response is out(obviously bad tail design??)

I can't level the wing and it hit nose first and cartwheel. Surprisingly the motor survive and the esc too. The force is so strong that the battery, motor, esc ejected from RX. Luckily no damage to the RX except the ESC signal wires was cut by some hard parts in the fuse when it is ejected.

Is my plane nose heavy? I follow the same CG point and it balance perfectly. Do you change the CG point when you have a diff fuse. The wing is the same except being shorter.

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Feb 07, 2002, 07:18 PM
Registered User
Sounds to me like something was significantly out of alignment. If it climbs like a homesick angel on power, I would think both the motor alignment and the V tail alignment are wrong. The dive on power off was probably a stall after the steep climb

Another thing worth checking is the stiffness of the tail boom. Too much play here can cause odd pitch changes.
Feb 07, 2002, 09:17 PM
Ascended Master
Sparky Paul's Avatar
I have flown my Electra OK without the outer panels.
No other changes made.
If you maintain the same c.g. the original plane had, it should fly OK.
It sounds as if your vee-tail setup is backwards..
The left surface should go -down- for a left turn.
The right surface should go -up- for a left turn.
If this is reversed, the plane will not be controllable.