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Feb 07, 2002, 02:46 AM
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My NEW Favorite plane!!!

I almost wasn’t sure if I should pos this in the Sport Plane section or here but I now have a new favorite plane to fly.

I finished up my House of Balsa Micro Cub this afternoon and took her out to the school yard after the kids had all dispersed. After checking the control throws and the motor control I set the nose toward the horizon gave her full throttle and tossed her out into the great blue sky. After about 20 feet I knew I had a screamer on my hands here. I quick pulled back on the throttle to about half way and trimmed the plane for straight and level flight. The Cub is a dream to fly and can really scoot through the air quite nicely.

I am running the Astro Flight Brushless 010 on a 7 cell 720mAh NiMh battery pack. Combined I had at least a ten minute flight. I say combined as I kept landing the plane to make small adjustments here and there. I chose the 720NiMh pack over the 600Ae pack to save some weight. I am also using smaller servos and receiver than were called for in the building instructions. My scale is not working but I'm sure I am well under the listed weight.

Landings are a bit hairy for me as I am used to the nice slow flyers and my Seniorita coming in for a nice and slow landing. The cub takes some room to slow down. I use pretty much the entire school field to land the cub.

I plane on building another and trying out a 280BB instead of the 010. Other than flight times I think the 280 should out perform the 010. The only thing I think I will change will be the tail feathers. The stock tail feather are very weak and don't take a lot to break. Since I saved weight with the receiver, servos and battery, I don't think the weight of solid sheet tail feathers would create any impact on the flying characteristics
Here is a pic of my finished cub:

Here is a pic of my finished cub:

Jeffrey Park
Orange County Aeronauts
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Feb 07, 2002, 06:56 AM
DAve caNDI,& 5#'s of fury
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That is a killer plane, nice job. Off to look up the prices got to have one.
Feb 07, 2002, 07:09 AM
DAve caNDI,& 5#'s of fury
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OK so I see the Astro Flight Brush less 010, is a bit pricey: D Maybe I need to become a better pilot before I invest in an expensive motor. I will have some thing to shoot for.
Feb 07, 2002, 09:41 AM
Balsa Flies Better!
You might get away with the 280BB direct drive in this plane, but it's hard to argue with the 010. I had a 280BB in a biplane that sort of flew on a 280BB on a 7 cell 350 mAH nicad pack, but it came alive on an 010 with a 9 cell 720 NiMH pack swinging a 5.5 x 4.5 prop. Plus, the 280BB burned out from a couple of dorks where the 010 is like a Timex watch not to mention much longer flight times. If you need more guts from the 010, add cells. If you want to stay with direct drive, you've got the right motor. If you're willing to gear, and want cheap, the Speed 300 is tough to argue with.

Don't extrapolate what these motors do geared to what happens direct drive.

Feb 07, 2002, 02:36 PM
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Maybe I should take your advise and learn to fly better too. Ask anyone in my club who crashes and detroys their planes the most and just about everyone would more than likely say me. I need to stop flying those fast parkflyers indoors.

The plane can be had for around $40 and you could go with a 280BB direct drive and still have a great little plane. THe only change you would have to make is to add a cell over what the plans call for. I'm going to build another and put a 280BB running Direct Dirve and see how it goes. I have seen a couple fly and they look like they have plenty of power... I just have to figure out why mine flys so darn fast. I remember seeing the other cubs floating around through the air not rocketing past like a s400 pylon racer...

Jeffrey Park
Orange County Aeronauts
Feb 12, 2002, 05:28 PM
The One....
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I recently bought a cub from watt-age 400EP, I have been having problems in taking it up the air, first it circles around, and nose dive (luckily I was able to get, to where no major damage).

By this characteristic, what do you guys think is the prob.
When it was circling, i could'nt trim it, because I thought that this would able it to crash, and it was not high enough, about 10' do you think I should of?

anyways, I'll get back for more Q's... Gotta get back to work.


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