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Apr 18, 2016, 02:58 PM
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1st Annual RC Bike Race Warm Up, April 17, in Greece!

what can I say?!

Tt was quite unexpected for me last week... I knew there was a scheduled 1/5 LS Car race at our local track, FRT, for this Sunday, April 17, so I asked the owner if we could also run the bikes using the track's timing, so we can do some good practice, between the cars' heats.

Instead, he said, lets make it a race!

So, we did it!

One of our friends, Theodore Blikas, even took a 12 hour ferry ride from Limnos island to come race with us! He just left this evening att 9pm, so we spent Monday at the track, of course!!!!

Anyway, we did one 15-minute free practice run, then three 10-minute qualifying runs and then three 10-minute finals.

Of course, since we were only 6 bikes, we could only have one heat, all running together. No separate classes.

We had seen in the previous days, with a handheld Hudy lap timer, that we could do 33 to 35 sec laps. (The 1/5 LS cars do 27.5 to 32). We actually improved that on the race, with my best of 31.0!
Some of the people, have never ran on track before. Theodoros, for example was at first struggling to do a single lap, on Friday, but he persisted and after 2-3 batteries, he started making sense of the braking points, turns etc! He started doing 1 minute laps, and ended doing easy 36's (this afternoon he did a few low 34's too!).
His best was 36.0-something, which means he has the potential. His SB5 is fitted with Lightscale swing arm (it's actually the ex- Manuel Dietrich bike, from two years ago!), a HW60A sensorless ESC and a 4000kv motor.
Our other "newbie" is Konstantinos Daditsos, also with a SB5, had a rotor failure on his motor, on Saturday morning practice, so we mounted a SP 13.5 (from my last year's Worlds!) and he did very nicely. He is a seasoned 1/8 buggy, 1/5LS and 1/10 electric TC racer, so he knows his way around a track. He also struggled with the turns, basically, braking too late, but after 2-3 batteries on Saturday, he also managed to do decent laps! He did a 40 best, but he admitted he was afraid of the... power of the motor, so he took it easy!

Our nitro driver, Giorgio (no internet for this one,yet!, see the relevant thread on this bike) did fantastic work, only with the wrong things on the bike!
What went wrong?! Nothing, really, but... Only last week, we ordered a few parts from RG, namely a smaller clutch bell, and the "torque" exhaust, because we were running the track the other way around, so far, and it was favoring shorter gearing etc. This way, however, the track needs power power power! He found his way, with a best of 34, and a measured top speed on Friday of 85 km/h.
And the JABBER's: I have the OS16 and nothing else special on the bike. Just mounted new fork legs on Saturday. Oh... and the kit Pro rear tire!
Vasilis Tsioutsias, also on a JABBER (2013) has also raced the Warm Up in Valencia last year, and he is very fast but mostly he is very consistent.
His bike is completely stock, and, as I do, he runs the Worlds Stock electronics, with no front brake.
Petros Tsiavos ran his 2011WCR JABBER (the ex- Andreas Minaschek bike) but in SBK form, with a 5.5 motor. He struggled a bit with the old fairing which at some point disintegrated, but otherwise, also being a (real bike) trackday racer, knew his way around the track. A hard act to pass, actually!
We all ran these "cheap" unmarked Roadies B3 with great success!!! (OK, I ran a WHITE rimmed Pro tire, the one that came with the bike! The other wondered: What is THAT? He tells us to use the B3's and he runs a secret weapon?!)

In all, the race went smoothly, I won a couple of Q's and the first two Final legs. On the third A final leg, I started thinking I could do a 19-lapper, but I screwed badly on the first lap, I got nervous and started doing lots of mistakes, so I ended doing only 15 laps...
Great racing, great spirits in the bikers and cars pits, everyone went home happy, I hope...
The potential in all is there, as can be seen by the improving laptimes, after every heat.
So far, we were only practicing together actually cruising and never really pushing hard to win. But this time, we tried hard to reach the bike in front and try to pass it.
I know we are racing a bunch of mixed bikes, but still, fun was the object and we managed that: HAVE FUN!

So... more practice now, till May 15, when the big race is coming!!!

Oh and my name in the papers and screens is Xatzopoulos, well... it's Greek for Chatzopoulos!
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Apr 18, 2016, 04:56 PM
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Apr 19, 2016, 07:37 AM
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Great discription of your experience!
Apr 19, 2016, 01:34 PM
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Thread OP
thanks for your kind words!
Well.. I'm still excited!
This past week... I ran... how many batteries?! Or rather how many hours at the track...
Let's see...

Thursday, 6 batteries ran, from 3pm to 7.30pm.

Friday, 2 batteries ran by me, 7 by Theodore, and while I was marshalling him, showing him also where to brake and where to turn, I lost about 3.5kg's in the process! Who said RC Biking is not an athlete's sport! Oh. 12 noon to 8pm!

Saturday, 11am to 8pm. Batteries ran 2. I did the marshal/coach thing to Konstantinos! Another 1.5 kg lost! My wife noticed! She said: You should go more often to the track!

Sunday, 10am to 6pm. Batteries ran 7! One in FP, 3 in Q's, 3 in Finals!

Monday, 12 noon to 5pm. Batteries ran: 1. Batteries videoed and lap keeping (minimal marshalling to Theodore and minimal coaching! I was enjoying good driving!).
Talk about overdose in rc bikes!

My wife noticed ( absent so many days!) You should stay more at home! (but she said it with a loving and genuine smile!)
Boy... I'm soooooo tired!
But happy!

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