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FlyZone announced the Micro Calypso this month adding a tiny companion to the popular electric glider...


Calypso Goes Micro

FlyZone announced the Micro Calypso this month adding a tiny companion to the popular electric glider. The Micro version has a 24.8" wingspan and comes with a folding prop so you can cruise around on the motor and soar on thermal lift. The wing attaches with magnets making it easy to take off if you need to store it in the box. All up weight comes in just under 2oz which puts the wing loading at just over 4oz per sq. ft. It promises to be a fantastic flyer that comes in two versions, RTF at $89 and Tx Ready at $69. The RTF version has the charger built into the radio for convenience and the Tx Ready version includes a USB charger. Check out the new Micro Calypso at Flyzone.

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Jun 16, 2016, 01:14 PM
Crazy Canuck
Hi Jason,
WOW! You're pushing out the Micro Calypso? How cool is that. I've been eyeing this little baby when it was first announced. I have the big brother and I like how it flies. I have the UM Radian and love how she flies too. I did own a regular Radian and it flew very well also. But when flyzone came by with the Calypso I realized that it gave me more bang for the buck and offered ailerons for a price cheaper than the Radian. Can't wait to my hands onto this baby.
Jun 18, 2016, 06:30 PM
USA: LakeGeorge, New York
Put the UMX Stryker motor in it, and it becomes a warm glider!
(someone in the UMX Radian thread did it).....becomes more interesting:-)
Today, 08:50 AM
AMA 51668
RFD's Avatar
i have both the umx radian and m.calypso (as well as the big calypso) and prefer the m.calypso over the radian for small fields, easier portability (mag wing mount), and the lack of those dang umx servo jitters.

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