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Jun 10, 2016, 08:19 PM
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R/C Diary Pt. 19 “Assessing The Damage”

June 10/16:
Due to the pressures of family life, I was not able to get a chance to assess the damage & come up with a rebuild plan. To be honest, I couldn’t look at the wreckage for a few days anyways, too upsetting, so it all worked out I guess.

HK Cumulus 1.5 DLG:
I had to re-install the rudder & re-enforce the joint with 3/4 oz cloth and used medium CA this time to glue it all down. I did both sides and it does seem stronger. I put an extra layer of packing tape on both sides of the bottom of the rudder to give it a little extra strength when contacting the good old Haldimand clay. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

I noticed some play in the port side aileron connection so I removed both wires and installed heavier wire with adjustable Goldberg connections on the ends. That took out the play, so that should be good to go!

I then set up some aileron differential, and reduced the aileron movements by setting the D/R percentages to 70%. I then got the flaps to work off of the VR (variable rate control) on the transmitter. Next I set up the ailerons for adjustable braking using the left turn portion of the VR knob. I also set up the telemetry so that both the transmitter and receiver voltages are visible on the transmitter as well the audible and tactile warning systems for low voltages.

Lastly, I checked the CG and found the balance point to be just a few mms behind the recommended balance point. I plan to leave it there and just try some overhead javelin throws.

This morning I woke to calm air for a change! Oh Yay! I picked up my 11 year old grandson and the Cumulus and headed for the field. Winds were light from the west and the temp was hovering around 20C when we arrived around 10 am.

After making some fine adjustments to the elevator and rudder settings, I checked the put the radio in powered down mode to complete a range check.

I found it to be a real challenge to launch this bird. On time I threw it, it came right up and over in a big loop… I hate that! I checked the controls and I couldn’t see why it did that. Then the next time I threw it, it almost went straight into the ground. When I checked the elevator, I notice it was in full down position! The wire had slipped and the spring took over! I’m thinking the I should bring the cg a little more forward which might make it a little more stable. I think the biggest challenge is the 10” longer wing, great weight and mass and the ailerons/flaps combo (compared to my 50” DL50). I have only been flying 2 channel up to this point with lots of dihedral in the wing. One good thing is the repair to the rudder held up and I at least brought the plane home in one piece! : )

2 M Aspire Electric Sailplane:
Oh, this one was nasty to look at! The motor looks and feels okay, the folding prop….not so good. The 2,200 3S Lipo doesn't appear to have any physical damage. The EFlite 30 ESC Pro has crushed capacitors on one end so I don’t think I will use it again. The casing was broken clear off the receiver but when I hooked it up again, it worked! Don’t know if I can trust it tho? I basically had to strip about 30% of the covering off of the wing and there is a lot of damage. I ended up just stripping all the covering off and will have to recover the whole wing once its repaired. Next is the fuselage, basically, I will cut off the damaged area off of the nose section and will have to rebuild. At least, I will be able to build in a proper motor mount with more down thrust.

Looking back, I have to say it was all pilot error and/or experience… it what you will….my bad! The Park 480 running at 11.1 VDC was pulling 23 amps, so I was running about 255 Watts, which in retrospect is probably waaay too much for a 36 oz plane. One option would be to use a 2S battery which would drop the voltage to 7.4 & the wattage to 170. Another option is to go with a lower power motor, something in the 15 amp range and a new 20 amp ESC. I should probably reduce the prop size from a 12 x 8 to maybe a 10 x 8. That should make the ascents a little less hairy! : ) Oh ya…..and maybe next time I will dial in some down elevator just to be sure! Doh!

Keep Flying!

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