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Aug 17, 2016, 07:42 AM
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HBX 12882P 1/12 2.4G Truggy - Brushed, 2WD, RTR (review, work in progress)

Though mostly involved with quadcopters lately, my "RC-roots" lie in boats and cars. So when offered the chance to review this new vehicle Banggood is selling, I accepted to have a closer look at what it would be like.

Disclaimer: I don't get paid, or in any other way make money with reviews like these. Product specifications and quality may vary at the manufacturer's discretion, and are beyond my influence. I cannot guarantee you will get a product that performs exactly the same as seen and described in this review. There is always room for a general discussion on the reviewed item, feel free to comment, but if you are planning to add a long review instead of some summarizing remarks, it would be appreciated to put these in a new review topic. And please, no affiliate links!

For easy navigation, here's a list of contents:

1: Specifications (posting #1)
2: Unboxing (posting #1)
3: Transmitter (posting #1)
4: Driving Performance (posting #1)
5: Preliminary Verdict (posting #1)
6: Suitable for a Beginner? (posting #1)
7: Hints, Tips & Modifications (posting #2)
8: Suggestions for Improvements (posting #2)

1 - Specifications:

First, let's start with a link and a picture,

2 - Unboxing:

The cars was floating loose inside the box, with tie wraps cut. I wonder if that's sloppy packaging, rough handling during transport, or Customs having inspected the box contents. Anyway, the car still looked great:

I'm mostly a buggy/desert truck fan, as for rc car types, but this truck/truggy looks really nice, imho. When pushing it forward and back, the car rolled quite smoothly, but the gears were a bit noisy for my taste. So the 3 screws holding the gear cover were removed, and underneath a slipper clutch appeared:

Turned out the gear mesh was set a little too loose. Not directly dangerous as in likely to strip a gear, but after adjustement, the car felt more smooth, and there was less gear noise.

The upper suspension arms are threaded, so it's actually possible to adjust the wheel angle, which is quite unusual for a cheap car:

The shocks are friction type, no oil. These tend to be bouncy, but with some friction grease, might be made to behave a little more like oil filled ones.

At the rear, we find the on/off switch, so no need to take off the body to power up or power down the car:

The heart of the electronics is a combined ESC/receiver, with connector for the 5 wire servo:

The battery hatch is located on the bottom, and is locked with 2 pins, much like a laptop battery:

Once opened, there is easy access to the spacey battery bay... ayy...ay... (echo effect)

The battery is a 2S Li-Ion (?) rated at 7.4 volts and 850mAh. Norrmally Li-ion is 7.2 volts, 0.1 volts per cell less than Lipo. The bundled charger is rated at 8.4 volts, which is the battery-full voltage of a LiPo. So either the charger overcharges, or the batteries are mislabeled, maybe to seem less risky, who knows...

Anyway, the battery fits easily in the battery bay:

3 - Transmitter:

Basic pistol grip 2 channel. Looks a bit like the FlySky GT-2b, but instead runs on only 2AA batteries. The steering wheel is plastic, no foam or rubber padding. There is no dual rate adjustment, to set the steering throw, only throttle and steering trim.

4 - Driving Performance:

The first drive was quite pleasant. A little trimming on the steering was all that was needed to get it running straight. Top speed wasn't spectacular, didn't check with GPS, but felt around 30 km/h. Acceleration was smooth, and reasonably fast. The turning radius is quite short for a car with this wheelbase. Despite running in sunny weather, the motor didn't run hot. Here's a short vid, giving an impression on how it handles on a solid surface:

HBX 12882P 1/12 2.4G Truggy - First Test Drive (1 min 10 sec)

5 - Preliminary Verdict:

Looking like another cheap toy, but runs really nice. Great looking body, smooth transmission, and so far glitch free operation. Having to fine tune things like the gear mesh, are not uncommon for most RTR, and don't detract from the overal fun. If the car holds up well the next testing sessions, it could be a nice option for some cheap fun.


- Looks great
- Smooth transmission with metal pinion and slipper clutch
- Handles well for a car without oil shocks
- Acceptable radio range of around 70m
- Transmitter needs only 2AA batteries
- Easy access to battery
- Power switch located in very convenient position
- Tires are better than average for cheap RTR
- Good potential to replace standard components with seperate ESC, receiver, etc


- No standard connector on battery
- No padding on transmitter steering wheel
- Battery can move around freely in battery holder
- Could be faster
- No oil shocks

6 - Suitable for a beginner?

Apart from the battery being a little hard to plug in, and the gear mesh not being perfectly set, this car runs very well out of the box. For a 2WD, it has enough traction to not be too twitchy. I think beginners will have a lot of fun with this car. The relatively big wheels also means it won't get stuck easily.

(to be continued)
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Aug 17, 2016, 07:42 AM
Fan of just about anything RC
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7 - Hints, Tips & Modifications:

Change battery and ESC plug:

This one will probably be on top of every new owner of this car, with a hobby grade charger, replace the battery and ESC plug with a common type, like Deans, EC3.

Fitting better electronics:

As the car uses a servo for steering, and the gear mesh can be adjusted, there is the option to replace the electronics with better things. A regular servo, seperate receiver, and a mild brushless combo, seem to be possible. To get better range, better performance, and more precision in the steering.

8 – Suggestions for Improvements:

- Use a common connector for the battery. Even a Tamiya plug would be better than the strange one that is used now...
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Aug 18, 2016, 09:29 AM
Fan of just about anything RC
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Thread OP
Completed unboxing story and added a bit to mods chapter.
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Aug 18, 2016, 10:25 AM
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Aug 27, 2016, 02:00 AM
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Been running it a bit more, and harder. Taking bumps at full speed, slides, etc. I think it handles well for a 2WD with stock tires. You need to watch throttle, but that is common with 2WD, and part of the fun. Gear cover keeps dirt out, and the body didn't shatter at the first crash.

Overall I like this car. It's no LC Racing buggy, but runs well, and it has great potential for replacing the all in one ESC with a faster setup, and fit a better servo, with plenty of space under the body.
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Aug 27, 2016, 03:36 PM
Car Bashing
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It's no LC Racing buggy
It is also not the price of a LC racing

This truggy look pretty nice.

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