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Feb 02, 2002, 11:04 PM
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First E- flight and Park Flyer Flight!!!

I purchased a Hacker Jodel a few weeks ago at a swap meet. It had HS-80 servos, jeti 040, and a DD 280 installed. I Took it home and thought now what- i've never messed with this stuff before.

I found E-Zone and the forums. I have to say a BIG Thank You!! I have read tons of threads for info and advise over the last week or so. I had my two teenage daughters go to witness the flight as they had show a lot of interest in the jodel. I did a range check and then did a hand launch. WOW!! It flew great !!! No noise, no mess, just a grown man giggling like a kid! It didn't have much duration as it is DD and The battery pack is probably been used past its prime. To say it was a joy is an understatment. I am totally Hooked!!!

I had a big bonus on top of the new plane and this flight today. My two daughters were both asking to start lessons. They said this looked a lot more fun than the loud IC planes I fly. I guess a lot of my IC stuff just went up for sale!

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Feb 03, 2002, 04:48 AM
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Welcome to the addiction!
Glad you had a great first flight! I was hooked from the start (Firebird XL) and the addiction err I mean hobby, has only grown since then.... (thats why I'm eZone @ 2am on a Sat night/morning) haha

I was surprised to see a post like this not talk about the Tiger Moth.. speaking of which....
just kidding
Feb 03, 2002, 06:48 AM
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Congrats Bill!! Just don't get too confused learning about batteries. Mudfarmer Mike is over in Corinith and I'm north of Jackson, TN. One of these days we all need to meet and fly our planes. (In my case crash/fly, or is it fly/crash now??) This is the site to learn.
Feb 03, 2002, 07:50 AM
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Mudfarmer Mike is over in Corinith and I'm north of Jackson, TN. One of these days we all need to meet and fly our planes.
Hey, don't forget the other Tennessee guy. Too bad that the state is so long that I'm closer to Canada than Memphis . At least we've got good crash/fly action going on across the state!

Feb 03, 2002, 11:55 AM
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Thanks Guys!!
I moved to Iuka from central Florida back in August. I thought I was in R/C purgatory as no real fields or clubs close buy. But this is changing real fast thanks to the E Zone!! I have a few places to fly but the fellowship is as much a part of the hobby as the models are for me.

I have flown IC stuff for years and truth be known , I was getting a little bored. It seemed the only learning and experimenting was in giant scale. ... learning how to max out the visa and not get the wife mad!!

This is a whole new world. I feel like I just soloed and can't get enough! It would be great to get together. Just wish the weather would get better. Its the only thing I miss about Florida. send me an e-mail and lets put something together.

Feb 03, 2002, 02:01 PM
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I'm sorry John!! Didn't mean to leave you or any of the other area folks out.... Even though Kingsport is stretching it! There are several people on the locator for Nashville, Memphis and I haven't checked Mississippi. Any of you are welcome to come here any time to fly. Just a few hazards like a barn, fences, trees, power lines, dogs and horses. But right down the gravel road there some great open fields and I know about a fellow who owns a sod farm who doesn't mind people flying on his property as long as no mess is left. Just remember, sanatation facilieties are non exhistant at those flying spots so go before you arrive!!