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Jul 15, 2016, 01:27 PM
2016 The Year for Air Shows
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Build Log

Conscendo S glider

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I am a $100 plane type of guy. So if someone wants to market a BNF plane with battery, car lighter charger, and all the electronics, including gyro, accelerometers & a computer programed fly-by-wire system for under $130, I am in. It’s just too much plane not to have the experience.

Wingspan: 59.0 in (1500mm)
Wing Area: 405 sq in (26.1 sq dm)
Flying Weight: 20.5 oz (580g)
Material: Z-Foam
Motor Size: 370 brushless outrunner
Recommended Motor Battery: 1300mAh 2S

Today was the maiden of my Conscendo S glider. Conditions were winds light & variable, cloudy, no turbulence, no lift, mid 80’sF. First flight was just try out the three flight modes & check the CG & trim. All was perfect. Second flight was to test the glide path & battery duration. I ended up with a 4 ½ minute battery run & 27 minute flight. Not bad in these conditions. I also love the Rx has Telemetry. For now I'll confirm is will transmit Frame Losses & Holds. The Rx has two antennas, one long located in the front of the fuselage & one short by the Rx. For best performance, make sure the short antenna is at a 90 degree angle to the long when you replace the cover.

What I learned when flying in these conditions is one can hold the elevator stick all the way back (in flight mode 0 – stabilized) & the angle of attack will increase giving it a slower speed & more lift or longer glide path. This works in mode 0 as the Elevator Stick gains priority over the AS3x (in essence you turn off the Elevator AS3x) & the programming maintains a limited angle of attack. If it starts to porpoise, just let up on the stick but first check to see if a thermal caused the higher angle of attack. I have set my Flaps switch to dial in 45% & 90% up Elevator trim on command.

I also trim my SAFE equipped planes so in mode 0, I can descend comfortably by giving it full down Elevator. I was impressed how fast it ascended in mode 0. I nailed the trim the way I like it on y first try. I consider the tail & front foam to be weak points, so the best way to handle it is by holding the main wing while keeping your hand away from the prop. It likes to float so landings require a long flight path. Maintain airspeed, level out & let it float back to earth.

I will fly the Conscendo mostly with mode 0 in fair, thermal & windy / turbulent weather. If I get bored, I’ll just flip to mode 1 & do some NASCAR high speed ovals or mode 2 for some basic aerobatics. I am a glider guy so I enjoy slow & long flights.

Other than adding my AMA, FAA & Call #, Velcro to the battery & setting the CG, I added black to the tip of the under wing & extra packaging tape to secure the horizontal stabilizer. No other mods were made. This plane basically flies out of the box. I do have to install my 3 gram flight logger

Update: After 4 hours of airtime, I decided to make a few mods:

- After experiencing many Frame Losses / Fades, I decided to relocate the antennas away from the battery / motor. The tips are 5 inches apart. Results: Pending
Name: Antenna relocation.JPG
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- I consider the Fuselage to be a weak point in the design, so as a reminder to myself & others that handle the plane, I added “Hands Off” to the fusalage & “Handle” labels to the leading edge of the wing.
Name: Handle.JPG
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- I land on a field that is known to have rocks, so in an attempt to protect the aileron servo connections, I added a skid plate.
Name: Skid Plate.JPG
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- I doubled the amount of Black on the plane wings. During the last sortie with clear blue hazy sky it was a challenge to clearly see the plane. Not sure what the yellow will look like at altitude, results pending. In low light or long distances I know the entire wing will turn black which is ok. I use a very thin 2 mil color tape to color my wings.
Name: Black wing.JPG
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- I like to bang the control surfaces when handling the plane. I have found a reminder “No Push” helps me pay attention to avoid hanger rash.
Name: No Push.JPG
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- I have enjoyed the plane very much. It is missioned for very long touring flights. So I added a little more livery, lol.
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- Installed the HK Flight Logger
Name: Logger 1.jpg
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- It looks like the ESC has Capacitors installed to level out any voltage drop
Name: Capacitor.jpg
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- I put a film of Foam Tac on the outside of both prop pins. Hope that helps them stay on & does not affect the prop balance. I do know from experience that bad things happen if you constantly jam the throttle on / off when there is a brake system active. So in the pre-flight, I remind myself to take a few seconds to throttle on / off.

- I have spent many hours on forums with older SAFE planes. The other day a guy said "after you do a Tx trim adjustment, don't touch the sticks for 3 seconds". This is the first I had heard of this. For the Conscendo it seems to me this may be a critical piece of knowledge for those doing a Tx trim. "latest AS3X code which implements this for Tx trimming (older code on the open stock AR636 didn't really support Tx trim)" [by mawz]. "One other thing that's not obvious to me is how the RX is able - or if it's able - to save TX trim between power cycles." [by SystemsGuy].

- "The short antenna IS diversity, it is also Telemetry." [by mawz]

- I use this tool to easily disconnect the battery without pulling on the wires.
Name: Tool.jpg
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- My experience on battery energy consumption, full power to altitude & cut throttle, slowly. Stock plane with a 1,300 mAh E-Flite 2s Lipo. Average = 205 mA per minute of run time. For a more detailed step-by-step procedure for setting your timer based on your own experience & battery, see “How long should I set the timer?” =>

- Nothing but numbers =>

- New Personal Best - Conscendo S glider =>

Other forum posts you may be interested in:

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If you want to learn more about Soaring, you may want to check out these links:

"Mini-HowTo ~ Read The Electric Soaring Tips & Techniques Article By Paul Naton". Not pushing his videos but I watched a few when I got started & it shorteneed my learning curve

Flite Test "Slope Soaring Tips" by gabriel robson

Join the RCG HobbyZone Conscendo discussion

In summary, I expect to enjoy many hours of flight time. My target times are 4 ½ motor run & a minimum 30 minute flight, longer if I find a thermal. It’s a keeper.

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Jul 15, 2016, 02:47 PM
I'd be mad without a Taranis!
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I run my battery between 5 1/2 and 6 minutes and it comes down between 3.7 and 3.8 per cell. So far, my shortest flight time has been 27 min and my longest has been 39 min.
Jul 15, 2016, 02:55 PM
2016 The Year for Air Shows
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Thread OP
Thanks for sharing you battery & flight times. My second sortie was 27 minutes with 4 1/2 battery run. I'll monitor my flight style & most likely creep the battery times up closer to your numbers. Can't wait for a nice thermal summer day.

P.S. Based on the recharge rates for today, I should have been able to do 5 1/2 to 6, calculated to 5 3/4 minutes, allowing a 10% reserve & 80% practical capacity. Think I'll increase the battery timer to 5 1/2 minutes and see what flight times I get.

Let us know when you break your record.
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Aug 03, 2016, 12:17 AM
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We will miss you, Red.Sneakers. May the God of hope and comfort be with you and ALL who loved you□
Aug 26, 2016, 10:47 AM
This should fly, right?

godspeed red.sneakers...

...may you fly forever in that great field in the sky!

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