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Aug 17, 2016, 07:35 PM
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New Product

ImpulseRC Helix FPV Frames

The Helix is a new breed of FPV quadcopter which integrates the design process of both the air frame and the flight electronics.

By keeping an obsessive focus on enthusiast level performance, but freeing ourselves from the need to support the vast array of third party electronics, we have created a package which offers a unique blend of performance, durability, features, ease and versatility.

Please see here for full details:

Flight Videos

HELIX Play Time (2 min 49 sec)

Rise of the Helix - Vek (2 min 42 sec)

Build Video

A very big THANKS to BMSWEB for this brilliant build video!

ImpulseRC Helix Build Video - FPV Racing Drone (1 hr 8 min 13 sec)
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Aug 17, 2016, 07:36 PM
Thread OP


Will there be distributors in my country?
Yes, but we want to get through the pre-order and release stage first. Once we've made sure everything is running smoothly and we have met the initial demand we will open up to distributors. USA, Europe and anywhere else there is interest, this will also include Aliens and Warpquads too!

What is included in the kit?
We will update the product descriptions on the website with this information very soon.

What Lipo do you recommended?
Anything from a 1000-1800 4S will work well enough, the sweet spot is in the 1300-1500 range though, but this will depend on your preferences and flying style. With 6S packs we've had success with 800-1550, the 1300 HV packs are great.

What motor sizes are supported?
The arms have holes for 16mm and 19mm diameter motor bolts. This will work with all standard motors in the 2204-2208 size range.

Where does the RC receiver fit and what size is supported?
The RX goes between the two electronics tiers. The space was sized to fit a cased FrSky D4R/X4R, however they would need pins removed to fit nicely in terms of length. Our recommended FrSky RX is the XSR.

Can you make other sizes of arms?
Yes! We will follow up with more fun stuff!

How can I tell you what size tee-shirt I want from the blind pre-order?
We will email everyone before shipping to make sure we get your preferred size. Anyone we don't get a reply from will get size 'M'.

How can I choose my ESC fairing colours and what will be available?
Once the moulds are made we will get a colour chart and we can pick whatever we want. For pre-order customers we will include a selection of colours in your kit.

Can we get STL files for fairings so we can print them?
We are not ruling it out but are hesitant to do this, simply because they really aren't great when 3D printed, they are not strong enough to be fit for purpose and survive day to day abuse. The rule of thumb is that printed parts are only 30% the strength of moulded ones, but that would be if they are the same material. We will be moulding them in either Polypropylene or Polycarbonate. We intend to make them very cheap so people can change colours easily, but they should be strong enough that they rarely break.

Can we get fairings that are bigger or fit other ESCs?
We only have one size right now, if there is enough demand we can get moulds made, but that isn't cheap! However people will make their own and post design files I'm sure. BMSWeb has already made a modified quick change set designed for races and I think they will be happy to share.

Will there be an acro version without the pod?
Absolutely, we are already running one and it flies amazingly. People are going to want to do it but not pay for the whole kit, so we definitely want to support that. Please just give us some time to get through the pre-order process first!

Can I run my own VTX for races?
We will follow up with a carbon plate to replace the VTX/OSD for people who want to use their own choice of gear.

How can I use the KISS Flight Controller?
We are working right now on a nice solution for this. Please stand by, we will have something in testing soon!

Will there be a version without electronics?
We don't have any plans at this time to offer a completely bare frame. We will offer options to remove the VTX and instead have just the CF plate, as well as an option between our flight controller and a KISS enabled solution.

The price is way too high?!
You may not be fully aware of everything we have included in the kit, there are 8 camera plates as well as a lot of custom electronics which is a big part of the cost. The carbon is also far more expensive, chamfering requires much more machine time and then an additional manual step to place each part in a jig so the other side can be chamfered.

Won’t the SMA break right off?
A lot of people have had problems in the past with edge mount SMA connectors, the SMA connector here is through-hole part and a different beast entirely. If it is to be levered there can be problems, but being soldered directly through a 2mm piece of fiberglass at 5 points means it's very strong when being pulled upwards. If you have proper strain relief higher up then the connector is secure.

It looks like the VTX is structural and holding the pod on, won't that break very easily?
The pod is supported by 7075 aluminium standoffs with a high tensile bolt at the core running all the way through the frame. The camera plates themselves are keyed to the standoffs below the VTX and the press-nuts above, most of the forces are transferred in to the mounting hardware, not the PCB itself. The PCB is also 2mm thick, rather than the usual 1.6mm. We have found that under WOT and in direct head on impacts, if something breaks it is usually the carbon and not the PCB. All of that said, we anticipated the concern around this. We will also be releasing a carbon plate to replace the VTX if people are uncomfortable with our solution, and we have actually subsidised the cost of the VTX to give more confidence. Given the VTX includes multiple cascaded regulators and is rated for 40V, as well as an OSD and a microphone, we are not making a great deal on the retail price! Please be clear, this is not because we found them to break too easily, it's because we wanted to inspire confidence that if it does break the cost is not over the top.

Do the ESCs overheat inside the fairings?
We've had zero issues with this, ESCs do not come down any more than warm, even when running them on higher voltages than they are rated for.


Is the VTX SMA or RPSMA?
It's SMA.

Where can I take 5V for a transponder?
There are two sets of outputs for LED strips on the back of the FC. The 5V and GND pads there are ideal, the on board regulator has 800mA of overhead at the very least.

What is the FC hole spacing, will it fit in other frames?
The holes are 7.2mm in diameter and spaced at 30mm. We haven't tried fitting it on any other frames, but it shouldn't be too hard if you get creative. The holes are so large because the standoffs pass right through without touching, the only mechanical connection to the frame is the self-adhesive foam pad and the strain relief for the Lipo wires.

What is the output power of the VTX?
It is selectable, along with the channels, thought a menu in the OSD and can be set to 25mw, 200mW or 500mW. When the quad is disarmed it is always set to 25mW, power is only increased when the quad is armed.

What about running the VTX in Australia?
Australian customers will be shipped a VTX which is flashed with a firmware the limits the power output to 25mW and the frequencies to within the legal band.

Which firmware runs on the OSD?
It is MinimOSD compatible, however we are running a custom build which adds an extra menu for controlling the VTX. The code is open source and will be publicly available, changes will be submitted back to the MW_OSD project. We will have hex files available for download from the product page and a USB to Serial adapter is included in the kit for you to upgrade if you wish.

Which Betaflight target is the FC running?
The FC is a completely new and custom design and requires a new target. We are hopeful that this will be included in the official Betaflight releases and will submit the code to that project soon.

Does the FC support Taranis telemetry?
Yes, there is a hardware UART port located right next to the RC input for this.

Is the Blackbox support using on-board flash or does it require an external adapter?
There is flash on the FC and Blackbox directly with that.

Does the FC support BLHeli pass-through?
Yes, this works without restriction.

Can I get a pinout diagram for the electronics please?
We will work on this as soon as we can and include it on the product page.

Will the USB connector fall of?
No, the connector used has legs that go through the PCB itself to provide mechanical strength.


What camera mount and tilt angles are included?
We include ALL of the camera plates by default in the kit. These are for 30, 45 and 60 degrees, as well as an HD camera plate set to 45 degrees.

Can you fit cameras other than the Session on the HD plates?
It's just a 90 degree cradle, you can put any camera you like in there!

What size ESCs fit in the fairings?
Our current choice of ESC is the AIKON SEFM 30A and these fit very nicely. They are 14mm* 25mm and there is a little extra room around them when installed. However, the ESC fairings are completely optional, you can remove them and install any ESC you choose on the arms as usual!

The inner dimensions of the cavity in the fairings is 30mmx16mmx4.5mm

You may need to account for slightly more space to take account of the heatshrink on your ESCs and also the wires. The 4.5mm width is only at the very bottom, it opens out to about 10mm where it meets the arms.

What about weights?
We will give a full break down of weights as soon as we can. For the ZX5 the ESC fairings are about 3.5g, the carbon is 58g and the AUW is around the 300g mark but that depends on motor choice.

Are they just Warpquad arms?
They are almost identical and have only minor tweaks. The ZX6 uses the WQ230 arm profile, the only changes are the chamfer and the additional motor mounting holes so they can support all motors and not need to be flipped. The ZX5 uses arms based on the WQ200 but modified for strength and to carry motors with a 16mm/19mm hole pattern. Yes, this means you can run WQ270 arms and make a 7" prop Helix, we've tried it and it's awesome!

Why don’t arms interlock like on the Alien?
For the same prop size, due to the construction and geometry, the frame is much lighter and the arms significantly shorter than the Alien. Because of this, interlocking the arms isn't necessary for structural integrity or frame rigidity. Leaving them open means we can support all standard Warpquad arms and leaves space for the battery strap.

Where does the battery and strap go?
Though the centre of the frame and between the arms!
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Aug 17, 2016, 07:41 PM
eMag's Avatar
Look forward to the reveal!
Aug 17, 2016, 07:45 PM
the people squad
schrodingers cat's Avatar

Impulse buy

I think you guys have mastered the game of suspense.
I have bought a 5 inch frame on Impulse and with the faith that the frame will live up to the standard set by Soma's existing frames.
World Class
Aug 17, 2016, 07:51 PM
IG: nectar.collector
OpusNectar's Avatar
My 6" Alien was the first premium frame I bought, and my 5" is still with me after many other frames have come and gone.

I've a feeling the pot will be stirred (for better or for worse!) in 23 hours.

Can't wait for the reveal!
Aug 17, 2016, 07:53 PM
Registered User
I just spent $276...whew! Order# 7109. I can't wait!! ZX5 with all the spares

On a side note, the free express shipping upgrade didn't show so I just selected standard. I'm assuming at the time of shipment you guys will put it to express?
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Aug 17, 2016, 08:02 PM
Registered User
Jarrod bath's Avatar
Just bought order # 7090
5" helix can't wait !!!
Aug 17, 2016, 08:17 PM
Registered User
Helix T-shirt
Aug 17, 2016, 08:20 PM
Mayday Mayhem
Play2win70's Avatar
I bought the Helix ZX5 inch, some spare arms, top and main plate spares, spare fastners, the 30, 45 and the 60 camera mounts, and the rubber. Ah heck I bought it all. I'm such a crazy impulse buyer. Pardon the pun there. LOL. I'm looking forward to seeing the reveal tomorrow. I'm curious what FC it is. I kind of feel that it may be a the singularity since they are putting the PDB, FC and VTX in the mix with this order.
Aug 17, 2016, 08:30 PM
Team Warpsquad
Mr.Aaron's Avatar
Of course I had to get in on this
Aug 17, 2016, 08:47 PM
Armattan Spy
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This ought to be interesting
Aug 17, 2016, 08:50 PM
Registered User
Originally Posted by dttocs
helix t-shirt :d
Aug 17, 2016, 08:50 PM
ALL Carbon RC
Order # 7083...I have been holding out for something light and fast like all the X configs out there. Not even sure what I purchased but I am 100% positive it is worth it. Almost 1 year ago I pre ordered (order# 387) my first racing quad (Alien 6") after watching FinalGuideAUS win the Nationals. Almost a year later and an hour before the Blind reveal I strapped a lipo on her and let her rip(she is still a sexy beast). Proud to support ImpulseRC and excited for the new Helix. I remember the anxiety after my Alien was shipped and I waited the 15 days for it to get to the States. Getting a free upgrade to expedited shipping is what put me over the top. But in all seriousness have you shipped my order yet
Aug 17, 2016, 10:53 PM
Registered User
You guys crack me up. Ordered.

Aug 17, 2016, 11:18 PM
Registered User
Looking forward to seeing what this next evolution in multi rotor fpv is.. bold! The weight certainly looks promising. Price even seems like an improvement on the Alien given a FC & VTX is included. Providing a VTX I would assume it would have to b
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