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Sep 23, 2016, 12:30 AM
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What did I do wrong?

I am having trouble determining why my Eflite 1.2m Trojan did cartwheels down the runway after takeoff. So naturally I took a great flying little trainer that had 100+ successful flights and decided to pack more power into it. Why you ask, testosterone is the best I can come up with.


BL15 850kv
40amp ESC
three blade 12x7
3S 3200mAh


BL 25 1000kv
60amp ESC
12x5.25 two blade
4S 3200mAh

I also removed the AS3X reciever and went with a standard 6210 6-channel reciever (not a clone). I ran the numbers on ECalc and the numbers where promising (I understand Ecalc is not law). Yes is was a power bump but is was not a crazy jump due to smaller prop, roughly 10-15 mph increase and a power to weight gain of about 0.3. The new motor used the same motor mount as the BL15 (motor was pointed down and right like original) and everything just fell into place, no further modification was needed.

After a day of checking and double checking I took it out to the flight field. I was mindful that I strapped a V8 to a pinto and made a point to ease into the take off and use all my runway. the nose came up fine as I reached the end of the runway that drops off at the end. On the ground, while taxiing and during takeoff it tracked straight and needed no correction, however when I got airborne it became a rabid honey badger that happened to smoke meth. By that I mean it rolled uncontrollably, I am pretty sure it was rolling left like a torque roll but I will admit it happened pretty fast. I attempted to power through it (gradually) as well as using ailerons and rudder to try to level it but it could not be stopped. I did not have very much time to experiment further as it was headed back at us and the others that were flying/ watching so I made a quick decision to put it in the dirt. Broke a wing and a prop but it will survive. However, how do I approach the roll of death?

Sorry for the long read, just wanted to be thorough.


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Sep 27, 2016, 08:15 PM
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Could you have damaged a control surface while modifying the aircraft?

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Oct 02, 2016, 08:50 AM
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I am no expert but it sounds to me that the plane may have been just a little tail heavy. That will make them want to snap roll at low or even high speeds.

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