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Feb 01, 2002, 11:49 PM
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JK Aerotek Zero build questions

I just picked up the <a href="http://www.jkaerotech.com/Zero.htm">Zero</a> at my LHS, and am wondering what type of motors/batteries you experienced types have used. The box says 40" wing, 40oz, with a .25. I'm thinking that instead of using tape, I'll use 1.75 oz glass and get this thing really hollow for a geared speed 400. It won't be as bouncable though.

If I do use tape as per the instructions, what is the recommeded (but cheap) motor setup? Speed 600 sounds extreme to me, I'd prefer to keep this plane somewhat light.

BTW, an update on EDF F111 foamy, wings are cut from blue foam, I'm carving the fuse from white foam, with carbon stringers.

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Feb 02, 2002, 10:16 AM
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If you build it per instructions (which I recommend) then you're going to have an AUW of about 40-44 ozs depending on motor and battery pack. Mine flew quite well with a Magnetic Mayhem reverse / MAS 3:1 GB / & 12x8 MAS folder. You're going to need at least 1300CP's. It's a great setup and cheap. It you make some finger holes underneath you should be able to hand launch but bungee is best.

I doubt that you'll be able to get it light enough for S400 but anthing is possible. Stock setup is rock solid and will take alot of punishment.

Do a search, "DeaninMilwaukee" had his flying very nicely. Looked very cool too.

Good Luck.
Feb 02, 2002, 11:17 AM
Motors beat engines!
Thanks Sal!

Mine was very fun to fly EXCEPT for the hand launch.

Low wing planes like the zero prevent you from grasping the fuse where you need to for a decent throw.

Its sort of like trying to throw a heavy javelin by holding the last 6 inches! Very tough. Too easy to add a twist on release and spiral right into the ground.

My recommendation is, as Sal said, to install a hook and bungie launch exclusivly.

Other things, follow the plans carefully with regards to elevator throw and cg. They are right on and the elevator is exquisetly powerful despite its very small throw.

The ailerons though, I would add more throw than recomended. The roll rate is okay, but not fast. Makes for very nice scale flight as is though.

My plane came in a 50 oz, and flew very well even at that weight.

Tell us how it comes out!

Dean in Milwaukee