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Oct 03, 2016, 02:29 PM
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LiDi L6W RTF Hexacopter from

Some explanation is in order before I begin.

I'd received this little entry level hexacopter from Elliot, my contact at GearBest, for an official RCGroups review some time ago. This is the ordering page:

Unfortunately, it didn't work properly. Elliot said they'd investigate and he said to go ahead and keep the model in the meantime.

It would work fine for a few moments and then it would become nearly uncontrollable and crash, even indoors. That's why the caps atop each prop - and one of the props itself - is kind of "doinked." Lots of unintended upside down landings will do that.

I figured a bit of troubleshooting might be worth the effort since this model has received some good online reviews. Off the shelf after months of no use and out of the box it came, still looking for all the world like a Christmas decoration rather than a hexacopter.

No other "toy" multirotor transmitter of mine shared the same radio protocol, so a flight test with another transmitter was out of the question. The only other option would be another battery, one with a name brand and a high discharge rate. As I nurgled around with the model straightening out one of the soft plastic props, I seemed to remember that the supposedly 800mAh flight battery came down kind of hot. Six brushed motors equal a lot of current draw...and inexpensive li-pos are sometimes a bit overrated. Another similar pack I had on hand yielded the same results.

My first attempt was with an E-flite 3.7V 500mAh battery with a 25C discharge rate. It's narrower than the original battery, but it still fit and it had a compatible JST connector.


The indoor flight, though relatively short, was otherwise perfect. At only 500mAh, that pack came down hot, but at least it was pumping full power into the system. The next attempt was with a similarly narrow 600mAh Turnigy Nano-Tech rated at 70C discharge. The battery's extra length made it difficult to plug the connector into the built-in socket of the L6W, but I finally managed to get it in.

The results were even better with a longer flight time, no loss of control and a warm - but not hot - battery.

I'm charging a Dromida 700mAh 25C pack which had been little used, but not for some time. If the third time is a charm, perhaps I'll bring this beast to the hobby shop and see if they have a battery with the highest possible capacity which will still fit.

Is it worth considering for less than $60? Given that it has a nearly complete parts selection through GearBest less the flight control board, I'd have to say yes. I'll follow up soon with video once I'm convinced that everything is working as it should.
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