RCGroups LIVE Hangout! XFC, FPV, flying in the pool and more!

We are going live with another RCGroups Google Hangout. Jason goes over his FPV event experience and Matt tells us about XFC. Join in the conversation!


Join the Conversation!

Each week the RCGroups.com team goes live! We discuss recent RC events, reviews and what we have been flying (and crashing). Jason Cole has just returned from the 6th Annual South Eastern FPV Event, and Matt Gunn tells stories from the 2016 XFC! I talk about how to fly a quad via FPV into a pool and keep on flying!

We are also going to show a brand new plane that isn't on the market yet from RMRC with flight thoughts.


Watch the broadcast on Youtube:

RCGroups Live! Topics - XFC, Pecan Patch FPV, and flying into the pool! (0 min 0 sec)

Listen to the Podcast:

Download the podcast by clicking here.

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