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Jul 09, 2016, 10:35 PM
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Mantua Trotamares Motor Schooners

I bought this kit for really cheap on EBAY thinking that I could turn it from static to rc motorized . I know that it would be possible .I am just wondering if anyone out there has already done this and has any pics to help guide me along Pics would really make this a lot easier for me. Here is a link to one on EBAY ,just as a reference : I can`t seem to find any build logs on this boat anywhere.........???????
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Jul 10, 2016, 04:43 AM
Boaters are nice people.
Hi Wolffoot,

Static kits come with solid keel and frames and usually not the lightest (=thinnest) choice of wood.
The biggest challenge is building in 'lightness', so you gain enough boyancy to put in a motor, battery propshaft and RC gear.
For this purpose the frames and keel have to be reduced in weight by cutting holes into them (and, if required, partly removed after the hull has been reinforced with glasscloth and epoxy).

As it's not a recent new kit, the frames and keel will most likely be plywood and not MDF, if it is MDF however, I strongly advice to use the MDF parts as templates only and make the new parts out of ply.
MDF and moisture is a catastrofic combination, apart from the weight.

I assume you want to only motorize it, not turn it into the sailing fishing boat the original once was (no motor, just sails)?

As the kit wasn't designed to actually get wet, you'll have to cover the hull in glasscloth and epoxy resin to make it watertight.

I'm sure members with a similar build will chime in and have pictures of their conversion.

Regards, Jan.
Jul 10, 2016, 11:19 AM
Mmm, tugs...
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I wouldn't be worried about weight, it's big enough to likely need ballast anyway.

But you will have a job hollowing out the frames and keel to make space for the RC gear.

Trotamares Film- und Fahraufnahmen (5 min 57 sec)
Jul 10, 2016, 10:33 PM
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Thanks for the feedback and the video. I wish I had a way of contacting the guy who built that model in the video. What I was looking for are some pics to see exactly which bulkheads have to be reshaped and where to exactly align the stuffing box through the keel and how it was done ? I have a pretty good idea of how it needs to be done . I just wanted to see a successful build log . There should be plenty of room inside for a motor,electronics ,esc stc... I have no intentions to try to add servos for controlling the sails,as than I would have to add a drop down keel to sail it . From the video ,I can see that it needs more ballast to keep it upright on turns ,as it is . I don`t want to make it too heavy ,as my back isn`t what it used to be. .....maybe someone else may know someone who has experience with this conversion issue & be able to help . I only paid $ 45 including shipping for this kit .It was/ is / new so if it becomes to big of an issue for me,I can always sell the kit or just build it as a static model ????
Jul 11, 2016, 05:14 AM
Boaters are nice people.
Hi Wolffoot,

The video Patmat showed is made by the builder of the boat W Seppi from the German modelboat club Isar Piraten in Münich:

The following text is from his Vimeo feed:

Tags: Riva-Boot, Rivaboot and Isar-Piraten
Trotamares Film- und Fahraufnahmen
dinsdag 19 oktober 2010 18:10

Die Trotamares ist ein Fischkutter als Privatyacht in Barcelona umgebaut.. Gebaut 1958. Das Modell ist als Bausatz von Mantua-Modells. Ich habe das Modell aber größer gebaut. Komplett aus Holz. Die Beplankung ist aus 3lagigem Furnier gemacht. Motorisierung ist ein Bühler-Motor.
Die Videoaufnahmen sind mit einer Sony DCR-HC 16 E von Bord gemacht. Das Video ist regeneriert und deshalb keine bessere Qualität. (damals gab es noch kein HD-Format.)

Cast: W. Seppi

Tags: Isar-Piraten, Trotamares and Modellbau


The Trotamares is a fishing cutter from 1958, refitted as a yacht in Barcelona.
The model exists as a kit from Mantua -Modells.
I built the model in a larger version. Completely out of wood, the skin is made out of three layers of veneer. Motor is a Bühler.
Video was made with a Sony DCR_HC 16 E on board. The footage has been regenerated, hence the poor quality (no HD available in those days).

The information W. Seppi provides doesn't help a lot in respect of your intentions to make the kit RC, as he built an entire new hull, bigger than the Mantua kit.

You could try to contact him through the club in Münich, or, if your German is a bit rusty, ask me to give it a shot, just say the word...

Regards, Jan.
Jul 11, 2016, 01:57 PM
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Reply to pompeled ....

Thank you for that info so much . I am still doing some research & if the task of converting that boat from static to rc becomes too much,I can always just build it as a static boat model. I have plenty of other boats that would be no problem to build and keep me busy. This forum is just so nice because of all the info that one can learn from reading all the postings..
Nov 08, 2017, 02:43 PM
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Here my wip of mantua trotamares...asap i will post new photos of my wip

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