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Aug 19, 2016, 06:53 AM
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9XR Pro - OpenTX - Wont Discover FrSky S.Port Vario???

Gday anyone, I'm having some trouble with my first FrSky RF gear (not by a long stretch my first RC gear)

I'm trying to get a FrSky S.Port Vario running via a X8R bound to a 9XR Pro with a telemetry cable from a DJT module to the Futaba port, running OpenTX 2.1. Simple right?

A buddy gave me a 9XR Pro he had kickin around. Saved me a bunch of hassle with soldering in resistors on the ‘non Pro’ 9XR etc.

I’ve flashed it with openTX 2.1.
The X8R is bound to my DJT in D8 mode (the only mode they will bind in it seems)
I have made a cable as per interweb guidance from the port on the back of the DJT (servo plug from Tx & Rx) to the Futaba port on top of the 9XR Pro.
I have telemetry data on the radio for RSSI and what I think would be the X8R voltage (around 5v).

But god damn it…. I can not for the life of me…get the 9XR to discover the Vario.

The only way I can discover the X8R sensors is when the Telemetry ‘Type’ is set to FrSky D (cable).
If I change it to FrSky S.PORT (which I was expecting do to the Vario being on the X8R S.Port) I discover nothing and it drops the X8R sensors.

Its def cabled right (more or less idiot proof).
My DIY Futaba to servo telem cable is working....I got telem from the X8R (RSSI and rx voltage).
The LED on the Vario is flashing………
Theres just no Vario sensor being picked up.

By all accounts…its like the craziest easiest thing to do in the entire RC universe!!!!! Right????

God damn it. Got me scratchin my head.

I’m really wanting to try another Vario but got no one around with the kit.
I’m wondering will the DJT pass on the S-Port telemetry without internal modification? My understanding was that the telemetry cable served that purpose…and I’m getting RSSI and rx volt. So to me its working…!!!!
Maybe I need a XJT module? From what I can tell the X8R is fully compatible including telemetry with the DJT module. Bind in D8 (jumper on 7-8) and ya cookin with gas. Right???

Anyone that can shed an light on this one is in my eyes a god.

Any assistance very very very much appreciated.

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