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Jul 30, 2016, 07:31 PM

Blade 230s BNF - Spektrum DXe Problem

Good evening,

I'm relatively new to flying 3D helicopters and decided to purchase a Blade 230s as I heard it is a great heli for introduction into it (I fly multirotors usually) and the store I bought it from only had BNF. I bought the Spektrum DXe transmitter (Has the AUX & FLAP switches) and compared to my friends, I noticed the heli flies significantly different. The only reason I bought the TRX is that I can't have mine sent from home - I'm stuck at Fort Eustis until late September on AIT orders.

The issue I've noticed is that while in standby mode with the motors disengaged but still on, he had collective control - he tried it with mine and noticed no collective control. I then bound HIS TRX to my helicopter and it responds like it should - I'm not sure where to begin on troubleshooting this or if it is just something I'd have to program into the TRX with the cable and if so, where do I start? If someone could throw some ideas my way on what the problem may be I'd appreciate it - about to that comfort level I want to try high altitude inverted flight but I can't until I get this transmitter squared away. Thank you
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Aug 01, 2016, 03:06 AM
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ths would be more appropriate in the micro helis section, of which im sure there is a blade 230 thread most likely with settings.

also a quick google brought up this, at the top of the list

are you familiar with collective ptich helicopters? id imagine its quite different to multirotors?

The bklade 230s does have a stability mode, which makes it self level.

Take it slow, learn to hover and build from there. if learning in 3d mode (non self leveling) you might want to practice on a similator aswell, freddy can fly flight school on youtube
Aug 02, 2016, 02:02 PM
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Hi mate you may find that the pitch curve on your mates Tx is set up on Hold the same as mode 0 or idle1, your may have hold pitch reduced check set up of the DXe which has to be done on the PC
I found when I set up on my DX9 when in hold mode the pitch range is not the same as the flight modes if you look in the manual at pitch curves your see its different
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Sep 25, 2016, 12:26 AM
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Yeah, you're going to need the programming cable and PC software, there is a DXe setup you can download for the 230s on the Spektrum website that can be loaded into the software (there are also setups for the Nano CPS and AH-64 Apache). Once you do this your 230s should behave and perform appropriately.

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