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Sep 03, 2004, 10:12 PM
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Originally Posted by tiberius
Even at ~4g ea. That's just too heavy for single lipoly use and I understand why they ar not designed to operate down to 3v.

Falcon in the UK makes a 1.7g servo that works on a single li-poly. At that weight is is lighter than a std. actuator. $60 ea. but, you gotta pay for small. They are not cased either. I've got a number of projects lined up for the three I managed to get.

I've also have 5 of the Cirrus 4.4g servos. They do weigh ony 4.4g with connector, horn, and screw. For use in my "heavy" planes. Had a problem with one out of the box, but none since then. Some have reported a bit higher failure rate. I mention them mainly because they are the only servos I've had weigh in as claimed.
I've had several folks tell me that a single lipo cell is sufficient to run a couple of lightweight servos, plus as I mentioned above that's all that the battery would be powering. The install will be going in my Rapier solid fuel powered Komet project when I get around to juice will be going to a motor

That said, if it requires 2 cells, no problem at all, in fact I may actually prefer to go this route to get some weight in the nose. The model was designed for Jetex power, and as the Rapier unit is not only lighter but will be moved aft and up to the scale exhaust position, I suspect it'll tend to be a little tail heavy anyway.

As cool as those Falcon servos are I find it hard to justify $120 just for servos. However, things change by the weekthese days...Blue Arrow servos from Balsa Products at 4.3g. that can be lightened to 3.5g. this week, it'll be at least a couple of months before I can get to the Komet, who knows what cool stuff can be had by then?

All things considered, at this point we're only talking about maybe 5g. difference between the Falcons and Blue Arrows...hardly a project-threatening problem in a 16.5" rocket fighter IMO. If I need a bit less weight up front with 2 cells and a voltage regulator, Sky Hooks and Rigging makes some mighty small lipo cells I can use...

The nice thing is, with the replacement by Rapier for Jetex power, and some light building, I'm hoping I can get close to the original freeflight AUW even with two channels of radio

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