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Feb 06, 2002, 04:12 AM
Professional Goofball
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Custom Vinyl Lettering. Who Would Want Made?

I purchased a custom vinyl cutter to do sign work and thought about making lettering and graphics for r/c planes. I can make any single or multi color lettering or graphic up to 11" x 30" from 2.5mil vinyl. I don't have pricing figured out as I have not received the machine and don't know what my cost of operation will be yet. I just want to get an idea of the demand for this type of work. I know the car sticker end of it will more than cover the up front cost so think I may be able to offer very comparable pricing. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Available Colors would be: (All colors are approximate)
Lemon Yellow
Light Yellow
Medium Yellow
Sunflower Yellow
Flame Red
Blood Red
Passion Red
Medium Red
Dark Red
Apple Green
Spring Green
Medium Green
Bottle Green
Dark Green
Sky Blue
Ocean Blue
Electric Blue
Medium Blue
Royal Blue
Highway Blue
Chocolate Brown
Dark Grey
Mouse Grey
Matte White
Matte Black

Thank you,
Jeffrey Park
Orange County Aeronauts
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Feb 06, 2002, 08:33 AM
Registered User
I'm interested. Was wondering how small the lettering can be and what fonts you will be able to cut.


Feb 07, 2002, 03:13 AM
Professional Goofball
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I will be able to cut any true type font, vector graphics as well as many other formats. I am working on figuring out the cost and will let everyone know when I get it all together. I am new to this and am not looking to make a killing doing this. I thought It would be something interesting to be able to do and the car sticker market is huge right now so I would have no problem making my money back atleast.

When I get the machine (Four to Five Days) I will cut some sample material to get an idea of what the machine an I are capable of and pos the findings here on E-zone.

Jeffrey Park
Orange County Aeronauts
Feb 07, 2002, 09:50 AM
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Kevin Murray's Avatar
If it's OK, I'll email you with what I need. For a quote.
Apr 04, 2002, 05:56 AM
Professional Goofball
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I finally figured it all out and got my vinyl cutter to work running on WinXP and Illustrator 10, no thanks to the manufacturer. I will be selling custom stickers for those who would like some. I will post more info and pricing here

Here is an example of the work that can be done,

And here is the very first successful cut using the machine. I christened the machine with it to remind me of the pain and agony I had to endure to get this thing working...

Apr 04, 2002, 08:24 AM
Registered User
PanzyPoof's Avatar
Nice Stika! I got mine over 3 years ago, it's the smaller version. It's a blast and I put it to work
doing auto signs ya know that annoying window clutter. It's paid it self off quite easly in the first 2 months. Only thing friends find out you have it and want free stuff. Use it as a small bussiness. The hobby stuff is neet but take up a lot of time to scale layout etc. For the pennies
you'll be getting from this cheep bunch
Apr 04, 2002, 03:33 PM
Professional Goofball
OCModels's Avatar
I hear what you're saying! I have no intention of making money cutting stickers for R/C. I just thought people would like to have some custom lettering of graphics to adorn their plane. I cut some roundels today to put onto my Sopwith bipe project. Here is a pic:
Apr 05, 2002, 02:02 AM
Registered User
PanzyPoof's Avatar
I see you have the 10" model real nice! Mine is the 6.3" one. And a buddy just got the same unit as you have ya jellous.

Here's a Idea! To really clean up$$
Ya know how Kids love there tiny cars with the coffie can Mufflers and brand names. So you don't just do custom Decals for them which is ok and good$$ and they love a brand name right.
Anyway you offer them glass eching for 10 times the price of the decals.
But you'll need a small Sandblaster& compressor.
Same Idea just use the Decal female as a mask.
Give the Glass a light pass over with the Blaster
and volia. You're a hit. And scoring good $$
$5 for the Vinyl decal or $50 for the etch.
Just get some practice etching before you do some
Homeboys Car;-) careful as vinyl can be lifted by bast, or penetrate mask.
If you get serious you can set up a scaffold so you can work over the
hood and do the Sun Shade area of the front winshield.
As for mess it's Washed play sand, Wait for the rain.
Say did you get it from Sky inc.
I got mine at Toledo.
Apr 05, 2002, 02:15 AM
Professional Goofball
OCModels's Avatar
What I was going to do was cut general images and package them to sell at car washes and school books stores among other places. This way I can work out of my house and not have to pay the astronomical rental prices for a cart at the local strip mall.

Most sign supply companies sell mask material for doing custom etching/painting. It's more suited to doing etching as it's less likely to get blasted through or lifted by the blasting material. You can also use vinyl material that mimics the look of etching without the permanence of etching. This way people can have the effect without lowering the value of their vehicle. My next venture will either be a laser cutter or a ColorCamm Vinyl printer. Guess which one I'll most likely get first.
Apr 05, 2002, 10:24 AM
Registered User
PanzyPoof's Avatar
Good sounds like you've done the home work.
As to the Car etching you have yo chase them down meaning. Custom auto shops shows or back street drag racing events. Soon the'll come to you.
Stock car events are good too. Those folks can never have enough stickers!!
As any business it's to get known and advertise.

Hmmm I'd say you'll get the ColourCAm printer.Whow!
Seen them and sooo nice. What's the cost on one and how big's the bed. My friend had his shop garage door done in Goodyear ad picture. He paid
$7000.oo Talking big buck jobs now.
What's the plan for the Laser C&C balsa model parts.
Later have to work! No not decal related.
Apr 05, 2002, 03:10 PM
Caution:Makes sharp left turns
Troy's Avatar
Hey OC, welcome to the vinyl business. The company I work for does a lot of cars,boats, business vinyl graphics (banners, stickers, etc). We also own a Roland PC600 Resin Transfer Vinyl Printer. Let me forewarn you that it is not a cheap machine to run. We have to charge about $28 a square foot for four color printing to make ends meet (and that's cheaper than most guys). Each color cartridge runs about $12-14 depending on color and they only last about 8 square ft of normal printing. If you get one look into Zero Nine brand cartridges vs the Roland ones. A lot cheaper and more color variety. It is a great machine to have but can get expensive quick. It is more cost effective generally than screen printing up to a point (quantities of several hundred or less).
Here's my latest personal vinyl project...

Apr 05, 2002, 03:15 PM
Caution:Makes sharp left turns
Troy's Avatar
ps: That window etch material is really cool stuff. We've done some high end business windows and glass doors with the stuff and it looks awesome! It's very convincing and NO MESS

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