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May 11, 2018, 01:51 AM
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The movement of your FPV camera shows very well how much the X2000 EIS is counteracting
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May 11, 2018, 02:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Pixelpeter
The movement of your FPV camera shows very well how much the X2000 EIS is counteracting
Yes, exactly ! The footage can get even smoother but I need to balance the prop which is really making the whole plane shake
May 14, 2018, 12:11 PM
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Another exhausting (for the lipo and the human body) track-meet weekend. I've been mostly running just DVR on FPV feed earlier in the season but now that everything about track-meet organizing seems to be on clock-work I have more time to play with stuff like flying with onboard cam. My Turnigy Eclipse is working excellent for the job.

EDIT: Oops sorry wrong link corrected.

Tight-Spiral-Triple-Gate Track HD onboard BFight 210 -- SN Hobbies [Day Compilation] (4 min 41 sec)
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May 15, 2018, 05:08 AM
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Hello! Onepaa or firefly q6 ? Which is better as far as image quality and stabilization is concerned?
May 16, 2018, 02:00 PM
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I have both, actually have had Q6 which died from too many crash damages (racequad). Q6 has better firmware and more parameters to fiddle with picture quality but case was flimpsy so was the display (the nature of it). I didn't get stabilization (not that I need it for racequad) to work with my Q6 before I killed it. Eclipse stabilization works just as good as my Turnigy 2k HD cam -- very well, but you lose some details and FOV as does any electronic stabilization. Love the nature of setting-thru-wifi than setting-thru-watching-onboard-display.

On another note, I fixed my wrong Youtube link 2 posts ago.
May 18, 2018, 09:19 AM
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Hola Carlos,

Tengo el mismo problema con el alcance del FPV pues solo es de unos cuantos metros (quizá 3 o 4 metros). He conectado la onepaa y el VTX a la bateria del BUGS 2c y sigo sin obtener mejoras en el alcance.

el FPV de la onepaa usa la antena que vino en la caja y uso mis gafas eachine vr007 pro con el mismo tipo de antena. He probado con una antena mushroom y pues nada sigue igual.

Puedes comentarme como solucionaste el problema que tenias y las antenas que usaste?

May 19, 2018, 09:27 PM
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Originally Posted by TechTronic9000
Waiting for the weather to clear up, the installation was extremely easy, the provide cradle even fitted on the quad's insulators. The only thing that I miss is a way to recline the camera a bit without going DIY, but usually i don't fly aggressive so it will not tilt that much
Nice set up here's mine with independent LIPO battery, not sure if it will last long
May 20, 2018, 01:05 AM
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For those who are willing to risk, here is a modification to increase the transmit power of the VTX cradle.

My cradle has an exceptionally low power just around 63mW. After removing the screening can I noticed two regulators. The LHS is 3.3V for RTC6705. The RHS is for the power amplifier RTC6659 but its output is just 1.8V. The surface of the PA was abraded but I managed to read the marking as 6659 under the microscope. This PA can withstand 5V and so I thought the regulator was broken. After removing it and short circuited the in and out I got an increased power to 250mW. I then short circuited the 2.4 ohm resistor and the power jumped to 630mW.

I don't know what the original targeted power was but I just want to say the VTX cradle has an unexpected potential. The PA chip gets very hot after the mod and I am unsure if its lifespan will be reduced.
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May 20, 2018, 02:00 AM
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The Onepaa vTx is supposed to be 600mW; almost sounds like it might have been purposely throttled back because of CE regulations?
May 20, 2018, 04:56 AM
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Hello HobbyYa,

How are you able to determine the VTX output power so accurately?

Does your FPV monitor display Signal Strength? or is it a piece of diagnostic gear ?

After waiting months for my FPV Cradle it finally arrived last friday, hopefully the rain holds off and the wind stays down, as I've been using a 25mw AIO for FPV while the Turnigy 2K simply films...

There is very little documentation with the cradle, I was hoping it was "Power Selectable" but from your post it looks like it's "All or nothing".

An aside, the FPV cam programming seems to offer many more options than Wifi, such as Image rotate AND I finally was able to determine the Firmware revision.

Oddly my Turnigy Eclipse 2K (which is only a few months old) has the original Ver 1.0 firmware, but EIS and WDR both work fine... So I don't see any reason to upgrade.
May 20, 2018, 05:14 AM
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I checked the transmit power by a power meter, something like here and this one too.
May 20, 2018, 05:23 AM
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Very cool!!!

I'll have to "Stew" on justifying the purchase of a yet another piece of gear... Right now I can easily dismiss it, as I never even knew it existed 10 minutes ago, but in a week or two I'm sure that I'll be wondering how I've lived this long without it...

Thanks (I think )
May 23, 2018, 08:18 AM
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Originally Posted by hobbya
The remote control of this camera is triggered by PWM. One needs to open up the drone and see if the receiver has PWM output.
Link to your original post :
May 23, 2018, 11:08 AM
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Yeah so don't ask how to connect the camera to the drone. The owner of the drone has to check if the drone supports the format used by this camera.
May 26, 2018, 04:56 AM
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FPV Cradle questions...

I finally received my FPV Cradle last week, and it's a significant improvement over running a 2nd AIO 25mw FPV camera .

But I don't need a full 600mw of TX power, can it be dialed back to say 200mw via the FPV monitor settings??? or tiny dip switches located inside?

I've found that the Cradle is so power hungry that it significantly cuts into flight times when slaving it off the "Bal Plug", so I've opted to add a small 7.4V 500mah 2s to power the cradle, but that accomplishes very little as the added weight has the same net effect of cutting flight times.

Anyy suggestions appreciated!

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