RCG Event Coverage - Thursday Nats Update!

Miss Ashley shares her Nats experience and photos with us! The weather challenge for Thursday was fog!


There was absolutely no rain today in Muncie at the AMA!

From Miss Ashley:

No, today's delay was fog. Fog so thick you couldn't see a quarter of a mile in front of you. The fog cleared around 9 AM and the show was on. At the end of day 3 the Sportsman class had Kobe Cantin in first with Sam Pankratz close behind. Joseph Thibodeau hasn't given up any rounds in intermediate and has planted himself firmly in first. Evan Turner and Ben Jenkins continue to swap rounds for first and second in advanced, while David Moser and Kurt Koeling do the same in unlimited.

There were no cuts made at the banquet tonight. Congrats to all the pilots for making it to the final rounds, especially Mr. Schroder! The pilots will go into tomorrow's rounds with 50% of the normalized preliminary scores. There will be two knowns and two unknowns. They will drop one of each; that makes each flight scored worth 25% a piece! After all four rounds we will move into Freestyle! Freestyle is judged separately from the IMAC portion of the contest. It shaping up to be a lot of sunscreen kind of day!

See you all tomorrow on the flight line!

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Jul 11, 2016, 10:28 PM
fnlrun's Avatar
Can't wait for the Warbird boys. You guys are screwed when you see what we on the West coast have to show you!!

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