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Jun 18, 2016, 06:22 PM
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How to use a USB dongle to connect your transmitter to a flight simulator on MAC OS X

Hi, this is my first post on RC Groups, I had a lot of trouble trying to get my transmitter to control quad flight sims on my mac using OSX and without using a VM (virtual [Windows] machine) because my mac doesn’t have any VM software installed or set up.
The only answer I could find was using a VM but after about a week I got it to work.
I hope this thread will help others to use their controller with their mac and flight simulators without expensive or difficult to use additional software.

1. Buy a dongle
I quickly realized it was necessary to buy a cheap USB dongle to act as an interface or USB “controller” to translate the PPM signal from my transmitter into something that Mac OSX could understand. I bought this one from Bangood, I think they all work the same though:

2. Connect
For this dongle at least, there is a white LED inside. When you connect it to your USB it will flash rapidly for a few seconds. Then it will either: stay on constantly if it hasn’t found your transmitter, or it will blink slowly if you’ve connected your transmitter to it with the cable and it has detected it without any problem.

That’s the easy bit.

3. Software
The software linked to by Banggood are Windows drivers and are useless for Mac. I couldn’t find any mac drivers despite lots of searching so I haven’t used any dongle specific drivers.
Firstly I tried to use the controller with the Freerider simulator, but it didn’t work at this point. I later got it to work but not sure why it didn’t work at first, it was perhaps because I had the switch on my dongle in the wrong position (Phoenix RC mode doesn’t work).

I tried it with the HELI-X6 simulator and it didn’t work either. So after some research I downloaded some shareware called ‘USB Overdrive’ which is “a device driver for Mac OS X that handles any USB or Bluetooth mouse, keyboard, trackball, joystick, gamepad or gaming device from any manufacturer.” This software is interesting as you can open it and will be able to see if your mac is recognizing inputs from your transmitter – and then map them if you wish to keystrokes or mouse movements (which for this purpose is completely useless). It did allow me to see that with the dongle switch in position ‘3: G5 G6 G7’ it recognised more inputs or channels than in any other switch position.
With the dongle set up as such I started Heli-x6 simulator and it worked!!

I tried it with Freerider but still no luck. I uninstalled USB Overdrive and then found that my controller now worked with Freerider! It ight have been some software peculiarity with some plist or other thing being changed, but more likely it was that I had previously had the dongle switch in position 1 for phoenix RC, which doesn’t work.

I have created instructions for using your controller with each of these 2 SIMs below.

How to Use:
Set up dongle before opening game app.

A. Freerider
1) Connect controller to dongle.
2) Dongle set to position (2. AeroFly) or (3. G5 G6 G7) or (4. XTR)
[1. PhoenixRC does not work]

Does not work with USB driver utility such as USB Overdrive.

3) Connect dongle to USB. Then Start Freerider App. (does not work if connected after app started)
4) Calibrate

1) Install “USB Overdrive” and restart Mac.
2) Connect controller to dongle.
3) Dongle set to position (3. G5 G6 G7) [others not tested, suspect do not work]
4) Connect dongle to USB. Start HELI-X6.
5) Calibrate

I haven’t tried this with the LiftOff simulator yet as there is no demo, but I would love to buy LiftOff if I knew it will work using OSX and my dongle and controller.
I’d be really grateful if anyone could let me know please?

Here is details of my system set up.
Mac mini late 2012
OSX Mavericks
Transmitter: FlySky FS-TH9X using stock firmware and settings.

Dongle: Known as any/all of these names. FeiYing F08072 “Gold Warrior RC Simulator Cable Newest All in one Multifunction G 7 PX XTR AeroFly FMS” Banggood

USB game controller software: USB Overdrive
Download from:
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Feb 15, 2018, 06:54 PM
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Liftoff demo? NO

I read:

On Steam you can buy any product and ask for a refund within the first 2 hours of playing it. 2 hours should be more than enough to test if it runs on your PC and if you remote works with it.

here the link, a guy was asking for a demo, they simply replied: NO.
Mar 15, 2018, 06:57 AM
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Originally Posted by kenzo0100
here the link, a guy was asking for a demo, they simply replied: NO.
Correction, we did not simply reply "NO", we provided a full detail explanation with 7 arguments. We always do our best to explain our reasoning and thought process.
Apr 04, 2018, 04:37 AM
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So a friend from the flying club gave me a Real flight 7. I have a Dx6i and a regular usb dongle that allows me to play Aerofly rc 7. When i install the Real flight before i can even enter my codes, it says 'no controller detected'.

After reading i need a G6 dongle emulator, is that software? Or is there an actual dongle i need as well? The dude who gave me the game said it would work with my Dx6i, or even my Graupner Mz24, although he says that one can get ruined by static without a anti-static band.

If it is either software or hardware, or both. Could someone provide a link or example?

Many thanks.

Edit: I use Windows 10, so wrong thread, my apologies.
Last edited by Squinton; Apr 04, 2018 at 08:14 AM.
Sep 11, 2018, 04:46 PM
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Has anyone tried this with Flysky fs-i6 on a mac? I have searched for hours, and I can't find anyone confirming that they got the i6 to work with a sim on mac. About to give up/:

Ps. Thank you for your work, marioman_1982!
Nov 11, 2019, 03:51 PM
one cant have too many planes

Aerofly with orangerx wireless dongle works on Mac

I have done a lot of searching on what sim I can use on MacOS. Finally pulled the trigger and baught aerofly rc 7 from the appstore. Used A dongle inhave been using for years on my windows machine, plugged this in to my Mac and immediateky worked fine. Last week I baught the orangerx wireless dongle from HK. Now can even fly without using a cable.

This is my setup:
Macbook pro on MacOS Sierra
Aerofly rc 7 baught from apple store fir 40 euro ( note that this is 6gb so takes afew mins to download)
HK orangerx wireless dongle (15 euro)
Spektrum dx7s
This works like a charm.

Last night I hooked up my 2 usb dongles ( old one connected to an old futaba trainer port and new orangerx one connected to my spektrum wireless) and i was flying together with my duaghter in split screen mode. I didnt know this was possible but it worked perfectly: one mac, 1 sim , 2 dongles, flying 2 models simultanuously ( could be both planes or one drone and one plane, ...) The split screen follows one model permscreen, and you also see the other model where it is within sight. It even detects crashes between the 2 models. This is super value for just 40 euro!

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