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Jul 17, 2020, 05:09 PM
Way to much free time!
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Originally Posted by Protato223
So I recently flew my wing to its death. Was taking a fast turn at full throttle and my wing started to vibrate and quickly broke into two pieces mid flight. I tried gluing them back together, but the glue joint is simply too weak for the type of flying I want this wing for.

Anyway, considering they're pretty cheap, I have placed an order for another 800mm wing. I am considering doing a full laminate for strength as well as to reduce drag. @CorvetteC5 I was wondering if you noticed much difference on your top speed after laminating? How did your full laminate change the flight characteristics? How much weight was added during the process?

Sorry of your fatal folding. I too have a new in box DW 800 kit waiting for assembly.

I share details of laminating my DW Rainbow 800 wing in report 7 of this blog:

In my original build of this wing I added a second CF spar and extreme tape across the middle. Even without laminate there has been no issues of flex and the dreaded "Zagi flap" at speed. It does have a noticeably higher top speed with the laminate but I do not have a means to measure what it is. Propeller pitch speed and efficiency predictions has this wing north of 80 mph.

Where I see a great improvement in flight characteristics is in the control response. The same as I shared previously. Before laminating the elevons the controls would go soft above 150 watts. The wing would cruise in a straight line at the maximum 195 watts, but the rolling and banking rates lessened. Since laminating, the controls stay responsive and predicable all the way up to 100% throttle.

Flying weight increased from 295 grams to 343 grams with my 1050mah, 3-cell lipo. However the wing needed a bit more nose weight so it flies with a 1350mah flight battery at a measured 371 grams (13 ounces). This is the weight in my flight video 2020 included in the Blog. For kicks I have flown this wing with 1600 mah 3-cell graphene lipos without any problems. The landing speed is a bit higher, of course, and the flight times can be longer with all of the same crisp response.

I'm still very happy with my DW Rainbow 800 wing and fly it most of any of mine.
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Jul 20, 2020, 07:31 PM
Trees are the Enemy
Don't know how I missed your detailed laminate post. Thanks for the update! Good to hear it still flies well at higher weight. My new wing just arrived so I'm going to try a full laminate and a 200W motor.
Jul 22, 2020, 10:58 AM
Trees are the Enemy
Not sure if anyone is still interested in these wings at this point, but it seems they've made a few small changes to the rainbow 800 V2 from the previous one I got. Sadly still no update to servo position or horn quality.

-Rear carbon spar slot changed from 2 slot to 1. New wing has 2 slots down from 3 previously, although the kit still includes 3 carbon spars
-Front carbon spar position moved higher up the wing while servo slot moved lower
-Same patterns, but new wing colour is much more vibrant

Posted a couple pictures here:
Jul 22, 2020, 11:30 AM
Way to much free time!
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Interesting. Thanks!

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