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Jul 13, 2016, 12:22 AM
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Back in the saddle (que the Aerosmith)

I guess this will be an introduction. I have done that in other forums but not sure if that is a thing on this one. Rcgroups is just so vast. I have barely had time to give it a peek.

I will likely spend my time in the sailplane area. Dlg to be specific.

Ok, a bit about me. Flew rc in the early '90s. 40 to 50 sized glow engine planes. Dabbled in electric, had a few sailplanes, mostly slope soaring, played with small 1/2 A planes. Had a lot of fun. Well, many years later and with technology that has advanced well beyond what any of us ever that was possible, I am back for more fun.

So the reason I am posting in the radio section of the forum, I just made a radio purchase. I wanted to share my experience.

At first I wanted to go cheap. You can get a lot of radio for $30. Then I consider the long term. Would that radio serve my needs down the road? In the end, I decided on a radio that will work as my skills grow. I decided on the Taranis. Figuring everything in, the Taranis isn't much more and should last me for many years.

I found the radio at Hobby King and Aloft Hobbies. Hmm, HK is much cheaper but Aloft has a very good reputation as well as being a home grown US company. I wanted very much to buy from Aloft. I believe in supporting the little guy. By my calculation I could save $25 or $30 bucks by going with HK. Hard to ignore that kind of savings. I decided I needed to send Aloft an email. I explained that I wanted to buy from them but it was hard to ignore the savings of HK. I explained that I would not ask them to meet HK price but did ask if there was a way to save me some money. I left it at that. Dave from Aloft replied. He would not be able to save me any money. He talk about the many reasons why I should buy from them, service being the number one reason. He also pointed out that 1) the HK radios did not come with a charger, 2) there was no free shipping as I had thought (HK is tricky that way, they listed free shipping at the top of their page, but the fine print tells you it is only for certain items). So in the end the savings would only be $10 bucks. Dam, for $10 I get my radio within a few days and service I can count on if or when I need it. That is a good deal.

So the reason for the Yipee, I order today around 12:30pm their time and within an hour or 2 my largish order had been shipped.

I better get busy on my MiMi, it just became the hold up.

I know this post sounds like a paid advertisement. I assure you it isn't. I read a few post regarding Aloft and felt the posters were a bit too smitten with them. My experience is very limited at this point. I may be premature in giving them accolades. If what I have read is true though, I shouldn't be disappointed.

I will need to read how to use this radio, maybe ask a question or two but other than that I will be found in Sailplanes.

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Jul 13, 2016, 07:44 AM
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I think you mean Gene Autry, not Aerosmith!


Gene Autry Back In The Saddle Again (3 min 13 sec)
Jul 13, 2016, 10:11 AM
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Originally Posted by AndyKunz
I think you mean Gene Autry, not Aerosmith!

That works too. Now however the 2 are mixing in my head!

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