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Sep 16, 2016, 12:25 AM
Chasin' that Neon Rainbow
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Build Log

Dancing Wings RAINBOW Wing BUILD and review.

The Dancing Wings Rainbow Wing was supplied by BangGood.

The V2 Version Ducted Fan build starts at Page 11

Due to Phototobucket trying to extort ridiculous fees so that photos can be hosted to this site, the account has been closed and no photos from the Photobucket site are able to be hosted in future.
I have just added a few pics at the bottom

The Rainbow is available HERE

Original colour.

Firstly I would like to point out that the Rainbow has already been upgraded and sports a new colour scheme and some other small mods that have improved it.
The upgraded version is being sold now.
The one I received for review was still the old colour scheme but it had the servo position modifications and the extra CF spar in the wing.

Build time was 2 3/4 hours from when the Postman dropped it off till it was flying.
Only a brief flight as it is blowing a gale and I will have to wait for it to calm down before we can do a video.

There is not too much in the box on opening.
A sheet of laser cut ply parts that has had a dusting of matt black paint, 2 x wing halves and a tube of foam glue and some CF strips and rods for embedding in the wing and making pushrods.
All pretty simple stuff.

The Open Box

Here you can see the main CF spar.

Look close and you can see the new servo mounting position. In the instructions it shows the servo mounted sideways, not lengthways.

The wing itself is semi-symetrical.

Checking the fit before glueing. The small Ducted Fan shown can be used in the DF version of the Rainbow. I ordered the pusher prop version.

Generously smear the foam glue on both halves of the wing and let them sit for 15 minutes or so. Carefully align and press the 2 halves together making sure the CF slots are in perfect alignment.

Selecting a suitable motor /prop combination. Size of the prop is limited to 5".
I chose a larger motor than necessary (2211 2300kV) and will use a 5x4 prop.
This wing should fly OK with a 1811 2000 kV motor but it won't be super powerful but it will not require as much nose weight to achieve C of G.

There are 2 slots in the bottom of the wing and one in the top for CF strips. They supply 2 strips so I cut a 6mm x 1 mm strip and inserted that as an extra.

There are two slots in the top of the wing too. The rear one is for a CF strip and the front one I used for the servo cable.

The instructions tell you to cut a slot for the elevon Horn, however the new kits have already got the slot laser cut . Like a lot of Dancing Wings planes, I feel the servos should be mounted further out on the wing to centralise them more with the Elevon/Aileron. They are mounted too close in towards the centre and you can see the Elevon is not rotating evenly. In fact they twist quite badly and can only be worse when the flying air pressure is on them. I have left them as is for the review but may shift the servos further out at a later date.

In this photo you can see I opened up the servo hole to fit a decent sized servo. After it was fitted I plugged the hole with scrap foam from the cut-out.

Laser cut parts for module removed for assembly.

Once assembled, mark the modules position and glue it in place.
Here it is fitted to the wing and I am setting up the motor mount.

There are no guides for the motor thrust angles so be aware that you may have to insert some small washers under the engine mount to achieve downthrust or sidethrust angles when you are tuning the flight characteristics later.

Here the motor is test fitted.

Servos in place and positioning of gear being worked out.

I fitted adjusters for the pushrods as it saves a lot of guesswork and makes life easier.

Because I chose the bigger motor I needed some extra weight in the nose. How much depends on what motor you use and what size batteries you intend using.
C of G is specified as 110 mm back from the tip of the nose.

This pic compares the Bonsai (Mini Popwing) and Tek Sumo (Pop Wing) with the Rainbow. It fits nicely in between.

I am embedding the following Video as it should help with the assembly of your Rainbow.

Freeing up EPP Hinges (2 min 1 sec)


Today it is blowing a gale, however I took the Rainbow out in my paddock after setting up some reflex and gave it a throw with no motor run.
It glided flat so I decided to give it a short burst with the motor.
If flew about 40 meters nice and flat and the wind didn't seem to worry it, however I decided not to push my luck and wait for a calm day so I can get a movie of it flying.
So far it looks very promising.
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Sep 16, 2016, 03:54 AM
Registered User
Based on first tmpressions is it as robust as a Bonsai?
Sep 16, 2016, 04:00 AM
Registered User
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Sep 16, 2016, 04:18 AM
Chasin' that Neon Rainbow
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Originally Posted by Virgil Tracy
Based on first tmpressions is it as robust as a Bonsai?
The motor framework is only on top of the wing, not wrapped over the back like the Bonsai. Probably the Bonsai may survive a good crash a little better but then again it would be a bit lighter too. I really don't think the Rainbow would suffer much either. It is the same EPP.
There is a skid that can be fitted underneath but I didn't bother with it.
Bonsai and Tek Sumo don't normally have a skid as such either.
I am quite happy with it at this point and I have another one coming for my lad.
Sep 16, 2016, 04:34 AM
Chasin' that Neon Rainbow
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Another thing worth mentioning is the position of the Elevon Horns. Normally the pushrod connects to the horn above the hinge line but the horns on this are mounted away back from the hinge line.
This tends to give far more up elevator than down. Not sure if that was a deliberate design idea or a bad fault. I will know as soon as I try doing some aerobatics with it.
Sep 16, 2016, 08:29 PM
Chasin' that Neon Rainbow
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Very successful maiden. Weather was a little windy but otherwise perfect.
No trims required at all. I had added two little washers to the top motor mount for downthrust and that was ideal.
I tried several batteries ranging from 42 grams to 38 and 32 grams.
It flew best with the lightest one as it was more responsive. Not forgetting I have quite a bit of weight added to the nose.
It is a little slow with rolling due to the way the elevon horns are mounted. I still think they would work much better if the servos were more central as well.
I have some video but it will take a while to edit that.

Overall it is nice to fly and is best kept light.
On conclusion, my next one will be built the same except I will re-position the servos further out and relocate the horns nearer the hinge line.
It flies very much like the Bonsai but is a little slower in rolls due to the aforementioned.
It needs the motor brake enabled and then it glides fairly well.
Sitting flat on the bench I have 12 mm of Reflex measured to the centreline of the Elevons from the bench at the inward end of the elevon.

I clipped the power lines twice and did one full speed dive into the ground while trying to roll at too low an altitude and no damage whatsoever. This thing is very light so is unlikely to break itself easily.

Flying Video at Post #14
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Sep 16, 2016, 11:05 PM
Banggood Staff
Hey guys,
Here is the product link:

If you have any questions,
please contact me.
Sep 17, 2016, 04:53 AM
Chasin' that Neon Rainbow
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My stepson has never flown a plane before but he used to have one of those toy co-axial helicopters.
I launched the Rainbow for him and he took over the sticks and flew a whole battery without incident.
I put another battery in it and launched it and after 5 minutes told him to cut the motor and glide it down which he did easily. I then showed him how to hand launch the Rainbow. He did it easily and proceeded to launch , glide, land and launch again. We put another couple of batteries through it and he launched it each time himself and had a ball.
I think I have created a monster. The fact that this wing flies so nice made it easy for him. He is a natural...
I was a bit mind boggled myself. He can't wait to get his own now.
Sep 17, 2016, 05:28 AM
Registered User
Nice. Christmas shopping list updated!
Sep 17, 2016, 07:14 AM
Registered User
Looks Good Doug. Mine left BG a week ago, so should be here by the end of next week. What AUW did you end up with? And are you running 3S with the 2300KV? and 5" prop?
My old man has a few planes, but is a really nervous and crap pilot, lol. I might order him one too. As he really needs to have something he's not so scared to crash...
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Sep 17, 2016, 10:54 AM
Registered User
Looks like they have not standardized the design or maybe you got a customized version. I got mine yesterday, it's the older version, with motor, servos and ESC. It only came with one cf spar, and no extra slot above or below. Servo location is the same as yours. The motor is a C10 and no markings on the ESC. I have not given any thrust angle to the motor and now it's going to be too late to do that as the power pod is glued in. Servos are 'no name' 6g ones. I have not attached the servo horns and control rods as yet. I have a twisted neck so it's going to be a couple of days before I fly anything.

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Sep 17, 2016, 05:06 PM
Chasin' that Neon Rainbow
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Originally Posted by Rockracer
Looks Good Doug. Mine left BG a week ago, so should be here by the end of next week. What AUW did you end up with? And are you running 3S with the 2300KV? and 5" prop?
My old man has a few planes, but is a really nervous and crap pilot, lol. I might order him one too. As he really needs to have something he's not so scared to crash...
I am only running 2S and it performs very well with that. The motor is capable of 3S but this frame is obviously designed around a 2S and lightweight system. I won't be changing to 3S as that would just increase weight and degrade the fun factor.
I have no idea what the weight would be but I have 2 x 50 cent pieces glued on the front for ballast.
If I used only 2S 800 mAh packs I could probably get away with one 50 cent piece OK.

I am sure your dad would like one of these and the price is excellent especially considering there is no freight costs.
My next one should be here this week as well.
Sep 17, 2016, 05:12 PM
Chasin' that Neon Rainbow
Grantham Kid's Avatar

You should be able to pack a small washer under the top of your motor mount.
I think the standard one has 3 holes. The one I used has 4.
See how it goes first anyway. It may be quite OK. If it tends to climb when you give it full throttle then you need to point the back of the motor down a little.

It will be interesting to see what my next one has in the way of modifications.
Sep 18, 2016, 03:52 AM
Chasin' that Neon Rainbow
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Here is an edited video. My cameraman was away for the weekend.

DW Rainbow Wing from Banggood (3 min 34 sec)
Sep 18, 2016, 08:29 PM
Chasin' that Neon Rainbow
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Anybody looking for a 40 mm ducted fan that could be used on the DF version HERE is a link. Not sure exactly what size they use. I see one site advertises it with a 30 mm fan .

I know you can get them cheaper, but trying to find them is not easy. The fan I have is 40mm at the front and fan size is 30 mm.

Ah, My second Rainbow just arrived.
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