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Jul 09, 2016, 02:54 PM
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Build Log

Dubai 210 Build

- fyi.. this is my first build - I am obviously a beginner - I'm learning from my mistakes...
- ordered June 17th 2016 from GearBest
- received within a week
- update 7/9/16
- still in progress, less than 2 mins total flight time
- there are now at least 3 Dubai 210 build videos out that have been very helpful - hopefully I can get going again soon

Build Troubles
- frame so small exposes wires out the side to the props
- need to buy extra standoffs (be sure to order prior or with frame kits)
- need to buy/make XT60 pigtail
- on PDB I used too much solder and applied heat too long to main battery connection, hopefully board not fried (not good, don't do that again must verify no solder bridges created)
- be sure to elevate pdb above carbon frame
- need to decide which way to face battery cable: out the back or out the side (thinking now out the side may have been better so as to leave room for other components like vtx, or rx)
- rx antenna decisions
- wasn't sure where to put rx antenna, currently tucked under pdb (10mm nylon standoff) with channels at front antenna to rear
- 3d printed plastic piece to get 90deg separation and have it glued to top tail of quad
- i hate the SPF3 micro connectors too many wires and Flysky IAS6a rx only has PWM: too many wires!
- created a temp skirt with painters tape to keep wires out of prop area which looks stupid but was effective
- need to get battery strap: currently using painters tape to hold battery down
- battery not sitting flat against top, currently using spare piece of thin flexible Styrofoam which provides cushion as well as helps battery stay secure

SPF3 issues
- put SPF3 facing forward but then was having issues accessing USB port. have since decided to put USB out to side
- need to rotate YAW -90deg to account for turned FC
- now exposes many wires to sides of quad props
- FlySky rx IAS6a only supports PWM so need to handle all channels out the side of quad
- ESC signal to front of quad is good, but i soldered the 90deg header pin the wrong way and signal pins were not staying in.
- desoldering header pin is to difficult for me so chopped off the pins as close as I could and now solder ESC directly
- next time go with FlySky IAS6b at least or upgrade completely away from FlySky...

- wasn't flying stable and crashed - seems to have burned out an ESC
- rx was not listening to tx and failsafe wasnt working, skinned my thumb knuckle trying to disconnect the battery... painful...

- purchased ARRIS 2-6S 30AMP 30A SimonK ESC's but they are too long and won't fit since i cut motor wires too short (don't do that, you can always tie wires out of the way)
- ordered new Crazepony 4pcs Littlebee 20A Mini ESC Oneshot125 to try again (want to stay away from OCDAY or next time by many extra)
- bad news about 20a ESC is that they won't handle 4S which is why I thought about the Arris 30a above, but forgot to verify sizes...
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Jul 13, 2016, 04:55 PM
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7/12/2016 update to Dubai 210 Build

Received and installed new Crazepony 4pcs Littlebee 20A Mini ESC Oneshot125 - they fit nicely and are the same size as the stock OCDAY

Floureon 3S 2200 mAh 25C - these are big and heavy - 105x34x24 mm 179gram but this quad can lift them fine. however, securing the battery has been difficult and causes wobbles which leads to crashes.
At first I used a piece of thin, flexible styrofoam under the battery secured with painters tape around the battery and under the quad. But that came loose and caused a crash. Now i have two 8" x .5" velcro straps still with the styrofoam but now thinking it'd be better to put velcro on the bottom of the battery and quad and then secure with the battery straps (I've also have a rubber band around the quad to secure the ends of the velcro straps so they dont get sucked into the props)

- calibrated the ESC's (turns out they are a bit different at max throttle, but not too widely so should be good there)
- set to damped light mode (but now reading about issues with red bottoms and damped light issues so may remove later)
- medium high motor timing
- 15 PWM output dither (believe this is default)
- temp protect OFF
- closed loop mode OFF


PID Tuning
I'm running BetaFlight/SPRACINGF3 2.9.0 Jun 25 2016 / 23:43:54 (3d9b180)

i read stock PID's can't be trusted so pretty much entered some values i saw on some screen shot in a thread here but still wobbled..

7/12 flight:
Roll 42 56 10
Pitch 58 45 10
Yaw 70 50 3
air_mode - on
super_expo - off

Flew ok, but then battery balance plug flew into props and got chopped off and started sparking - pretty exciting so that stopped the flight fast.
Jul 13, 2016, 11:07 PM
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7/13/16 flight log
- i put velcro on the battery and quad to replace the thin flexible styrofoam sheet and it is working well
- new PID's flew much better, still reviewing the log but here they are:
pid_controller = FLOAT
pitch = 40, 40, 20
roll = 62, 40, 20
yaw = 82, 40, 20
alt = 50, 0, 0
level = 30, 30, 100
vel = 55, 55, 75

took off in acro but pretty much flipped it into horizon as soon as i could

lots of power, pretty stable flight

Task remaining is to get FPV working

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