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Feb 04, 2002, 01:33 AM
Tasmanian Tiger
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Glue for balsa laminating a foam wing?

HI All,

Can anyone suggest a good glue for laminating balsa sheet onto a foam wing? I am looking for something that is light and minimum fuss.

Thanks for your time.

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Feb 04, 2002, 01:58 AM
EDF Head
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I am favouring Polyurethane - a wood glue found in most hardware stores. It foams/bubble up a little (2x in open air) and have a <b>very</b> good hold on foam and balsa. Cures in ~3hrs and need air to do so = vacuum bagging not possible.
I do not apply this glue to the entire balsa/foam surface, only along the outer edges, spar areas and in rib pattern.

There are apparently two kinds of PU - the one decribed and another that is used much in construction. The latter expand a lot more (<40x in open air) and is a pain to clean up (need special solvent) Its the kind you'd use around window/door framings.
Feb 04, 2002, 06:09 AM
What's a Member??
I've used 3M #77 spray contact glue. (the kind used a lot in Zagi construction) Just spray a light coat of it onto both the foam and the balsa sheet, wait for it to get tacky and then stick your sheet onto the foam.
Note though that once the two sides have touched each other there is no going back. This is instant contact and it is very hard to remove two pieces from each other with out doing damage. Cut the balsa sheet oversize so that if you don't get it exactly right you have some room for error and any extra balsa can just get trimmed off.
Feb 04, 2002, 11:58 AM
AMA 697691 / FAA 13675
There is a new generation of glues to bond balsa and foam. One is called Cyberbond. They have a web site but the newest products were not on it a few weeks ago.

The new glues are used to bond balsa sheeting to foam core wings like those commonly used in giant scale airplanes.

The glue is brushed on and soaks into both the foam and balsa pores to create a very secure adhesion.

I'll ask my buddy what brand he uses. Most of the giant scale pilots will know about it.
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Feb 04, 2002, 12:25 PM
Just one more plane...
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I also use polyurethane glue, but it seems that I'm getting short in quantity... there are areas that don't get very well laminated.
Even tought, I get VERY strong wing with it.
The idea of using it like "spar" and "ribs" is very interesting.

You can see my photo album below to see my CAPICHE and SPORT 600, where I use this glue. In the latter, I'm using a spar system, taking no more that 10gr of material (1/32" ply and fiber glass), to make it even stronger since I expect to make many G's maneuvers
The wings could be a little on the weavy side... but I used 1/16" balsa sheet where I think 1/32" would be enough (opinions?)

I've used white glue (PVA?) in Sport 400, and a 3M#77 similar product (spray contact glue) in Little Extra- all with good success.
Feb 04, 2002, 12:51 PM
rebmeM roineS
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I use standard cheap PVA (PolyVinyl Acetate) white woodwork glue. (aka bondcrete)
It is a little heavy, but not overly so, and s t r o n g.
Its water based so I thin it out about 50/50, squeege(sp?) it out onto the foam and rub the sheet onto it, then I weigh it down while sandwiched between the waste-foam left over from the hotwire cut.
Feb 04, 2002, 04:25 PM
registered user
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Feb 04, 2002, 08:32 PM
Tasmanian Tiger
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Hi All,

Thanks for all the suggestions. I like the sound of the 3M 77 spray for its speed of drying and weight.