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Hobby King is back with another new airframe, and Mean Joe is on it! Get your "Zazz-Hands" ready!


Avios Zazzy from Hobbyking

Product:Avios Zazzy
Retail price:$157.50
Wing Span:51.7"
RTF Weight:aprox. 68oz. w/ 4s Pack
Servos:4x9g Digital Metal Gear
Motor:Aerostar 3550 900Kv Brushless
ESC:Aerostar 50amp.
Prop:12x6 CF
Batteries used:Turnigy Graphene
RX Used:Hitec Optima 6
Available from:Hobbyking

Hobby King has just added a new sport aerobatic airframe to its Avios line. They claim that the Avios Zazzy is a "sport aerobatic model intended to be a pilot's first intro into a low wing airframe."

With its sharp looks it should be able to turn heads at the field while still on the bench, but does it have the performance to back it up? Lets find out!

Video Review

Avios Zazzy From Hobbyking - RCGroups Review (4 min 8 sec)

The "Build"

Ok gang, this airframe literally took me 20 mins to get ready to maiden. With its all bolt construction it was a total breeze to get ready to go. All Mean Joe had to do was ad his receiver and battery and it was off to the field! So if you want to call that a "Build" then there it is!

Right out of the box I noticed that the Litecore wing panels were equipped with PCB connectors. What these do is automatically connect the aileron to the fuse with no wires. When you attach the wings to the fuse thats it! Just insert the two screws to each panel and they are ready to go. No muss no fuss!

One of the other cool things I noticed right away is that Hobby King has taken the time to separate each screw into its own labeled bag. I know this doesn't seem like a big deal but when you build as many airframes as I do, its really nice to not have to sort though a bag that has everything tossed in one bag. Yes I know I'm easily entertained...

Hobby King did a nice job with the fuse as well. The canopy is clear and under the hatch it is pre-scored so that you can ad a pilot or maybe even a FPV camera with head tracking! I am almost certain that this will be the route Mean Joe goes.

This is a very nice looking airframe with a super quick build time. I would say that even the new builder will have it ready to go in less then 45mins. Everything fit nicely and I encountered no issues at all.

Lets do this!

After the build was complete, it was time to get to the field! I loaded her up and headed out. The weather was awesome with temps in the mid to upper 80's, with a 7-15mph wind. A perfect day for a maiden!

After a install of the Turnigy Graphene 4s-4000Mah pack, and a quick check of the controls it was time to hit the sky! I have to come right out and say that I was really impressed with how the Zazzy flew. She climbed right out and only required a click or two of trim to get her flying straight and level.

Once I got a few laps in to get a feel, it was time to cut her loose! I threw maneuver after maneuver at the Zazzy and it handled everything without a hitch. Aileron rolls, knife edge, inverted, vertical, snaps, and loops one right after the other. I noticed no bad tendencies at all. The Zazzy cut though the moderate wind like a bullet and had no issues at all with everything I threw at her.

After I got in a few flights, it was time to start testing out the "Litecore" material to see how it holds up. I took to the sky and started throwing in negative snaps, positive snaps, and snap spins one after the other. The Zazzy just laughed and kept right on going! She obviously has no idea how mean Mean Joe is! It has a very quick response with the digital metal gear servos and the strength of the airframe was really surprising. The snap spin tumbles are a total blast!

In Closing

In closing I have to say that the Avios Zazzy is a great flying airframe at a fantastic price point. It has the docile tendencies that would make for a great low wing trainer for the new pilot, but still has all the high rate, high torque capabilities that will make this a main stay flyer for the experienced pilots as well.

With its quick build time and excellent performance I can recommend that the Avios Zazzy sport aerobatic airframe would make a welcome addition to any hanger! ~Mean Joe

More Information

For More info on the Hobby King Avios Zazzy and the gear used please check out these links:

Hobby King Avios Zazzy

Turnigy Graphene Lipo

Hitec Aurora 9

Hitec Optima 6

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Sep 23, 2016, 06:43 AM
MotionRC Europe
Stuart Warne's Avatar
Nice and visual review there Joe, good job.

Sep 24, 2016, 12:37 AM
Rampage's Avatar
I really, really like it. It looks like it could be what I wanted the Pulse 15e to be and wasn't.
Sep 24, 2016, 05:45 PM
Registered User
I'm a fan too, but I won't be buying one until after the holidays, etc.
Nov 30, 2016, 12:25 AM
khellio's Avatar

No more reviews?

Well, It doesn't look like many have bought this so far but it's hardly surprising considering the issues Hobby King are having at the moment.
However, in watching several YouTube videos, I'm impressed so I just ordered one and will add my opinion when I get it in the air but at $186 delivered to Thailand from the International warehouse, I can't see how I'd go wrong..

Avios Zazzy Sport Aerobatic RC plane (HobbyKing.COM): ESSENTIAL RC FLIGHT TEST (13 min 36 sec)
Apr 16, 2018, 06:28 AM
khellio's Avatar

Photo without cowl required

Hi Guys
I crashed mine into a concrete pillar and although the fuselage is pretty well intact, the motor, motor mount and cowl were lost in dense bush.
I can buy another cowl and a substitute motor is not a problem but since I can't buy a replacement fuse with motor mount, I'm going to build one but need to see a photo of the motor and mount with the cowl removed so I can get an idea of how the original motor was mounted.
If someone could post one, I'd really appreciate it as I crashed it on it's 3rd flight just when I was really starting to to enjoy it.
Apr 16, 2018, 08:38 AM
ɹǝʎןℲ ǝıssn∀
taz101's Avatar
You might get a better response in the "Zazzy" thread.......

Apr 16, 2018, 04:01 PM
khellio's Avatar
Originally Posted by taz101
You might get a better response in the "Zazzy" thread.......

Thanks Lurch
I thought I was already in it but I'll post in the other thread as well.

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