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Jun 10, 2016, 12:07 AM
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Past Mars moments

Watching Musk videos, he mentioned how today, there is technological a window for humans to become interplanetary, but the window may close if we don't seize it in the near future rather than wait for NASA's forever delayed schedule.

The rational was there were many times in the past when humans regressed in technology. Egyptians built the pyramids, then humans didn't build anything taller until the Eiffel tower. Egyptions had written language, but forgot how to read it. Romans had road & canal infrastructure, then lost it. Then of course are the well known tales of Greeks & Mayans having advanced technology, then losing it.

How can so many civilizations repeatedly go backwards & could it happen today? You could say the Apollo program was our Egyptian moment, but the technology to repeat it still exists, just not the money.

Perhaps the answer is what the government does when no-one can get jobs anymore. It prints enough money so everyone can get jobs again, without any innovation. The bar has been lowered now for 90 years of economic stimulus packages, from a time when loans were quite dear to a time when loans now pay the borrowers, with no point when the magnitude of innovation after 1 economic stimulus package exceeded a previous point.

It may seem like Facebook was a tremendous advancement over Myspace, but is it only because Snapchat was a lesser advancement over Whatsapp?

To be sure, the fake test pilot is not competitive & without the government would be permanently unemployed by the standards of innovation that existed 40 years ago, but the effect of so many of us not having to improve upon our work to survive must surely lead to a time of reverse innovation. After enough years of reverse innovation, it could become quite hard to read the equations that gave high density lithography, silicon doping, the transistor, the vacuum tube, & so on.
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Jun 10, 2016, 05:04 AM
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Well said Fake Test Pilot.

It is as if you are channeling 'A Canticle for Liebowitz'.

Jun 10, 2016, 11:13 AM
Waste Nothing
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Regression in technology observed is a side efefct of persistant cutbacks in research programs and overall higher education . BUT , there is something to be said about 'old technology' as it tends not to screw up !

Hey , I think you found the model for the 'salt sucking monster' in one of the early Star Trek episodes !

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