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Jun 30, 2016, 11:17 AM
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ESL @ Daniel Boone, PA July 9 & 10 2016 - Mixed Launch

ESL @ Daniel Boone, PA July 9 & 10 2016

This will be another great ESL contest come on out and try for your next Lever 5 win. Or like most of us come on out for the fun & comradery.
Directions & Register here:
If you want to fly but do not want to sign up to the ESL web site drop me a PM with your name and AMA # and I'll take care of it.
This will be an experiment into the realm of Mixed Launch for ESL. So if you would like to try your hand at flying an electric sailplane in a TD contest this will be a good opportunity. Keep in mind that if you fly electric even 1 flight your score will count toward LSF achievements but they will not count toward the ESL's standings.
No lunch on the field so please bring your own picnic. Primitive Camping allowed.

Mixed Thermal Duration - Tasks, Rounds and Times to be announced at the Pilots Meeting. Landing Task - 100 point graduated spot landing, details to be announced at the Pilots meeting.

Electric Launch will be allowed as an alternative to winch launching. The following rules will be applied to Electric Launched Sailplanes:

1. Electric pilots will launch from a designated spot when requested to do so by the launch director. They will make a maximum rate climb in the direction of the turnaround. The goal is to emulate a winch launch and to end up in the same general area and altitude as the winch launched sailplanes.

2. A maximum altitude setting will be announced for the altitude limiter devices depending on conditions. It is the pilots' obligation to set their device to this setting or a lower setting. We may announce, for example, a setting of 175 meters. If flying a limiter which only allows 150 or 200 meters the pilot will have to select 150 meters.

3. If a Sportsman pilot restarts his motor after launch he will receive a zero score for the round.

4. If an Expert pilot restarts his motor after launch he will receive a zero the round and a zero for the next round. Expert pilots are encouraged to disable the restart capability, if possible, to more closely resemble the capabilities of winch launched sailplanes.

5. Have fun and bring a buddy who flies electric. We all want to see new faces, not the same TD guys flying electric planes.
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