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Jul 12, 2016, 09:06 PM
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FMS 1100mm Pilatus PC-21

Hi guys, the new FMS 1100mm PC-21 is coming in Aug. See some details information below.


High quality anti-collision foam box
FMS invest not only on the airplane design but also on the foam box. CNC molding for the box provides a snug fit for the airplane parts. Extensive work on the 3D graph makes the final work detailed and strong. Before production, crash tests against the four angles and six sides is conducted. As you can imagine, this is a really fun part of our job.

Install in 15 mins with absolutely no glue.
Glue is unacceptable to most players. Here we offer you the most thoughtful airplane design, which can be assembled with no glue - just a couple of screws. It takes only 10 mins or less to assemble for an experienced player, and about 15 mins for beginner.

99% scaled appearance.
With over one month’s research, the engineers gather the most specific and accurate drawing data from various resources. From there, they go about lovingly recreating it, focusing on every detail, every skin line, every rivet position, every paint color. The five-blade propeller, retractable landing gear, flaps, and scale pilot give this airplane more distinction.

The latest foaming material
Most airplanes in the market are made with low-ratio & high-density foam particles due to the low cost, but it causes the plane to be heavy and not fly well. The PC-21 adopts the latest high-ratio & low-density EPO 52, which reduces the airplane weight by around 15%, greatly optimizing the flying performance without weakening the airplane.

Environmentally friendly, water-based paint
Oil paint is a low cost paint, which has some disadvantages like high corrosion (which deforms the airplane in the heat of the summer), environmental damage, and harm to human health. Water-based paint is non-corroding, environmentally friendly, and safer to human health. This high cost paint can protect the fragile foam parts under any condition. To bring you a green and safe product, water-based paint is now used on this model.

A nicely-controlled PC-21
As a mutual work of engineers all over the world, this model was unceasingly tested and corrected in the past months. Operate stably without gyro and land confidently without flap. As long as you are familiar with the remote control, you will be able fly this model well.

Quality Guarantee
Reasonable price, great value: quality guaranteed. All electric parts, like ESC, motor, servos, of this airplane are from first-class suppliers. FMS offer a 365-day warranty service.


Wingspan 1100mm/43.3in
Overall Length 1235mm/48.6 in
Flying Weight Around 1680g
Motor Size Brushless 3541-KV750
Servo 9g Servo x 7
Radio 6 Channel
CG (center of gravity) 90-95mm (From Leading Edge)
Prop Size 10*7, 5 blades
Recommended Battery Li-Po 14.8V 2600-3300mAh
Aileron Yes
Elevator Yes
Rudder Yes
Flaps Yes
Retracts Yes
Approx. Flying Duration 5-8 minutes
Minimum Age Recommendation 14+
Experience Level Intermediate
Assembly Time 10 minutes
Wing Load 71.8 g/dmē (0.16oz/inē)
Wing Area 23.4dmē (
Latest blog entry: Official aircraft photos
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Jul 12, 2016, 09:56 PM
3 Blades is Better Than 2!
kman24's Avatar
Awesome!!! Love the scheme (different than what I have) along with a scale 5 bladed propeller. I have the Sky Angels Mini PC-21 and the bigger Phoenix Model 1/6.25 PC-21. This one would fit nicely in the middle

Jul 12, 2016, 11:00 PM
Bajora's Avatar
Awesome news! I also love the PC-21, and I currently have the Phoenix Model 1/6 scale ARF (Same as Kman24) and the little Sky Angel one. I had one offered by Hobby Lobby years ago and really enjoyed it. LOVE the five bladed prop! Not an easy option on my Phoenix PC-21. Can't wait to see this offering from FMS. Will ForceRC be the US Distributor on this one?
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Jul 13, 2016, 12:33 AM
Suspended Account
Whats funny is there using the same foam as the Eleven Hobby planes
Jul 13, 2016, 01:09 AM
EB-66C Team Member
xplaneguy's Avatar
I guess this is yet another year of multiple offering of the same type aircraft.

With in the past 12 months:

I know there's gotta be more???
Jul 13, 2016, 08:27 AM
dahawk47's Avatar
How much for the little girl ?

Still have my Skyangel and my Tucano. Love Pilatus !
Jul 13, 2016, 09:25 AM
Bajora's Avatar
Anyone else remember this one?

I had a bunch of fun with it and it flew pretty fast, though it did have a few quirks.
Latest blog entry: Updated FMS 1400mm J3 Cub
Jul 13, 2016, 09:34 AM
3 Blades is Better Than 2!
kman24's Avatar
Hey there Dave If I had to guess a price, it would be similar to their 1200mm CJ-6 which runs $230 (not the sale price). It's pretty similar in size and spec...

Jul 13, 2016, 10:08 AM
dahawk47's Avatar
Thanks K, I'll be on the lookout for this one.

Dang Jon,

Great review way back when !

What ever happened to this model? Surprised someone else didn't pick it up.

Gorgeous rendition. Flaps and the whole nine yards.

Jul 13, 2016, 10:21 AM
The blurb reads the same as that for the Eleven Hobby models, so to my eye there's the proof that the new T-28, F8F and P-51 are all FMS, rebranded. Now I'm REALLY looking forward to flying my review sample P-51!
Jul 13, 2016, 10:49 AM
Suspended Account
Originally Posted by StangBanger
The blurb reads the same as that for the Eleven Hobby models, so to my eye there's the proof that the new T-28, F8F and P-51 are all FMS, rebranded. Now I'm REALLY looking forward to flying my review sample P-51!
Yep you read what I read. When I saw my friend with the new Eflite Spitfire I saw the many things the same as in hardware as my T-28. The wing screws, the control horns and other things. Its nice to see another company like Eleven Hobby to branch out of FMS . Hopefully we see different planes then whats out now. Kinda wished the T-28 was painted different but at least the P-51 is Old Crow . Ok back to the PC21
Jul 13, 2016, 10:57 AM
This thread should be posted in the 'Scale' or the 'Parkflyer' forum. The PC-21 is NOT a warbird. It first flew in 2002. It has never seen combat.

I only bring this up because I have seen other mfgs 'busted' for blatantly ignoring the forum rules, it is only fair that the rules be enforced equitably.
Jul 13, 2016, 11:04 AM
dahawk47's Avatar
It's clearly Military though. The Swiss Air force uses them. The Texan II built by Beechcraft in Wichita under license from Pilatus ?
Jul 13, 2016, 11:19 AM
Bajora's Avatar
Pilatus technical info shows that this airplane can carry 2000+ pounds of armaments on underwing hard points, for use in counter-insurgency roles
Latest blog entry: Updated FMS 1400mm J3 Cub
Jul 13, 2016, 11:35 AM
One can rationalize all they like, the PC-21 does not fit the definition of 'Warbird'.

If one wants to play fast and loose with the criteria, then let's allow these on this forum, too:

However, they are not electric powered. A minor technicality, we can let them in, can't we? I mean, they are model warbirds.

Or how about electric model WWII helicopters, definitely 'warbirds' by the new definition :
World War II Helicopters - Including Rare ones (15 min 47 sec)

Oh, they're helicopters, they have their own forum, don't they?

Let's not forget the WWII gliders, they're warbirds too:

Oops, they're not powered, and they have a place in the 'Sailplane' forum. But aren't they warbirds too?

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