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Jan 22, 2020, 01:18 PM
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Our club here in Colorado uses a small F3-RES chute made by Mr. Kite. Our reasoning was that a chute might cut down on retrieve distance and that seems to have been borne out. Of course when the wind shifts and goes cross it might be that there might be more line tangles. We don't have any experience with ribbons so can't comment on that.

When the wind misbehaves or stops HiStarts are no fun at all and many members in our group are discouraged with them. We do allow electric with an 80 meter CAM so several guys are converting their string launched gliders to electric. SInce we are near Pikes Peak here in the Rockies it could be that wind is more variable at 7000' altitude.
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Jan 23, 2020, 10:37 AM
Sarven Bedikoglu
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At competition atmosphere using a chute has it's own advantages over a ribbon.
First of all chute falls down slower. So helper has much more time to retrieve the line to the launch coridor with less risk of tangle or cross overs to other neighbouring lines. In windy conditions (head wind) chute lays the line to the launch coridor and so less work for the helper. The only disadvantage is at cross wind condition. If helper moves slowly with the line, then the line crosses over to many line and tangle risk increases. But the wise move is to pull the line while running towards the launch coridor. Believe me I've seen a lot since 2010.
Go with chute. Fai standart f3j parachute is a good choice. You may choose a smaller chute but not neccessary.
Oh another advantage of the chute is that time keeper can start the chrono more precisely because he/she will be looking for a popping or dropping chute. At high starts you cant see a ribbon detached from the hook just at exact time.
Jan 23, 2020, 10:44 AM
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You could always make your chute ' Variable Lift"

add a round servo horn to it, 6 or 8 holes , one line thru each hole , then the Launcher can slide that up or down the lines to the cloth to open the chute or close it.

Chute and Flag

Sorry, I don't know the weight of one of those horns, so those weight sensitive situations may have to be considered.



in the Waughs River Valley

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