Chair-Pak - FPV Chair and Backpack Review

We take the Chair-Pak to the field for some FPV flying fun. Check out how versatile the Chair-Pak is...



The Chair-Pak is a brilliant idea. It's a patented two-in-one design that is both a versatile backpack as well as a comfortable chair. People use it for sporting events, camping, fishing, etc, but we thought it would be the perfect accessory for FPV pilots. Normally when we go the field to fly FPV, we have to take a case with our quad, a case for for our transmitter, batteries, chargers, tools, props, goggles, a chair and more. It would take several trips to get all that gear out to your flying spot, but with the Chair-Pak you can do it all in one trip.

Chair-Pak First Look (1 min 49 sec)

The Chair

Most FPV pilots fly while sitting in a chair so it's necessary to have one with you. The Chair-Pak is a comfortable chair that has some nice features to it. For one, there are no arm rests. That's great for flying since you can relax and allow your arms to naturally rest near your body without having them rub up against anything. It allows you to easily get into a comfortable flying position. The recline is adjustable and is one of my favorite features of the chair. There is a strap underneath the chair with a simple push lever to adjust the recline. You can position the recline way back if you want, leave it upright or set it anywhere in between. It only takes a second to adjust and can be changed on the fly depending on what you are doing.

I was really impressed with the quality of the chair and the materials used when I pulled it out of the box. It's made from heavy duty water resistant canvas and lightweight aircraft grade aluminum. The whole thing only weighs 7lbs empty yet it can hold 230lbs. There are currently 3 colors to choose from, Blue, Black and Camo.

The Backpack

The backpack portion of the chair is accessible at all times and offers 2,504 cu/in of storage volume. There are 4 zippered openings, padded shoulder straps, multiple attachment points, pockets, clips, carabiners, cinch straps, water bottle holders and even a removeable soft cooler. This thing is loaded and is able to carry just about any gear you want. The shoulder straps are adjustable, padded and feel nice to wear. There is a removable sternum strap and padded backrests making it as comfortable to carry as it is to sit in. I can fit my Headplay Goggles inside along with my transmitter, batteries, charger, tools, props, and still have lots of room left over. The quality of the zippers are really nice and I have no concerns of them failing on me. I am really impressed with the construction and looks of this thing.


If you go to the Chair-Pak Add-Ons page here you'll notice some cool accessories. A solar charger, a Drone-Pack insert and a Sun Shield. These are concepts that could go into production if enough people leave feedback on the pages. The Drone-Pak has already hit that goal and will be in production soon.

Solar Charger

The Solar Charger will rest against the chair back when not in use and can just flip up over the backpack to get direct sunlight for charging a portable battery bank and will allow you to charge your phone and tablet in the field, pretty cool stuff!

Sun Shade

The Sun Shade is 34"x48" and works similar to a car window shade. It fits into a backpack pocket and will twist and adjust so you can get shade at any angle. It folds back up to a 12" circle and can be stored inside the backpack. It's simple and a must have item.

Drone Pak

The Drone Pak is an insert for the backpack that will help you organize and protect your FPV gear. It offers a ton of features and you can see the article we wrote about the insert right here. It's already met the requirement to go into production so we look forward to checking it out when it is available.

The Ultimate FPV Accessory

The Chair-Pak is so versatile for carrying your stuff and making life easy by having a nice chair with you too, but I wanted to take it to the next level. I fly a lot of 1.3Ghz airplanes and I hate having to pull out the tripod ground station and set it up. It always seems to be a pain in the butt so I had an idea to attach a mast of some sort to the chair frame. I saw someone with a selfie stick at an event with a ground station on it and thought it would be perfect since it is retractable.

I picked one up on amazon and sat down for a few minutes with the chair to see how best to attach it. I looked at several options and decided I needed to cut 4 small holes into the backpack where it slips over the frame. This allowed me to run two zip ties around the frame and selfie stick base to secure it. (Note: There will now be provisions for this built into the backpack!) This way the ground station and selfie stick can live inside the backpack out of the way when not in use. When I need it, I just pop the selfie stick out, power up and go flying. My Headplay HD goggles fit inside along with my batteries, radio, tools and plenty of other gear.

This chair has now become my preferred ground station. It's a do-it-all system and it does its job well. I really couldn't be happier with the Chair-Pak.

Discount Code!

RCGroups user TwansFPV helped to bring the Drone-Pak idea to fruition and has been working closely with the inventor. He has supplied a discount code for us that will save you 10% on your Chair-Pak order. When checking out, use Coupon Code: TWANSFPV10

Click here to see the Chair-Pak website, more testimonials and all the add-ons.

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Jun 27, 2016, 11:38 AM
Registered User
DanT's Avatar
I don't ever use anything that makes you closer to the Ground!
Your flight transmitter will show you much less RSSI numbers!!!
If you fly close no problem ..
Been tested many times...!
Jun 27, 2016, 11:49 AM
RCG Admin
Jason Cole's Avatar
Thread OP
In the upright position the chair is similar to fold out chairs in height, so it's not a problem at all.
Jun 27, 2016, 12:30 PM
TwansFPV's Avatar
I just tested the RSSI by watching in my OSD as I sat and stood but saw zero difference myself (on 5.8GHz). It actually flickered up a couple of times while sitting. But then again, I sometimes fly while sitting in the comfort of my car, and I still manage to fly almost over the horizon lol. I imagine with more and more pilots moving to diversity setups... RSSI will become even less of an issue.
Jun 27, 2016, 03:53 PM
Registered User
Bama3Dr's Avatar
Nice review Jason. You really have me wanting one of these......added to the wish list.

Jun 27, 2016, 04:15 PM
I don't know what this is
BeardedFPV's Avatar
3rd news story on this chair? got it. Chair, drone holder.
Jun 27, 2016, 04:22 PM
RCG Admin
Jason Cole's Avatar
Thread OP
Originally Posted by BeardedFPV
3rd news story on this chair? got it. Chair, drone holder.
Funny! We did a news story on the drone pak, a first look video at the field and the full review that covered it all and the conversion to making it an FPV ground station. I just like cool stuff I guess.
Jun 28, 2016, 04:47 AM
Multirotor Promotor
RaymondM's Avatar
Very Cool
Jun 29, 2016, 08:31 PM
Breaking fewer props
0xFFFF's Avatar
What is the weight limit of the chair?
...I am fat.
Jun 29, 2016, 08:33 PM
RCG Admin
Jason Cole's Avatar
Thread OP
Jun 30, 2016, 06:02 PM
Breaking fewer props
0xFFFF's Avatar
Awesome. Thanks.
To save others converting - 230lbs is roughly 104kg
Hmmm... I might have to stop supersizing my meals for a little while
Old Jul 08, 2016, 04:49 AM
Leopard power
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Jul 18, 2016, 08:34 AM
Registered User
Originally Posted by Jason Cole
I stretching beyond this number and it is working just fine.
Jul 18, 2016, 08:35 AM
Registered User
I got my chairpak. I like it but I wish the pack was bigger, straps were longer, and the base was tilted back a little more. All in all it is still a win.

BTW Jason how did you attach the selfie stick to the inside? Did you cut holes through the pak and ziptie it?
Jul 18, 2016, 08:50 AM
RCG Admin
Jason Cole's Avatar
Thread OP
Yeah I cut 4 holes so I could get a zip tie around the frame. I think the new version of the backpack that will come with the Drone-Pak insert add on will have provisions for doing it built in.

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