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Jul 11, 2016, 06:59 AM
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E-Flite Sukhoi 29mm (Gen 2) Blue n' White. 44" 1120mm

Apparently the green and white Parkzone Sukhoi 29mm as designed by Mike McConville is being reincarnated as the blue and white E-Flite Sukhoi 29mm... expected August 2016.

The main difference seems to be the understandable abandonment of the arguably misguided 3-mode+SAFE LOCKED AS3X receiver (AR636A) in favour of a SAFE selectable and UNLOCKED (i.e. programmable) AS3X receiver (AR636A)... presumably along the lines of that included in the Timber

On the green and white Parkzone, (I've owned 2) most people seem to have hated the 'Stagility' mode which, although I am sure well intended, just seems to have been annoying: and there seems to have been other receiver problems for many users. Not least, in my opinion, the VERY poor transmitter set-up instructions, which left MANY people searching frantically to try and enable the modes., In many cases black magic and necromancy seem to have been considered, although there are no reports of blood sacrifices. LOL

If we are paying for a nice model like this NO ONE should be having to feel the need to rip out the stock receiver, inmho.

I DO hope that the nice people at E-Flite make the NEW receiver available as an accessory because frankly, it might be worth getting one for my surviving model, the poor thing.

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Aug 24, 2016, 07:12 PM
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Never owned the PK version but have known a few who have. Agreed, most yanked out that RX and replaced with a stock Spektrum with a 3rd party gyro or an Orange RX with gyro.

I just got my Gen2 version the other day. Nice looking model and the build I have to say was the fastest I've encountered. Everything fit well and it went together in 20 minutes. Landing gear are going to be weak though, but what else is new

As for the RX. It's a 636a <unlocked> which will allow for gain adjustments. I've just started messing with understanding and programming AS3X on these receivers. A lot of confusion and frustration with this and I think most due to poor and or inconsistent documentation. AR7350's allow DR and EXPO on TX side whereas 636's say all needs to be done RX side. Depending on who you talk to at HH support, they seem not to be sure....This one instructs you to do it TX side

This model gives 2 sets of binding instructions - one enables panic mode and the other method disables it. Tried both methods and it works. I tried to connect the RX to my iPhone, which successfully connects to all my other Spektrum AS3X receivers. This one will not. So I had to use a laptop. I just wanted to pull the settings down and take a look and know that if I wanted to adjust them in any manner, that I could.

This one has 2 Flight Modes if you want to call them that. Identical gain settings for both with your typical High and Low Rates. The Relative Gain Settings in my opinion are very low, and what surprised me, was fairly high Headings Gains (identical) for both FM's. The heading gains are mentioned nowhere in the manual.

This has me scratching my head. Typically you'd see higher conventional gains and no heading gains for sport type flying. And I'd expect to see higher conventional and heading gains for 3D. I guess this was setup to appeal to a larger audience and will neither be a stellar sport or 3D model. I'll know when I fly it I guess. I've just never seen this type of setup for a model billed as a 3D capable. My Viking and Ultimate2 both have flight modes with gain settings more consistent with what I mentioned above to fly sport or 3D depending on the mode.

I have not flown this one as of yet and will update over the next day or 2.

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