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Jul 07, 2016, 03:30 AM
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F3-RES Resources

I'm putting together a comprehensive list of RES details. Bear with me - this will be edited and added to. The German language sites have been included as google translate links.

RES Forums


ASA 2018 English Translation
(suggested as the standardised English language rules.)

English translation of official rules

A better (human!) translation of Section 2 (the model construction details) is available here.

Also F3RES Rules (with English translations)

DAeC New Rules 2017 (Google translation)

A rules summary:

The Model
- Limited to 2 metre wing span.
- 3- channels only, for Rudder, Elevator and Spoiler
- Construction is predominantly wood, but carbon is permitted for spars, booms and leading edges.

The Competition
Competitors have a 9 minute slot to achieve a 6 minute flight and a precision landing. Launch is by a standardised bungee.

Curtis Suter's F3-RES Scoring Excel file available at Tailwind Gliders

The Bungee
The standard bungee consists of 15m of tubing and 100m line. The bungee part must have less that 4kg pull when stretched to 45m. It should be noted that the majority of F3-RES models are not designed to take a full winch launch and may well fail if this is attempted. The advantage is that a reduced strength requirement permits much lighter structures.

F3-RES Kits by Vendor

Baba Jaga
Baba Jaga Competition

Zeller Modellbau
Baba Jaga
Baba Jaga Competition
RES Dart

Hyperflight (UK)
F3-RES section


FRESH kits via Modelbauchaos


Claus Thiele Modellbau
RESi ARF version available.
(Google translate cant handle the site layout on this one)
AiRES from Claus Thiele modellbau

AndREaS, RESolution, Callistic

Kennedy Composites
Miles (No longer available - free plans available here)
Opal by Peter Goldsmith

Atalar Models (Turkey)

Modellbau Lenz
NO Zores Flying wing
Beryl RES Cruciform tail


DJ Aerotech (US)
2m Chrysalis Lite F3-RES

Flugmodellbau Scheibelhofer - RS Aero
(Producers of ImpRESsion, TeRESa and TermRES kits)

Sonoran Laser Art (US)
Yellow Jacket 2m (Build thread here)

RBC Kits (Netherlands)

Other models and Projects
Relaxx 2.0
RES-Dart (flying wing)
Keep-RES-Simple (classified listing)
HanoRES V-tail version
HanoRES Pod and boom Cruciform tail
ARES flying wing
SimplyRES plans
InspiRES (Thread with pics)
Stratos RES
Tarantula Hawk (forerunner to the Yellow Jacket)

Own Design/Build Projects
Mad Hatter
Sultan 600

.... And where it all began the Allegro Lite, a fully winchable 2m by Mark Drela. A short kit is available from Mountain Models.

Youtube playlist of F3-RES models

Article about F3-RES in March 2017 edition of RCSD
Follow up article 'Choreography of an F3RES Contest' on page 35 of RCSD April 2017.

*Under construction*

...much more to come but the only sensible way to do this is the edit function!

Please feel free to PM links and I'll add them.

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Jul 07, 2016, 04:37 AM
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F3-RES Build Threads

Baba Jaga
Original Project

Baba Jaga Competition
Original Project
Detailed Description (via google translate from German)
Baba Jaga competition
by Saltcitytattoo
Baba Jaga Competition (BJC) vs X-RES
Baba Jaga Competition - 2nd log F3-RES by Steve.garlick

Samba RES
Samba RES from cad2cnc by renatoa

Samba RES Evo
Samba RES Evo Build
Samba R. E. S. Evo from Germany by Glidermang

PuRES - a 2 mtr RES Sailplane (Germany) by Seppale
PURES 2-meter Sailplane by Glidermang

SLITE 2-meter RES Sailplane by Glidermang

Fraundorfers-MAD-RES Build by Jackspt28
MADRES from "FraundorferS" by Mikejr83

RESolution V2
RESolution V2 by mawz

Build Thread - X-RES 2-meter Sailplane from Germany by Glidermang
X-RES 2M sailplane by p9o1r1sche

Resoholic? by LJH
Build Thread - RESoholic 2-meter RES from Germany by Glidermang

Build Thread - AndREaS 2-Meter from Germany by Glidermang
AndREaS 2m by Andrew Smith

RES Dart

"Fresh" F3 RES build log

Chrysalis-Lite - new kid on the F3-RES block

Online Build Manuals

PuRES V2 (English official)
X-RES (English)
RESolution V2 (English translation)
Resoholic (in German)
Samba RES (German)
RESi (English assembly instructions)
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Jul 07, 2016, 04:37 AM
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Bungee and Hi-Start links

Bungee Launch Basics A nice overview of bungee launching in general. However I'm not sure about a single fishermans knot for joining nylon lines. I would recommend some of the fishing knots found at Animated fishing knots.

My preference for tying into loops is the non slip mono loop.

F3-RES Launching Rules:

"6. Launching

a) Identical Hi-starts shall be furnished and set up by the organizer.

b) Hi-starts shall consist of a 15 0.5 meter rubber tubing and 100 meters nylon line with a minimum
diameter of 0.7 mm with a flag attached.

c) When extended to a length of 45 meters, the rubber tube shall not exceed a pull of 4 kilograms. The
deviation between the rubber tubes shall not exceed 0.4 kilograms.

d) At airfields that will not accommodate a total hi-start space of 145 meters, the Contest Director may
shorten the nylon line and shorten the corresponding flight time. Such changes should be included in the
Competition Notice.

e) Competitors may not extend their respective Hi-starts past their assigned Starting Spots."


Hi-Starts For F3-RES - Discussion Thread
Comparative Test of Seta-Tech, Hobbyking Red and Theraband


Seta-Tech Hi-starts
EMC Vega Hi-starts
HobbyKing Red 6mm/10m Bungee Good for about 3kg pull. Suitable for launching 400-500g models with 50-60m of line.
HobbyKing Blue 8mm/10m Bungee Good for about 4-5kg pull.
(Both of the above are also available in different guises from Hyperflight, Ebay etc...)
Aerofoam Hosemonster 2m
DJ Aerotech Hi-Start rubber

BARCS 2m HiStart 14 Day Challenge (UK)
The standard bungee for the BARCS challenge is the Hobbyking Red 10m bungee and 50m of line (minimum 30lb/0.3mm)
Details of this challenge are found here and challenge threads can be found in the BARCS Thermal and F3J forum.
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Jul 07, 2016, 04:38 AM
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Design Resources and Technical Discussions

2m RES Model Statistics

AG Airfoil Series Mark Drela's benchmark AG35-38 airfoils for 2m built up construction.

Mark Drela's Allegro Lite While this is a winchable model and the glass fuselage version is not F3-RES compliant, the Allegro Lite design and detailed plans are a great resource for 2m RES design.

Windtunnel tests of built-up wing sections from German RES class gliders
including Baba Competition (BC) airfoils.

F3-RES Design Considerations including some discussion of spar construction.

Curtis Suter's Sailplane Calc Excel calculators for RES design, both V and Cruciform tail. Includes tail sizing checks for EDA, tail volume, spiral stability, roll control.

MontagDP's CG Calc An excellent multipanel CG calculator with point mass calculator for laying out components at the design stage.

Equivalent Dihedral Angle

Martin Brungard's EDA Calculator

Comparative Testing of F3RES Models

Discussion of methods
Model Documentation
Sink Rate Testing

Parts and Components
Servos For F3-RES
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Jul 07, 2016, 01:14 PM
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Here's a pretty one: RESoholic, from

Check out their other stuff, too.

Yours, Greg
Jul 07, 2016, 01:29 PM
Moths do not fly inverted
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Thanks for putting this together. I had not seen the Fresh before....I like her.

You did a pretty good job of getting all the currently available 2MRES but you missed one


I am about to start building one in the next week or so.

Jul 07, 2016, 02:39 PM
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Maybe some links to the sources for the high start might be good? I'm using "domestic inch" sized tubing but maybe the metric tubing is different ? No idea.

On a related note 4kg is not a lot of tension. I wonder what the average launch height is? It can't be very high.
Jul 07, 2016, 03:25 PM
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Some people hand launch and are able to catch thermals at ground level no even need a bungee
Jul 07, 2016, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Bmwjoon
Maybe some links to the sources for the high start might be good? I'm using "domestic inch" sized tubing but maybe the metric tubing is different ? No idea.

On a related note 4kg is not a lot of tension. I wonder what the average launch height is? It can't be very high.
From one of the German sites it says that launches average 70-80M using the "spec" hi-start.

I am looking to use an upstart for quick set-up/break down so I got the 10M's of rubber from HK and will use 1.2MM braided Dyneema for the line. I am thinking the 10M of rubber with with say 30-40M of line should get me to 30-40M of launch height (?). I did buy tow rubbers so that if I want to go longer I can.

The rules say: 14.8m HLG rubber (EMC-vega: Megarubber HLG) and 100m line. Total length unstretched 114.8m, stretched length 150m. Max force is about 3 to 3.5kg. The rubber is 7.2MM OD and 4MM ID.

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Jul 07, 2016, 03:50 PM
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Thanks guys, I've added the Resoholic.

I appreciate your help to make it an exhaustive list. Do we want to add the more traditional models like the Miles or 'nostagia' 2m planes?

Seta tech sell a bungee, but that's in Europe obviously.

I'm not sure what 4kg equates to as I've not measured my current bungee (30m of 3mm shock cord and 105m of nylon line) but its stretch rather than total pull that matters, especially with a bit of wind. I fly a 420g 1.5m on this no problem at all and easily get 500 foot launches.

I have just had the red HK 6mm bungee delivered and intend to try it with 40m of 30lb nylon monofilament. I would expect to get 60-70m in wind. The line usually releases overhead and pings down under tension.

I'll start adding links to bungees, discussions, whatever people want, so as to make this an 'index' thread.

Jul 07, 2016, 04:13 PM
Moths do not fly inverted
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I think you list is pretty complete on the Euro 2M RES birds but I would not doubt that more will be coming down the pike.

I personally think that the list should be kept modern Euro planes or else it will be a mile long and will include composite planes as well as gas baggers.

On the kg to lb you can use 2.2lbs to a kg and that will get you pretty close.

I will be interested to hear your thoughts on your hi-start. I am a number of weeks off on getting my RESoholic in the air.

I am loving all the activity about this class of planes, they are wicked cool and the bang for the back is impressive.

Thanks again for putting this together.

Jul 07, 2016, 04:24 PM
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Originally Posted by LJH
On the kg to lb you can use 2.2lbs to a kg and that will get you pretty close.
Thanks Jim, I just meant that I'm not sure what 4kg would feel like in practice as I haven't ever measured the force of my set up. I need to find a fish scale!

But my experience is that you need very little force with a well set up model as long as there is enough wind to kite up.

I'll add the Miles as it came out of the Turkish scene that started all this off

Jul 07, 2016, 06:08 PM
supreme being of leisure
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always wondered what kind of tension i got from my various shock cord histarts but never occurred to me to try fish/luggage scales.....just looked on ebay and there are tons of digitals for like $3-5 shipped that look decent BUT i think an analog scale would probably be much better for something like this. lots of really cheesy looking ones for dirt cheap but this one looks like it might actually work:
Jul 07, 2016, 06:56 PM
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I bought a cheep digital one on amazon. Works great.
Jul 07, 2016, 08:37 PM
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Tomorrow, we will be flying both a Pures and a Slite from a F3B-RES specified hi-start. I fully expect to see the whole thing stretched vertically. Tension is not the full story on launch height from a hi-start, by any means.

I will let you know how it goes.

Yours, Greg

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