2016 Clover Creek Invitational Wrap Up!

Here is our event coverage from Clover Creek. A big thanks to Casie for keeping us all in the know. Gil also reports in on the event.


The Clover Creek Invitational

The Clover Creek Invitational and IMAC Challenge were held September 2-4, 2016, Labor Day Weekend. This contest is a traditional IMAC contest and a separate 4 minute free style event with a cash prize. The contestant may participate in either contest or both contests.

Casie Dussia was at the event reporting all week for us. Here is here final report:

The 2016 Clover Creek Invitational is overd and it was yet another event filled with great flying and great friends!

For my family, RC is not just a hobby. Itís a very big facet of our lives. While at the core, Jase and John truly enjoy flying, itís the people that keep us coming back. I was made aware that during the last freestyle pilotsí meeting, all of the finalists exchanged handshakes, hugs, and well wishes. During the IMAC portion, a fellow competitor offered his plane to a pilot flying right before him in the same class without hesitation. This is the type of camaraderie that makes the RC community what it is. Skillful flying and friendly competitions are simply bonuses

Thank you to all who facilitate contests and fun-flys that allow us to come together and make this hobby such a great one! Sincere gratitude to John and Tina, Skip and Amber, Gil Major, Curtis Cozier, Tom Reifsnyder, judges, line bosses, event sponsors, pilots and their callers/spotters, and spectators for a seamless event.

Mr. Jim T Graham, thank you for asking me to fill in and cover this event on behalf of Flying Giants. I had a blast! I am happy to help out anytime I am able. Miss Ashley and Matt, I humbly bow to your coverage efforts - although enjoyable, it can be exhausting! Keep up the great work!

Freestyle video to come, so be on the lookout for that Jim has a separate post with all contest results. Happy flying and healthy blessings, Casie

From Gil

WOW, what a Clover Creek weekend, what an event!

The Free Style Contest was planned for 3 sequences on Friday, 1 on Saturday, and 2 on Sunday. The IMAC contest was planned for 4 single sequences on Saturday, with an Unknown and and 2 more single sequences on Sunday. Six sequences for both disciplines was the plan.

Friday the 21 Free Style competitors showed they were at Clover Creek to fly, and fly a lot as they wasted no time with engines running before the competitor in the air landed. This put us an hour a head of schedule allowing for a 4th round on Saturday giving the Free Style competition 7 total rounds.

Saturday started with the 40 IMAC competitors flying 2 sequences, followed by a single sequence of Free Style, then 2 more sequences. Saturday evening is when we announced the 14 competitors to Fly Sunday.

Sunday we started with an IMAC Unknown sequence, then a Free Style sequence, and 2 more IMAC known sequences. About the time we started the second known sequence the scores had been tallied and the final 7 Free Style competitors were announced. While the final 7 were making their final preparations we finished the IMAC sequences.

Prior to the final Free Style flight a short pilotís meeting was held, after which the final 7 turned to each other, shook each other's hand, and wished each other Good Luck.

The flights did not disappoint any of us nor the few hundred spectators who had gathered to watch.

By the end of the weekend we had completed 427 sequences flown by 51 individuals representing 6 countries as 61 competitors in two different contests sharing the same 3 day period requiring 12,184 scores to be input gave us 40 IMAC Competitors and 21 Free Style competitors.

There were no Basic IMAC competitors due to aircraft problems. The top three in Sportsman was Sam Pankratz in 1st, Garrett Rathbun in 2nd, and Luke Young in 3rd. The Intermediate top three was Dave Herron in 1st, Terry Pellerin in 2nd, and Carlos Paez in 3rd. Advanced top three was Ben Jenkins in 1st, Evan Turner in 2nd, and Earle Andrews in 3rd (Old Guys Rule). Unlimited top three was Jason Shulman in 1st, Kurt Keolling in 2nd, and Will Berninger in 3rd.

The Free Style contest top three was Jase Dussia in 1st, Gabriel Altuz in 2nd, and Aaron Garle in 3rd. 100% of the entry fees and 100% of the raffle ticket sales added to a generous PAU donation provided over $8,000 in prize money paid to the top 7 competitors.

Contest like the TOC and Masters aerobatic contests were based on not only flying Free Style, but Scale Aerobatics. With this in mind John Schroder, our Clover Creek host, provided for a Grand Champion. To qualify the competitor had to compete in both the IMAC contest and the Free Style Contest. The Grand Champion is determined by totaling all the raw scores flown in both contests. Of the 11 competitors competing in both contests 12 year Kal Reifsnyder was the 2016 Clover Creek Grand Champion.

A BIG THANK YOU to the contest Sponsors - Desert Aircraft, JTEC Aircraft, PAU, Futaba, AJ Aircraft, Sew Busy, Dalton Aviation, and Extreme Flight/3D Hobbies.

Pilots and Planes

  • Jason Shulman -- Jtec Radiowave 3.1m MX2
  • Kurt Koelling -- Kurt/Cam McCausey Extra 300
  • Will Berninger -- Carden (126" I think)
  • Fiddykal Reifsnyder -- Dalton 300 SP
  • Arron Garle -- Jtec Radiowave 3.1m MX2
  • Spencer Nordquist -- Dalton PAU 40% Extra MEL
  • Dean Lampron -- AJ Aircraft 105" Laser 230
  • Tyler McCormack -- Aeroworks 40% Extra 300
  • Kevin Wilson - Carden Pro
  • Matt Stringer - AJ Aircraft 105" Laser 230
  • Santiago Perez - Horizon Extra 300
  • Joe Ryan - Carden Pro
  • Lou Matustik - Carden pro
  • Ray Morton - Carden (I think)
  • Wayne Matthews - Dalton MEL
  • Primo - Carden Pro
  • Alvaro - Carden
  • Dan Baker - Carden
  • Chris Gini - Frank Noll's Carden
  • Carlos Silva (Tuny) - Tuny Pro Ultimate
  • Ramon - Carden
  • Frank Noll - Carden 126" extra


  • Jase Dussia -- Extreme Flight 100" Slick 580
  • Gabriel Altuz -- PAU 105" Edge 540
  • Arron Garle -- Extreme Flight 104" Extra 300


  • Jason Shulman -- Jtec Radiowave 3.1m MX2
  • Kurt Koelling -- Carden Extra 300 (Built & Covered by Cam McCausey Competition Aircraft and might be the 124" Pro)
  • Will Berninger -- Carden (could be the 126" Extra 300)

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