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Jun 18, 2016, 10:36 AM
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TopXGun T1 Flight Controller Review

This is my own personal review of the TopXGun T1 FC. This unit it to rival DJI Naza V2 and DJI A2.

My contact there has been Linda and she has been great. There is a small typical language barrier but she has a great understanding. So much so they sent me the FC to review. Delivery was within 3 days and via TNT without any issues. Great service.

I had a friend do me the photos, Matt from LSD Photography

So the product I am directly testing is the T1

Let's have a look at some specs..

Basics Parameters...

Support multi-rotor structures Quad I, Quad X Hex I, Hex V, Hex Y, Hex IY,Oct I, Oct V, Oct X
Supported ESC PWM ESC with output lower than 490HZ
Max. output channels 8
Radio controller recommended PCM or 2.4GHZ, At least 7 channels controller(support failsafe function for all channels)
Supported Receivers SBUS、PPM and PWM
CPU numbers of core 7-core
Power Consumption <5W
Recommended Battery 3S-6S LiPo
Operating Temperature -20℃-+60℃
Storage Temperature -40℃-+60℃
Vibration damper <3.03g

Flight parameters...

Hovering Accuracy Horizontal 1.5m
Vertical 0.8m
Max. tilt angle 35
Max. yaw angular velocity 100/s
Max. vertical speed 6m/s
Max. horizontal speed 25m/s
Max. waypoints 128
Max. wind resistance Sustained wind level V Gusts level VI

Built-in functions...
Stable mode
GPS mode
Intelligent orientation control mode
Skyway flight mode
Click and fly mode
Smart circle flying mode
Failsafe mode
Low voltage protection

Hardware Specifications...

FCU 30g 60*45*15 mm
PMU 15g 35*25*8 mm
LIU 10g 12*12*6 mm
GPS 10g 55*55*8 mm
OSD 10g 25*15*8 mm

Software wise, there is a driver needed then the application software. All super easy to install

How does it feel in hand, really sold, nicely made.

So whilst taking some photos I stripped it all down.

Everything is very nicely put together. No dirty solder joints, clean machine work, heat pads in various places.

GPS is an M8N which supports 3 systems which are

BeiDou -

So lets have a look at this FC
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Jun 18, 2016, 10:37 AM
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These are the screen shots for the TopXGun T1 software.

As you can see there is 8 sections (8 photos). Really easy and simple configuration on all pages.

Also no GPS settings. I've check with Linda and this is due to the complex algorithm that the flight controller is running. Which is great as it's once less thing to mess about with
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Jun 18, 2016, 10:38 AM
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So tonight I was able to get it installed. I've an old frame I use as a test rig for everything. It was built crazy cheap so nothing to lose when it goes wrong as they say.

Specs of this frame are ...

Diatone Q450 V3
DJI 9443 Carbon props
DJI 9443 E300 props
Hobbywing X-Rotor 20A
Multistar 2212-920
XT60 soldered on

I fly using FrSky Taranis X9D Plus running Non EU FW. I tend to mainly use X8R as my RX also as I run telemnetry on most of my rigs, namely a FLVSS (lipo sensor).

I use 3M PE Foam tape for mounting everything. I find after 24 hours this stuff is solid. Plus it's cheap but down side is that it's a right pain to remove it. I use this than the supplied 3M VHB stuff as that's pretty tough stuff that doesn't always come off.

So how was the assembly of parts.

Quick and easy. As a like the DJI Naza the T1 needs to be as a central as possible in the airframe. PMU can go anywhere you want. LDU also the same. The CANBUS system TopXGun are using can be plugged anyway you like. What's really nice with the PMU is only 1 cable from it to the FC is all that's needed.

However this cable does not exactly fit the best and this has already been a concern I've raised with Linda. DJI A2 has an issue where there is poor fitting and hot glue is what I have used in the past to prevent them from falling out mid flight or during transporting. The fit here is tight just not all the way into the device as you would expect. Hopefully TopXGun can address this.

RX link for me is SBUS, keep it simpe and tidy this way. I used the supplied cable which is nice and a perfect solid connection both ends.

Folding GPS mast is nice feature, really solid when up no rattle or flex.

I did a quick power on via a 4s 5200mAH to make sure from soldering the PMU to the PBD I had a functional connection I was given a really nice series of flashes from the LDU.

I know the radio control inputs are different to the norm or different to that of a DJI Naza so I need to start from fresh which is not a problem to setup a new model on the radio, bind the rx and have a play. That's all for now
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Jun 18, 2016, 10:39 AM
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Sorry for delays in adding to this topic. Weather in the UK has been pretty bad and then my daughter was taken ill and we ended up staying in hospital.

So back to testing......

Setting up radio is nice and easy. However there is a bug within the software or least what I think there is. Have reported this back to Linda and thy are looking into it.

Flight modes - 3 way switch
Failsafe - also requires a 3 ways (I feel this should be a 2 way).

Stick inputs needed to be reversed on a couple which is not uncommon. Calibration nice and easy.

So to configure the GPS when your about to fly is nice and easy. Toggle between full flight modes 6-10 times and a sold blue light is emitted. Rotate aircraft flat clock wise nose first 360*. A green light then shows. Aircraft then need to be nose down and rotated clock wise also and again for 360*. You can do a dance or move the aircraft I've tried both. Once it's calibrated a solid white light shows this means everything has worked.

When you arm the aircraft this automatically sets the home point for return which is a series of blue flashes then goes to the flight modes led status. I really like this feature. Every time you arm it logging home point, really smart.

When the aircraft arms each motor spins up in a staggered pattern. In this case motor 1, then motor 2, motor 3 and lastly motor 4. It'll be 5,6,7,8 for other aircraft. You then throttle up as normal and take off. Video below showing the arming process. I like this as reduces loads on the system from startup, if any incorrect prop or motor direction can be seen word go.

TopXGun T1 Motor arming (0 min 15 sec)

Weather hasn't been nice here at all but I was able to get some flying in. Here is a video of a hover. Windy so having too correct a little. Plus flying and filming one handed not easy!

TopXGun T1 First flight test - hover (0 min 44 sec)

Failsafe testing. This is a key item for that what if moment or if the radio loses link etc. I'm very very impressed. It was still a little windy at the time.

TopXGun T1 Failsafe test (1 min 10 sec)

I also got the OSD fitted. Lots and lots of data here on screen. All the normal flight data but also a long and latitude. See attached screen shots.

Im pretty happy with how this has worked and now willing to transfer to a bigger rig.

The big rig is

Tarot TL6X001
Tarot 1855 Prop Set CW/CCW
Tarot 5008 6S
Tarot Quick Release Prop Adapter Set
Tarot TL96028 Anti-vibration Aluminium Motor Mount
Tarot TL96034 Aluminium Quick-release Landing Skids
Tarot X Series Carbon Fibre 4-6s Dual Battery Tray
Hobbywing X-Rotor ESC - 40amp
FrSky X8r
FrSky 150a current sensor
FrSky lipo voltage sensors X2
FrSky temp sensors
FrSky vario hp sensor
FrSky GPS sensor
Immersion RC 600mW VTX
Immersion RC tiny telemetry
Flytron Strobon XL
Ibcrazy airscrew
Multistar 6s 10,000 X2
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Jun 18, 2016, 03:36 PM
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Sadly I couldn't mount the FC internally as the landing gear controller I fitted on top of the PBD but also the PBD is not a super solid item. Plus I thought about any interference.

ESC to motors are soldered directly. No bullets here. Glad I got a foot heat gun.

Servo cables from the airframe to the FC are a little short. Sadly due to the supplied GPS mount from Tarot the FC is off centre slightly. Am checking with TopXGun how far off is allowed. Am ordering longer cables too make it look neater. Trying to avoid drilling new GPS holes.

Should have confirmation shortly about FC location. Then it's a case of bolt the top plate down, props, tidy cables and test. Weather permitting of course.
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Jun 18, 2016, 03:37 PM
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Jun 19, 2016, 10:22 PM
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Dear Pete, thank you for sharing on forum, you described very detailed about T1 flight controller.
Thank you for your support.
Jun 20, 2016, 01:06 AM
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If anybody has interest in T1 flight controller, pls contact me- Linda, email address : [email protected]
Jun 20, 2016, 07:31 AM
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Thread OP
No problem, Its been fun so far. Thank you for your support back.
Jul 07, 2016, 07:28 AM
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Thread OP
Post 4 has now been done. Sorry for the delays.
Jul 08, 2016, 04:15 PM
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Thread OP
Post 5 added showing build of the Tarot TL6X001 with T1 FC being installed.
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Jul 22, 2016, 02:20 AM
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How about the flight of Tarot with T1 FC, is there any video?
Jul 26, 2016, 03:20 AM
What goes around comes around.
squigg's Avatar
looking forward to seeing this on a larger machine..
Jul 26, 2016, 04:11 AM
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Originally Posted by squigg
looking forward to seeing this on a larger machine..
Pete already tested FC in a big rig, pls click the link on his Youtube

TopXGun T1 Tarot TL6X001 1st flight test (1 min 9 sec)

TopXGun T1 Failsafe Tarot TL6X001 (0 min 59 sec)

Thanks very much.
Jul 26, 2016, 04:14 AM
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This Flight Controller does not seem to be getting much traction, I have tried contacting the manufacturer to no avail, one to avoid for now until we have more users evaluating its performance. I believe it is based on Ardupilot code with closed Hardware/Software but they have indicated that they would release the SDK.

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