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Jul 09, 2016, 01:31 AM
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Originally Posted by chrisbarth
Sure, heres a larger version of the same design I did a while ago.

This was about 450 size. All done freehand with a Dremel diamond disc and a 1/8" carbide burr. Old carbide table saw blade used to cut the straights, it dulls fast so I use the Dremel diamond disc again to sharpen the blade! Love those diamond discs!

Yes, I totally ripped off Warthox. No shame, but hey its a great design. Only so many ways to make a X.
Thanks for the info. I'd find flying that 450 confusing with left/right bottom mounted LED arrangement , I'm used to front/rear top mounted LEDs

I think most engineers, given the brief of a simple X supporting by a couple of centre plates, would come up with a very similar design as the Warthox original. As you say, only so many ways you can make it.

Originally Posted by Brainstorm
Might be worth trying RX1102 8000KV motors on a 10g light frame.
I've already gone and bought some RCX H1304 motors for the frame for a mid-weight 3" build.
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Jul 09, 2016, 02:37 PM
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Originally Posted by TimR74
I've already gone and bought some RCX H1304 motors for the frame for a mid-weight 3" build.
RCX H1304 4000KV motors are the "best of both worlds," between 1105 and 1306. Should work great with the beefed up 3" t-style props, notably HQ3030 and the new GF/RX3025. Should do great on 3S and will probably handle 4S as well.
Jul 18, 2016, 04:06 PM
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I've retired my X2 frame now, broke a couple of the motors and the bearings are really knackered now on the others. Built a new (the X5) 200mm frame with 7mm tubing to replace it.

T motor F30
Littlebee Pro 4in1
same Naze rev 6, direct soldered, running latest Betaflight 2.9
850 3S 65C LiPos

Frame is 24.5 grams. AUW minus LiPo, 161 grms.

Just maidened it this evening, my favourite yet. So smooth and the throttle response is addictive . Motors+Lipos both get pretty warm with triblades so will have to step down to 2 blade props for 4S. Still waiting on some fatter 4040 and 4045V2 triblades for some extra ummph.
Jul 21, 2016, 04:02 PM
Wut wut wut
I'm blown away by these awesome builds. Nice job.
Jul 23, 2016, 01:28 AM
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Cheers bexamous, I've got a few more builds, bigger and smaller, in the pipeline….

Will post some more detailed construction info, as mentioned earlier, soon as well. Not that there is a lot to it anyway.

I reckon you'd love these lightweight 200mm 4” builds with your smooth flying style. Visually, they're a little different over other smaller 4” quads, like say a morphite 155X. As the centre standard 36x36 FC dimensions are the kept, the quads appear more fat and blocky as you scale them down, especially with flat plate arms. The smaller Furious BLX FC does help here. The longer 200mm arms and slender looking planform makes it easier judging the flight angles and orientation, which is what LOS is all about. The compromise is the ultimate rotational speed and manoeuvrability is reduced, but not a problem for my current skill level.
Jul 29, 2016, 11:14 AM
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4 inch triblade testing…..

A box of Dal triblade props dropped on my doorstep recently enabling a wee bit of prop testing on the X4 (Emax 1804) and X5 (T motor F30).
I've been used to HQ props, started off liking the fact that they would break rather than bend, and the extra stiffness from the glass composite material. After a while those breakages add up and I'd fly a little more conservatively after a few costly wipeouts. The DAL props are a lot tougher and generally bend in a crash.

I've previously only flown the TJ4045, so this prop was my baseline. Looking at various thrust tests, the TJ makes relatively little thrust but are quiet and efficient, at least that is until they've been bent and re-straightened a few times.
The T4040 BN really go well paired up with the F30 powered X5 (flown on 850-1000mAh 3S). It's based on the 5040 and not as extreme a bullnose as some. Being a lot stiffer with wider blades than the TJ, they gave much much stronger initial punch. Flight times were down a fraction but not half as much as I was expecting. They take a far greater hit before bending and tend to bend midway along the blade as opposed to at the root like the TJ. Response times and speed with the F30 still felt great to me.
The T4045 V2, performance wise, is like a middle ground between the TJ4045 and T4040, not convinced it's got any more pitch than the 4040 just be eyeballing it. I found it better suited to the Emax 1804, which didn't have the torque to spin the heavier 4040 props effectively. Thrust is a little higher and the props were nice and quiet. Despite being a tiny bit lighter, the root of the blades are thicker and have a much larger blended radius making them considerably stronger at the blade root than the TJ. Overall, happy with these new triblades.
Jul 29, 2016, 03:13 PM
Master Prop Breaker
Those do look nice. I just started using some DAL 5X4.5X3 V2 BN props with my 2205 2300kv motors powered by 4s. They have the same rounded tips, I love them. Tons of thrust, no vibrations, the also don't break during insane high speed, high manuvers, I've been having problems with that lately. Maybe I need to slow down a bit!
Jul 29, 2016, 05:52 PM
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Don't slow down, that's what these quads are built for

I also bought the same props - DAL 5045x3 V2 to try out soon on the Warpquad, looking forward to that. Currently been using the 5040x3 V1 which are just too thin and flexy for my taste.

Forgot to mention that the 4040x3 is based on the thicker and stiffer 5040 V2 not the V1, gives them great initial bite.
Jul 30, 2016, 08:12 PM
Master Prop Breaker
Not sure if these props are made for inverted diving with full throttle from 300-400' high and then doing a 180 right before the ground! To be fair the only props I had problems breaking doing that are the 2 bladed DAL 5X4.5 BN V1. The three bladed props don't seem to stress as much. I agree with you about the 5x4.5x3 DAL V1's, like you said much too flexible. I would get horrible vibrations/resonances at certain RPM's.
Jul 31, 2016, 04:12 PM
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X6 Build - 230mm

OK, as promised, here’s some more in depth photos and building info. for my next frame. In this age of easily available CNC machining and 3D printing, it's a little old school and traditional, but the end product is worth it.
I find a good general building philosophy with these is to try and make them quickly and not worry if they're a little rough around the edges. I'm as bad as the next person about getting hung up on some OCD details and it can be tricky trying not to be too perfectionist about the details. The nature of these frames is that if an arm breaks in a crash they're a write off, so you don't want it to feel too daunting to make another. Little mistakes, like say, if you need to elongate a hole that's been drilled inaccurately, or a centre plate that hasn't been cut perfectly square really don't matter and are quickly forgotten about once you've flown, crashed and scratched the quad up.
It only takes a few hours to build one when everything is to hand and you get into the swing of things.
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Jul 31, 2016, 04:54 PM
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I've got a couple more curing on the bench as I type.

An ultralight 150mm for 3"props and a heavyweight 265mm with extra reinforcements. Stay tuned for more details....

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