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Jun 25, 2016, 04:51 AM
Rc Runner

WLtoys 10428A the clone of the vaterra twin hummer body axial wraith poison

It seems that the wltoys have also cloned the axial wraith poison, you have to check the internal gear but it could be a viable alternative especially if spare parts are which are compatible (It could also be compatible with the twin hammer)

what do you think? the price is very apetibile

Link: WLtoys 10428A RC Electric Wild Track only 114.51$

Coupon: RC18OFF / RC15OFF / GB10428A



► ► ► WLtoys 10428 - B Rock Climbing RC Truck - RTR

Coupon: RC18OFF / RC15OFF / RCOF / WL10428 / VIPRC13
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Jun 25, 2016, 02:05 PM
Registered User
I saw this and it looks great. I have the real Poison Spyder and it would be funny to own this one as well. Don't expect any parts compatibility between this and the Wraith. This one is the same as the 949, no? The front suspension is independent. Does this have full ball bearings? Oil shocks? Looks like a great truck for $115 shipped. A Poison Spyder is $300 but worth it as this one will break easy like all the cheap brands, but I hear the K949 is a decent platform, and I trust WLToys over some of the other brands, like HG garbage. I would love to do a review of this for Gearbest, they offered once but I was not able to at the time.
Jun 25, 2016, 05:59 PM
Registered User
I absolutely love the aesthetics - I wish there were pictures of the internals. I'd love to know some more specifics...
Jun 25, 2016, 07:06 PM
Registered User
I think the issue now is to know if it's like the now unavailable k949. And if it has the 2 speed transmission.
Jun 25, 2016, 09:00 PM
Registered User
Originally Posted by shahram72
I think the issue now is to know if it's like the now unavailable k949. And if it has the 2 speed transmission.
It's implied under features, but doesn't indicate if it just comes with an additional pinion (or other gear) or if it's switchable on the fly...

1:10 scale original proportion: Accurate to every detail of the racing car, which making it much more real!
- The car will flip forward / backward / leftward / rightward according to your instructions.
- All the wheel are independent suspension drive system.
- Adopts 2.4G auto connection technology, its remote control system is 100 meters.
- ESC receiving server: Triple circuit dual server system.
- It has two speed gears for you to choose.

- Model: WLtoys 10428A
- Charging time: 4 hours
- Action time: About20 minutes
- Frequency: 2.4GHz
- Motor: 540 Brushed motor
- Top speed: 30km/h
- Wheelbase: 286mm
- Transmission ratio: 1:18.7 / 1:33 ( Double Speed )
- Four wheels drive vehicle
- Battery of car: 7.4V 2200mAh battery ( Included )
- Battery of transmitter: 4 x 1.5V AA battery ( Not included )
- State of Assembly: Ready to go
Jun 25, 2016, 09:20 PM
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ApexpredatorGT's Avatar
To sum it up, chingrish is hard to understand at times lol.

It does look very cool though, I like these cheap rigs. They do what I need them to do well enough
Jun 25, 2016, 10:15 PM
Registered User
So who is going to get one? I just got back from vacation so I had empty credit cards that now are not empty that I need to pay off first... So not me!

And I saw a video on the K949 that had this same radio and it has many higher end settings and model memory so it should be able to control other WL models with the same radio system, although they change protocols so often that it doesn't matter. I wish that WL would have stuck with Flysky that they started with. I would have gladly paid the few bucks extra had they done that. It's the best cheap protocol out there cause it's so common and Rx's are so cheap.
Jun 26, 2016, 04:15 AM
ultra cheap pilot
ican3d's Avatar
I'm going to git one! dem!!!

Video updates on 10428-A (26 July 2016)
Here are my video review of the 10428-A Wild Truck Warrior. Will post more soon:

WLtoys 10428-A Wild Truck Warrior - Part 1 Unboxing (7 min 32 sec)

WLtoys 10428-A Wild Truck Warrior - Part 2 Outdoor bash! (6 min 29 sec)

Latest Updates

Good news!!! My truck arrived! (20 July 2016)
Item (arrived in 3 days via DHL with Li-po battery): http://www.gearbest.com/rc-cars/pp_373795.html
Unboxed and did compare with my A333 aka Vaterra Twin Hammer. Both seems to have the same chassis and electronics. Plus it comes with li-po battery. The jeep like chasis (Axial wraith like body) looks cool! Can't wait to drive it this coming weekends. Will thinker around a bit and post some video later.


================================================== =====

Comparison with Wl-toys A333/K949 aka Vaterra Twin Hammer (Photos)

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Jun 26, 2016, 04:29 AM
ultra cheap pilot
ican3d's Avatar
Few peeks on the suspension arm design, the lower screws layout, the front horizontal shocks based on what shown here and GB website it is confirm this truck is actually based on WL K949/HK A333@Vaterra Twin Hammer platform especially when it mentioned the transmission speed. So looks like its no where close to Axial Wraith size but only looks similar. I have the K949/A333 so basically its the same chassis.
Jun 26, 2016, 09:44 PM
Registered User
Joexer's Avatar
Ooh. Might have to get my hands on one of these :3, Im split between this (proven brand) and REMO 1071 RC (Newcomer offering lots of features)
Jul 01, 2016, 05:46 PM
Registered User
Doesn't look like the CH3SW switch works so well going by the images above!!!
Jul 01, 2016, 08:55 PM
ultra cheap pilot
ican3d's Avatar
Originally Posted by monster madness
Doesn't look like the CH3SW switch works so well going by the images above!!!
Good job for spotting one.
Jul 01, 2016, 09:39 PM
Registered User
I know that this is a stupid reason, but I wound up NOT ordering one just because the plastic body supports pass horizontally directly through the rear wheel wells. I'm sure it's just aesthetics, and probably wouldn't cause a problem, but it just drives me nuts when I look at it.
Jul 09, 2016, 01:14 PM
Registered User
I'm glad you mis-posted. That has gotta be the most highly modded Chinese brand car I have ever seen! Is that an outrunner motor?!?!?!? WWWHHHHHHAAAAAAAATT?

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