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Sep 24, 2016, 06:29 PM
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Deep Trekker ROV Explores Mystery Cave In Kentucky

Ever since I was a kid, growing up in Burgin, Kentucky, I have dreamed to explore and see first hand the underground stream that runs under this small town.

The Burgin "Well House" as it is called, is a pump house that was constructed in the 1930s and provided water to the residents of the town, pumping water from a partially flooded cave into two storage tanks...

It was decommissioned in 1957, when the City of Burgin changed to the Mercer County municipal water system. the building has sat abandoned ever since.

A friend and I rappelled down into it in the mid '90s and explored the bottom of the pump shaft. The four concrete walls set on four concrete pillars, about waist high. The water surface is about 22 feet from the bottom of the Well House floor and stays about waist deep year 'round, except in times of heavy rain.

The water is too cold to duck under the walls and try to explore the cave, conventionally (our legs went numb after about 4 minutes). We thought to get wet suits and try to duck under the walls but the danger is too high. The walls served two purposes, they kept out floating debris from being sucked into the pump intakes and kept Radon and other dangerous gasses out of the Well House.

There are rumors of a huge "underground lake" under the town and people walking through that cave to Harrodsburg (4 Miles away) and saying there are spaces you have to crawl through and places big enough to drive a team of horses and wagon through.

I personally saw blind, white, cave fish in the stream, when down there in the '90s which leads me to believe that this cavern is connected to a vast unexplored system of caves, capable of supporting this underground wildlife, that could be bigger than anyone could imagine. Yet I'm the only person I know of that has any real interest in it.

That's why I spent $5000 on a Deep Trekker R.O.V. and have begun to explore it.

So far I've manged to only scratch the surface of this, because the stream is so shallow not far beyond the walls that the R.O.V. is scraping the bottom. In times of heavy rain, the water level comes way up but becomes so cloudy that I can no longer navigate.

I need a way to see the feed from the Go Pro, that is above the water, instead of navigating by the R.O.V.'s camera.
That way when the water is deep, I can go farther into the cave.
The first turn in the cave, I've been unable to get past. I've a feeling that there is something INCREDIBLE waiting!

I've thought of several things but I don't think any of them will work... I can't open the R.O.V. without voiding the warranty, so I need to obtain some way of getting the Go Pro feed around 22 feet of solid rock and water, either with another tether/cable or some other means...

This first vid shows the Well House at the beginning and then the first R.O.V. mission in which I had a cheap HD Go Pro "knock off" camera on top.

The second vid that I will post after this shows an unedited feed from the Go Pro Hero 4 Silver, inside the cave, plus the underwater footage as a bonus.

Shortly after ducking under the east wall, I saw the most spectacular rock formation I have ever seen, which I dubbed "The Submarine Angel"!

Exploring The Cave Under Burgin, Kentucky with R.O.V. Deep Trekker - Well House Secrets REVEALED!!! (10 min 23 sec)
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Sep 24, 2016, 06:31 PM
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2nd Vid shows unbelievable HD footage

Unbelievable HD footage from the Go Pro Hero 4 silver!

Exploring The Cave under Burgin Kentucky with Deep Trekker R.O.V. Go Pro Hero 4 Silver (6 min 18 sec)
Sep 25, 2016, 11:44 AM
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I thought hard on this today and I think I need to leave the Go Pro alone...
I need the Go Pro to sit there, in it's waterproof case, recording Epic footage then bring it back safely.

I'm thinking what I need to do is add a 3rd camera, on top the Deep Trekker R.O.V. that sets on the opposite side of the Go Pro that is waterproof and has a video out that I can solder and silicone seal to a second tether, that will then be taped along the primary tether.
I'll then connect this tether to a second screen where I sit and drive the R.O.V.

Dose anyone have any suggestions?

The Deep Trekker wasn't intended to explore zero visibility water in a cave, but I think with the above mod, it will pull it off!
Sep 30, 2016, 03:37 PM
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Sounds exciting, and like the beginning of a horror movie all at once.

Nov 12, 2019, 05:05 PM
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Cave system in Burgin ky

Hey me and my friend are interested in the Burgin caves, and we were wondering if you could tell us more about the caves
Nov 15, 2019, 07:38 PM
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Well, the recent blasting and construction of the sewer system has made them unstable.
My work at the Well House is done, I've noticed cracks in the concrete wall and feel it is no longer safe to go back down in there. I feel I've seen all there is to see or at least enough and I've posted all I've been able to on my YouTube channel, same channel as the above vid.
A large section of the cave roof just beyond the Well House east wall collapsed sometime between the visit and vid we made down there in 1996 and these recent vids before the blasting that would have killed anyone unlucky enough to be down there under it when it happened so I wouldn't go down there now for anything.
That's the main reason I spent $5Grand on the ROV to see what was there and not risk my own life.

It's not worth your life to see what's there. Use an ROV and a camera.

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