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Jul 23, 2001, 08:03 PM
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Focus III FM help needed!

I have a Focus III FM radio that I'm trying to use with a 555rx. I just
bought a new Xtal for the Rx that is on channel 46, the same as in the Tx.
When I hook every thing up, I get nothing at all. Except for when I cut the
Tx on and off then the servos and motor "twitch" I have freshly charged
batteries in both the plane and the Rx. I bought the Terry from a guy on
line and it came with the speed control and S400 and (2) HS-55 servos! I
have tried my servos that came with the radio package but I still get
nothing. Does it matter where I plug the servos and speed control into the
555 Rx? I have the speed control in the #1 slot and the servos in the 2nd
and 3rd slots from the top. I have no idea what the make of the speed
control is. the cover has been removed and heat shrink placed over the unit.
I do have other speed controls but it seems to me that the servos would
still work if the speed control was bad. Any help would be great!
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Jul 23, 2001, 08:28 PM
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The speed control has to be plugged into slot #3.

The aileron servo has to be plugged into slot #1.

The elevator servo has to be plugged into slot #2.

Slot #4 is for a rudder servo if you have one.

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Jul 23, 2001, 08:42 PM
aka: A.Roger Wilfong
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I fly this same setup on an S400 motor glider and it works great. Follow Dave's suggestions for the servo hook ups and it should work fine.

The only thing I'll add is - make sure the 555 is for Futaba/Hitec and not Airtronic/JR. The label on the 555 should indicate which it's for. If it says eitehr Futaba or Hitec you're ok. If it says Airtronics or JR, the receiver has the wrong modulation shift and won't work. It will; however, do just what you describe - twitch the servos when you turn the Tx on and off.

- Roger