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Apr 30, 2016, 06:50 AM
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RC Bike 1:5 World Championship 2016


in case you are not yet aware, this years WC will be in Leipzig / Germany August 7-13!

Leipzig is Germany's best track. We will have Superbike, Stock and Nitro, and we will have a lot of fun!

Please find all information on the WC webpage or in Facebook:

See you there!

Martin P.
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Apr 30, 2016, 09:21 AM
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It is a start but excuse me:
When I still supported the Worlds I did it as you can see below:
Nothing too exciting but I think it does have a little more emotion....
May 02, 2016, 12:42 AM
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Come on, Edi, it s all there . You just have to follow to the official worlds page. I have asked the moderator to make this a sticky thread until September. With that we should have covered it.

Hope we will see a lot of Jabbers RGs NFs and what ever battling for the win in Leipzig

For the emotional part. This is Panti and me in Luxembourg. Panti is using the open door I "offered" him:
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May 03, 2016, 02:17 AM
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cant believe its the 10th anniversary one already

really doesnt seem like 10 years ago that it was at Brooklands

looking forward to as much info and coverage online as possible
May 10, 2016, 01:41 PM
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RC Bike Wold Champiosnip Warm Up

The first two days were for us to know the new track. So, for the time being, we are lapping, lapping, lapping!
The track is very technical, quite narrow, for me at least, having been used to the large Lostallo-type local track!It has a nice flow, if you manage to get the chicanes (or chickens, as we came to name them, during the race!) correctly, or else, you start counting how far your bike can.. fly!
I flew to Berlin, rented a car, met with Peter Chang from New Zealand, and we drove on Tuesday night towards the track.

So, early in the morning of Wednesday, we set up pits near the RG family and started doing laps, battery after battery.
I had seen the video of the August 2015 practice too many times to count, and I thought I knew my way around the track. But… the damn track always found its way to tighten especially at the end of the corners!
The fast guys, with the Superbikes, are doing 23.5’s. Stock bikes are doing 24’s. I do easy 29-30’s, and not so many 28’s. Sometimes, I can do a 27! In the Q’s I managed to do a few 26’s!

Two new bikes are present:
One is the new RG BK1R, an electric superbike (also ran in Stock, of course), which has a completely redesigned chassis, for better CoG, a movable battery (4 positions), new front forks and a horizontal servo placement.
Another new feature is the placement of the drive belt on the right side of the bike, right inside the spur gear. The steering system can be adjusted in many ways, suitable to new rc bike drivers or experts.
There was also a new lower fairing presented, which is more aerodynamic and narrower.

The other new bike present, still in prototype form, was the JJ One, or JABBER Junior one, which is addressed to everyone: Racers and parking lot drivers.
Its price is expected to be around the 400 euros mark (NOT confirmed), and it will be sold as a kit, complete with fairing, driver figure, wheels and tires. It will feature two new things: The new steering damper system (SDS 2.0) and a new type of rims and tires, which according to Clark will be vulcanized on the rims, so they will be pretty much perfectly round and balanced. Of course, it can be upgraded with a front brake (new metal disc). Its chassis, as we saw it at the Warm Up was made of 3D printed SLS, but the production model will be made with injection molded plastic.
The main chassis and swing arm will be made of this material. Of course, there are expensive aluminum parts, like the front forks and hubs, not to mention a few carbon parts, as well.
Clark was testing the bike for a couple of days and set some pretty impressive laps!
Back to the usual stuff… the weather was a bit cold and we found some rain when driving on Tuesday evening on the way to Leipzig. On Wednesday morning it was sunny, still cold. On Thursday, and every day since, it was sunny and getting warmer every day!

As for me, I changed my broken chassis plates with used, but like new, provided by Clark (actually the plates and the new SDS 2.0 were waiting for me at the hotel reception!).
I mounted the SDS 2.0 of course on the bike, and started to get a feeling for it.

On Friday, we did the Timed Free Practice. These consisted of two 10-minute heats for all drivers, in which the three best consecutive laps count.
While doing my first one, I got caught by some nervousness and I managed to ruin it!
I lost one of my scratchbars and while looking for it, I managed two 1.5 minute laps!!!
During the second TFP I did a bit better. Practically, with the new steering damper system I’m still trying to figure things out. I feel the bike is quite nice, and it’s up to me to take advantage of it.
Asking around, I decide to make my final drive ratio longer. Last year, at Valencia, I was running 7 to 7.1 FDR. This time, I am up to 6.5 and the wheelies are eliminated almost completely, while the motor feels mellower. However, with the bigger speeds, a front brake would be nice to have! I actually have to start my full braking around the middle of the long straight. That’s the only place I can… lose from a superbike. In all other places in the track, I can accelerate and/or turn almost as well as them!
My lap times have improved a bit, doing easy 27,5’s…

Saturday Qualifying heats.

The weather keeps improving and so does our spirit!
We run 5 Q’s, out of which the three best will count.
In the first two Q’s, I did a few stupid things, which kept me in the B-final. We are quite few in stock class. Actually, only 18.
In the next two Q’s, however I somehow upped my pace and did 21 laps, which at first took me up to 7th overall! I managed to ruin my last Q, so I ended down to 12th overall.
I see that the track is incredibly technical, and you need to be courageous, steady and consistent, have the best possible self-control and try to do no mistakes. (Easier said than done!).
Any hesitation takes tenths away from a good lap, while a mistaken corner means seconds are torn.
For example, on my 4th Q. I managed to do one of my best heats, doing a few 26’s while until now, I was lapping at 28-29 and sometimes at 27’s.
On Saturday afternoon the track offered the drivers an aperitif (Champagne, really!) and lovely and tasteful canape’s.

Sunday. Finals.

Sunday morning, I am in the first heat, racing at 9am! The grass is wet and there’s that snow-like tree pollen flying around! Fortunately, it doesn’t affect the traction of the track, which, by the way, seemed to me as great!
In fact, I found two pairs of Roadies Pro tires, which I had bought some time last year, so I unglued two pairs of very used wheels and made myself new tires. I ran these for the entire weekend.
So, B-final, first heat: I start from 2nd place, I somehow manage to get ahead of the pack after 2-3 corners and manage to drive steadily but not so fast, and build a good distance from 2nd. Up until the 5th minute I am doing fine, slowly advancing, until when passing under the rostrum I put the bike on the pebbles that are next to the track and do one of my spectacular crashes: The bike flying all the way to the fence! The marshal –I think it was Clark at that position- puts the bike back on the track, I am still in the 1st position! But… something feels weird! The bike is completely unwilling to turn. I manage to drive this way, slowing very much before each turn, since it will take ages to accept my order to turn. By the 8th minute the 2nd and 3rd drivers catch me and pass me. So, I finish 3rd.
Back at the pits, I see that one of the two rods which act as springs on the new SDS 2.0 has broken. In fact, the 2nd one also breaks while I remove the driver figure from the bike.
In the next 20 minutes I work frantically to change back to the old “voodoo” steering damper. I am ready before the next final.
I was told by other racers that sometimes these rods break, but if it happens in a final, well… then it’s disaster. So, the new system is good, yes, it is, but you have to be careful not to crash (not me! Haha!) and be prepared for some bad fortune if you do crash!
Second heat of the B-final, I almost did the same: Not the almost-DNF, but I was leading from lap 1 to the end! It was a good race, I did a few 26’s again and I managed 21 laps. To put it in context, though, the A-final stock bikes did 24 laps and were lapping at 24-25 sec!
At the 3rd B-final, I somehow managed to be 1st until the 6-7th minute. I started doing my spectacular show for the spectators, again, (!!!) and I managed to finish 2nd to Bierbach Lutz who was watching me do my stunts and of coursed passed me! Well… stunts don’t win races!!! I learned that the hard way!
So, I finished 2nd in B-final, or 12th overall, which left me with mixed feelings. I certainly could do better, if only I had kept my concentration intact and was more careful when driving that darn “chicken” right under our feet!

In the other finals there were some fantastic fights.

In Stock class, Italian Fabio Tosti gave some very good fights with both Steve Olanier from France and Voijn Pantovic from Serbia, who, eventually made the podium in that order.

In the Superbikes, Simone Nascosti won convincingly, while we saw some great racing fights between the other drivers too. Special mention to the Repetati-Wohlert fight (see video, below), who kept the spectators on their toes for an achingly long time!
I can’t even imagine how these racers felt while driving on or over the limit, with their bikes being a couple centimeters from each other!

In the 30-minute nitro final, Marco Giovannini won a great race, with RG bikes filling the podium. Unfortunately, out of the 8 bikes that started, only 5 finished.

And now… back home, I am preparing for the First Annual MotoGP of Greece which will run next weekend.
I guess I am well prepared, having practiced quite a bit during the last few days!!!

See here THE Superbike fight!

RC Bike Warm Up 2016. Superbike Final. The FIGHT!!! (1 min 27 sec)
May 10, 2016, 03:21 PM
Berlin, Germany
What a great warm up event, thank you Steliosh for the report. A big thanks to the MRC Leipzig, they did it very well. I was driving Super Bike and was happy to fight with the guys in the B final, for me it was the second race under that conditions. Almost driving at parking lots and on bike meetings it was a great experiance for me , had lot of fun and so much stressss :-) The Leipzig track is not so far away for me, only 2 h, so I know the track and its trechnical challenge. Very tricky in the early morning time, because of wet gras and shadow given by the trees. To do the chicanes at an ideal line and the omega turn it is the key for fast rounds.
So see you at the worlds and I would be happy to confirm my placement at 17. overall or better... Nice to met you, Steliosh and the other guys from Italy, NZ (hi Peter), Danmark, Austria (hi Gartenzwerg!!), Sweden and my "collegues" from Germany.

edit: Many thanks to Gregor from RC Motorradshop supporting us with spares .
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May 10, 2016, 06:50 PM
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Nice pics...thanks!
May 11, 2016, 02:45 AM
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Hi Piekus!
Nice to put more Faces to Names!

Big Thanks to Stelios for the great report.
Oh wait, as Gregor said on Facebook, it is now written: "Stelios!!!!"

It was a great weekend, meeting all the friendly guys from around the World, even meeting the famous Pedro51, who travels all the way from NZ just to play with us with small R/C bikes.

We arrived on Wednesday morning, unloaded Panti at the track, and hit the Town for some Sightseeing. Temperatures and wind were pretty chilly, so we started to question our choice of clothes, since everyone promised nice and warm weather..

The Leipzig Zoo is really worth a visit, and the central railway station together with the whole town central are spectacular! And all just a tram ride away from the Track, no need for a car.

With the Sightseeing done, it was time to hit the track on Thursday morning. That's when my problems started..
Combine some lack of proper maintenance with lack of training and badly glued tires (done by Yours Truly, of course!), and you have the perfect combination for a little misery.
Sorry to all guys around me that had to deal with my rants

With the help of everyone around (Clark, Panti, Bastelpeter!) I managed to find a setup that worked well as long as I hit all the correct brake and turn-in points on the track, resulting in a best lap of 24.66 and a 24lap run in Q3. This is still about a sec slower than what the really fast guys do, but this is what I can do at the moment

Adding some quality Air time over the Chicken , I finished the race on 13th position, which is Okay!

My Jabber (one of the first 2013 models) proved to be very tough, even with all my crashing (..into the straight, on the straight, at the end of the straight, on the back straight, in the Chicane, in the...)

I even managed to run my 8th Scale bike (the BP8) during the lunch break on Saturday.
Worked beautifully, the setup is currently way better than that on my Jabber.
But some serious maintenance is planned for the next few weeks, and I hope to find and smash all the hidden gremlins

Stelios was doing very good. Aside from the occasional Crash, his driving is a joy to watch, especially when you still remember him bouncing around the Track 6 years ago in Grenoble
Go Stelios!!!
May 11, 2016, 02:26 PM
steliosh's Avatar
well... thanks!!!
May 11, 2016, 03:31 PM
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Good report Stelios, as usual.

I enjoyed my days at the Leipzig track, meeting more racers, and putting faces to some familiar names. Of course my ageing memory will require regular updates, hopefully next update will be in August.

I think (hope) that with a little more practice I will be able to move 1 or2 places up the field.

Today, with one more 1 hour flight until I get home to my own bed I am over long distance travel. I am sure however that after a couple of days recovery, I will start dreaming, scheming of the next chance to go racing.
May 11, 2016, 03:33 PM
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Ps. I need to check my 1/8th parts supply. I am sure I NEED a BP8
May 14, 2016, 05:35 AM
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Thread OP

Video teaser for the Bike WC

Hello Bikers,

please find a little video teaser for the bike world championship 2016 in Leipzig. It is based on the warm-up.

A first test by Alex Biedermann, a pro who will film the WC in August.
Will be on the WC webpage and Facebook page on Monday also.


Martin P.
Jul 17, 2016, 02:51 PM
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Thread OP

fee for world championship

Hello everyone,
we have around 90 registrations, that looks pretty promising!
Maybe we make the 100!
Again, you will find registration info and other details on the Championship webpage:

Please keep in mind:
July 23 is deadline to pay the 75€ starting fee. Afterwards it will be 100€.
75€ includes one race class and the drivers dinner.
Each additional class adds 25€.
Each additional person for the dinner adds 15€.

MRC Leipzig
IBAN: DE59 8607 0024 0278 8453 00

See you, Martin
Jul 18, 2016, 10:48 AM
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Hi All,

Apologies for hijacking this thread but can anyone confirm the dates and location of next years event yet?

Unfortunately I can't make it this year but hope to make next year if I can get it planned soon enough.

Good luck to all going to Leipzig, I hope you all have a great time
Jul 29, 2016, 12:38 PM
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Thread OP
Hello all,

just to prevent any misunderstandings „according to the new WC rules the track is closed the week before the championship for participants. The event starts August 7. So driving on the track is possible early Sunday morning.“

Two videos I would like to share with you to see the track:

MRC Leipzig aus der Luft mit DJI Phantom und Gopro Hero3 (5 min 4 sec)

MRC-Leizpig e.V. - RC-Bike-Treffen 2015 (20 min 56 sec)

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