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Aug 28, 2004, 09:47 PM
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Postcards from Chilliwack: August 2004

Well, we're underway and, unfortunately, this weekend is something like the May weekend here - off and on wet. Even so the float fly was well attended this morning and there may yet be some night flying tonight. I just thought I'd start this thread so folks could add pictures.... there were LOTS of cameras about today.

Here's one to start off with.... Ivan Pettigrew's Shorts Solent coming at us. This airplane is powered by 4 geared Speed 400s and a 9 cell pack of sub-C cells of some sort. The props are GWS 9x7 three-bladers, painted. Span is on the order of 7 feet.
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Aug 29, 2004, 12:12 PM
Spittin' Sparx forever...
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Here's the exact spec's for Ivan's "Mini" Catalina with a shot in the sunlight... Scale 1:15. Span 83 in. Wing area: 835 Length 52 in. Airfoil: Selig 7055. Weight: with eight CP-1700 SCR NiCad’s is 64 oz. Wing loading: 11 oz/sq.ft. Two GWS geared motors “E” series with 3.4:1 reduction wired parallel driving GWS 9x7 three blade props.
Aug 29, 2004, 04:09 PM
Tee Sqaured
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Hey everyone!

The weather was pitifull for us friday and saterday, mostly rain on saterday, wand wind on friday, with the odd break in the wather. However, most of us braved the elements, and flew anyways

Since my camera died after only 26 pictures, and less than half of them turned out, im sorry to say i didn't get meany good pictures

However, i will say, i did have an awsome time when the weather was good, although i was wet non stop. I was camping out in a tent, and a leaky one at that, ung, mud and rain central!

Never the less, i still flew. I had a good day on saterday, putting my Lunchbox sport plane through it's paces, although it's somewhat ugly, it attraced quite a fair ammount of attention. It flew realy nicely for me! It's my own design, and it's pretty much my everyday flyer, i also had her out saterday morning on floats. It handeled them well.

I had my multiplex Mucro jet with me, but on it's 3rd flight, one of the servo's fell out, sending it full power into the ground, it was busted up pretty good,a nd was grounded for the weekend.

Next came my own design 3D ship, the Acro blaster. It flew very nciely for me, but i ahd to hunt around for a decent prop. I fianly found someone with an APC 10x4.7,a nd it worked quite well, i handed out a few flights with it, and everyone who flew it was impressed. Gary (E-zone callsign: Cayuse) got some video of it, and maybe he'll post it here.

I packed up to leave Saterday night, and i was hounored to recive a littlebirdz G-Nat as a prize for "Best young pilot" award, the Kit was donated by, thanks guys

All and All, despite the weather, a good weekend!

Aug 29, 2004, 07:51 PM
Team Tracon!
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Hi everyone,

Beverly and I also made it out to the Chilliwack Rain-In I mean Fly-In

We arrived at the old gravel pit for the float fly around 0850 Saturday morning and everything was already in full swing even though showers and rain were immanent !

Here's a few pictures I took of Geof, Ivan, Perry, Hal, Brad, John and a few others...
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Aug 29, 2004, 07:55 PM
Team Tracon!
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Here's a few more from the float fly:
Aug 29, 2004, 07:57 PM
Team Tracon!
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And one more:
Aug 29, 2004, 07:59 PM
Team Tracon!
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After seeing the two Mars Bombers fly we headed back to the field for the pilots meeting and to try and get some flying in the rain

Here's a few pictures from there:
Aug 29, 2004, 08:22 PM
Team Tracon!
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It's was pretty tough weather, I think we were all looking at each other thinking, on any other day we wouldn't be standing out here freezing our nads off trying to fly in the wind and rain !

A few of us braved the weather....I think Bernard got the most stick time, I put a flight on Beverly's plane a GWS Beaver which in the 5-10 knot winds at a scale of 12 to 1 in real time/life whatever it was like flying in 60 to 120 knot say the least it was getting tossed around pretty good...I don't think Beverly was too impressed with the conditions that her little plane was flying in...

Here's a picture of her plane in preflight:
Aug 29, 2004, 08:32 PM
Team Tracon!
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After flying the Beaver, Geof finally got back from feeding the family, oh and Gary ! I got a chance to pull out my GWS Formosa for a few flights.

I was trying to hold off hoping it would stop raining so my decals wouldn't get wet and start running

I finally decided to not worry about it and fly it for everyone, Geof hand launched it for the first flight, the winds were kicking her around quite a bit so it wasn't the most enjoyable flight to say the least but after a couple more flights it calmed down and I got to put her through her paces...

Here's a picture after a few flights:
Aug 29, 2004, 08:44 PM
Team Tracon!
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The last few pictures are of the three (I don't know what ya call them) posing for pictures in preflight held by Brad, Bernard and Perry.

These guys put on quite a show flying all three in formation !

Here's a few pictures:
Aug 29, 2004, 08:49 PM
Team Tracon!
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The day wasn't a total write off, at least I got see all you folks and meet some new pilots who braved the weather !

Special thanks to Geof and Brad for helping to get my bird in the air by providing their steam powered catapult services !

Hope to see you all again soon !

Aug 30, 2004, 03:15 AM
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Great pics, Sam! It was super to see you and Beverly, and all the other pilots, regulars and first-timers, at the meet, in spite of the pitiful weather on Sat.

Sun. shaped up a lot better, though a lot of the folks had given up on the rain ever quitting, and gone home Sat. evening. There was another session at the float pond, and lots of flights back at the main field, too. A few planes got wrecked, including a double-header by Malcolm (Kushal22), when his very fast brushless Projeti simply blew apart in mid-air on a pass down the middle of the strip. A terminal case of high speed flutter, I think A few flights later, he lost signal to his little V-tail pylon ship while far across the hayfield, near the river, and it spun in from waaaay up, and hit hard. His Dad had quite a hike to retrieve the pieces, since the field is much too rough for Mal's wheelchair.

Our fellow E-modeller AVRO , who flies a full-scale Harvard/Texan, treated us to a private airshow, very low and close, with several of his friends, also in Texans and Yaks, since they were performing at the Chilliwack airshow, just a few miles away. Having those huge radials thunder over at what looked like tree-top height, with smoke on, doing rolls and loops in tight formation, is an experience to thrill every modeller! I hope some of you got some good pics of this, as I was too absorbed in watching it to go find my camera in the trailer

Ron presented the trophies early Sun. afternoon, I think it was something like this:

Best Jr. Pilot -:- Thomas Manson
Best Floatplane -:- Perry Fernau (Rudderman) - Martin Mars
Best Scale Plane -:- Tom ??? - Twin Otter
Best Heli -:- Glen Peden - Bionic
Best Sport Plane -:- Bernard Cawley (BEC) - Dandy Sport
Best Design Achievement -:- Ivan Pettigrew, a tie between his Solent and
Catalina models, for getting such large planes to
fly so well on GWS 400 systems.
CD's Choice - Best flight -:- Al Gross - 30% DR I

If I've got any of these wrong, or omitted any, please straighten me out, and I'll correct the list.

I'll download my pics tomorrow, and post any that aren't too horrible

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Aug 30, 2004, 03:27 AM
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Thread OP

Those are Multiplex Sonic Liners. All three of us are flying them with the stock supplied motors, but I am running 2s2p lithiums instead of the 8 cell NiMHs Brad and Perry were using. "Formation" has to be interpreted in the loosest possible way.....

Sunday was MUCH better - in fact Saturday night wasn't bad.

Between Glen Peden and I we put up five night flights Saturday night - he with his Logo 10 helicopter with night blades and Glowwire, and me with a Glowwire equipped Dandy Sport.

Sunday morning came too early for me, so I didn't get out to the float pond until just after 10. Conditions were perfect and we didn't all leave there until nearly 1 PM, with Glen Peden and his GWS Tiger Moth 400 on GWS floats, Ivan Pettigrew and that lovely "mini" Catalina and me with another Dandy Sport on floats doing the last sorties. I think Glen must've put a half dozen sorties on the TM400 while I was there and I put nearly an hour on the Dandy Sport. For many minutes at a time we'd just do circuits and gentle touch and goes (well, most of them were gentle).

Back at Ron's place things were active but not too much so as so many people left Saturday. So, those of us who were there got to fly pretty much all we wanted. No raidrops and very little wind - AND some full scale air show action late in the day.

I didn't get away till after 8 PM (and Glen was flying the TM400 in the very marginal light as I left). I got to fly that AND Ron's big Dr.1. Just about everyone still around at 6 got a turn on the DiddleBug.

Fun, fun day. Hopefully we'll see more pictures shortly - I haven't even had a chance to look at mine from today yet.
Aug 30, 2004, 10:41 AM
Spittin' Sparx forever...
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First of my shots...the ever affable Pete Peterson of MEC (Model Electronics Corporation) made it up to fly in the not so perfect conditions.
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Aug 30, 2004, 10:42 AM
Spittin' Sparx forever...
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Ivan Pettigrew didn't fail to amaze the onlookers with his 1/12 scale Mars Martin...

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