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Feb 04, 2002, 05:22 PM
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Hangar 9 Pizzaz - EConv

I am a (glo) flyer of 3 yrs with some (E)xperience, 400's/TwinJet etc.

I Have a boxed Hangar 9 Pizzaz, and would like to convert to electric. I'd like to go brushless, but would also like to consider that whatever powertrain I use, I have modular equipment for similar sized ships.

So what is all that experience out there going to suggest.

I have just been made aware of motocalc etc, so will experiment with virtuals etc.
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Feb 04, 2002, 07:41 PM
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It will work Ok,..but the pizzaz is very heavy. There are several at our field, and I've flown a few of them. They work well with a 91 4-stroke. For a plane of that size,..for a good electric you'd need the weight, minus radio gear, to be 32 ounces or less, and that's assuming a good brushless with around 14 or so cells is going in it, setup for 40 to 50 amps of current. you could easily make it fly electric, but to make it fly like it was intended, on e-power,.. you're gonna need a motor setup drawing a lot of current.
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Feb 04, 2002, 08:02 PM
No Dear its not a new one
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Here's a link to a website with Pizazz e-conversion video.

Feb 04, 2002, 09:24 PM
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Someone did the conversion using a MEC turbo 10 GT motor combo on 10 cells running a 14x8 or 14x10 apc prop.

Hope this helps. Don

P.S. I think the conversion was in GWright QA forum.
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Feb 05, 2002, 12:14 AM
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I have not had time to add the text yet but here are some pics of the Pizazz converted by Sean at Aero-Model. I'll try to get all the specs added soon. I believe Sean flies it with 12-14 cells but I will have to check.

Dave Wenzlick
Mesa AZ

Pizazz pics

Got the specs...
Hanger 9 Pizazz 40 ARF
Motor Hacker B50 9XL 5.2:1
cells 16-2400
Prop 16 x 10 APC-E
amps 39
AUW 7.5 lb. (120 oz.)
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Feb 05, 2002, 01:55 PM
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Okay, I'm going to - I shouldn't, but I can't stop myself.

A 16 cell model that weighs 7 - 1/2lb

Can a purple motor can really overcome that ? Say 2lb for the pack. That's 5.5lb of wood, covering, electrickery bits and other airframe stuff. Something in that lot weighs a lot

Owinell can a 16 cell model cost that much and be that heavy?

I'm really impressed

If my new 16 cell project weighs much over 5lb on 2400s, I'll burn it and make another.
Feb 05, 2002, 04:26 PM
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This is a good example of how far our hobby has progressed. A few years ago it would have been unheard of to convert a heavy plane like the Pazazz. Now you can easily get enough power out of 16 cells to have good performance in a 7 ˝ lb. Model. Look at my 11lb. PT-19 on just 18 cells it flies very well. Of course if you have a lighter plane the performance on 16 cells will be that much better. My 14 cell Somethin’Extra is very unlimited because it only weighs 84oz an ARF Somethin’Extra would be more like 6lbs and not perform as well. I only wish I could build planes as light as Dereck dose but I can’t so I just give them a little more power to make up for the added weight.

Feb 05, 2002, 07:37 PM
(Batteries not included.)
Dave Wenzlick / Slickraft's Avatar
Originally posted by Dereck
A 16 cell model that weighs 7 - 1/2lb

Can a purple motor can really overcome that ?
I know it can. I have flown it. The Pizazz will pull out of a hover with that power system.

Besides, the original posting asked about electric conversion ideas for a Pizazz he currently owned. We all pointed out that the Pizazz was heavy but still had some ideas for him about how he could make it perform well. There are many people flying the Pizazz as an electric that are quite happy with them. Why be so negative when the guy is only asking for help? Do you think he will be enthusiastic about his Pizazz after you suggest it should be burned since it will be over your weight limit? Even though the Pizazz is heavy, it flies very well. It it easier to knife edge than many others I have flown, it hovers nicely and it can take a fair amount of abuse if landed hard etc.

Dave Wenzlick
Mesa AZ
Feb 05, 2002, 11:25 PM
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I've been flying a Pizazz for about a month now and am very happy with the performance I'm getting. Will it hover? Well, yeah for about the first 30 seconds hot off the charger. I takeoff in 30 feet, throw in a few rolls after breaking ground then pull vertical. After a 100 foot climb or so I back off the throttle to loose speed then sit there and hover a bit under the voltage sags and it starts to settle out. It is by no means an E3D but it is still a heck of a lot of fun to fly.

Mine weighs about 6.5 pounds if I remember right. Power system is a Tom Hunt belt drive with a 3.6:1 ratio, Hacker B50-13L and currently a APCE 13*6.5 prop and 15 CP-2400's. Initial RPM is 8,900 settling down to the 8,500 range. I'm using a Jeti 70 amp controller and the current draw is only 34-38 amps. The belt drive pretty much bolts right in and I setup the tank hatch with a quick release so the packs are easy to change out. Flight time is 6 minutes with less than full throttle used extensively when the nose isn't pointed up. Lately I've been amusing myself shooting touch-n-goes form a vertical dive with the prop windmilling coming out of a 200 foot tall stall turn off the end of the runway . The motor is hardly even warm after a flight so you can fly continiously if you have multiple packs, that may change when it warms up although it was fairly warm the last two weekends...

BTW, if you use the Beltdrive then I recommend the 1/4" bore collet adapters that Azarr sells. He has em in any shaft size and they are terrific.
Feb 09, 2002, 04:12 PM
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I changed motors last night from the Hacker B-50-13L to a Mega Acn-22-30-2 and upped the prop size to an APCE 15*10 (same 3.6:1 ratio on the belt drive). I measured the current draw on a 2 hour old charge @ just under 64 amps initial this is on 15 CP-2400's. Initial RPM is about 7,200 RPM. Performance is now "Sporty"

It'll now hover at will on less than ful throttle. You can cruise down the runway as slow as possible, snap in full up elevator to turn a square corner and hover @ 3/4 throttle then hit full to start climbing. 1/2 throttle works well for cruisin around and normal loops and rolls. I flew it 4 times this afternoon with flight times between 5 and 6 minutes so I surmise that the average current draw is between 22 and 26 amps. The motor is only 94F after a 6 minute flight with an air temp of 50F. I'm VERY happy with the performance of this $99 motor in a 6.25-6.5 pound plane.

There was nothing wrong with the Hacker but 3.6:1 was the tallest ratio I had and I wanted to turn a bigger prop so going to the Mega gave me a 300RPM drop in the Kv which allowed me to jump up to the 15*10 prop.