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Apr 21, 2017, 07:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Bikerpaul
I have been trying to buy another basic Hornet S from Banggood and it is like pulling teeth!

I have ordered and paid for another Hornet S and asked the question if this was 100% compatible with the Gimbal. They replied yes but said it would only fly for 6-8 minutes!!

I don't think this is the latest version of the Hornet S, I thought flight times after the Mod or on the latest incarnation of the Hornet S had much longer flight times than this. Am I mistaken or is it yet again Banggood trying to shift old stock to their existing customers?

What flight times are you guys getting after the mod if you could let me know please.

Also what flight times do people get after buying one of the latest Hornet S quads?

Finally I am this weekend going to mod my original Hornet S but the photos of the Mod I find a little vague. Can someone point me in the right direction of the best photos and description of this mod so I dont with my fat fingers make things worse :-)

Thanks guys in anticipation.

I will let you know what Banggood come up with in the end.


OK just an update......

Bangood cancelled my order and has started a full refund of the 2nd Hornet S order.

I said I would continue with the order if they would pick up the return costs if the new hornet S would not work with the gimbal correctly.

They then cancelled the order!! Says it all doesn't it?

I have now asked for a full refund of my original faulty Hornet S so lets see where this gets me!

Don't touch these with a bargepole is my response. Plenty of other similar companies, Hobby King, GearBest, TomTop and others.

I certainly am so so disappointed, no more orders to BangGood from me thats for sure.

Hi Paul,
Just to let you know. From what I've read about the Hornet, there seems to be this limitation (which I think was pointed in the manual as well) that with Gimbal you would only get 8minutes flight time(which sounds horrible if you ask me, as i didn't know before i ordered mine)
but it's the best you can get for a modular drone, which I find hard to look for something different than this.

About Banggood service.
I've crashed my drone, if you see my comment few posts above yours, and am in constant communication with banggood for replacements. they are doing aweful job, But I think I figured them out a little.

First, they are so aweful in English, I assume they use some translation software to talk to customers. which explains why they aren't getting what you're saying and vice versa.
Second, Insist, that's the name of the game, keep talking to them and ask for what you want, they may play dumb\not give up refunding well etc. but eventually if you insist you will get what you've asked. I got my orders refunded + a new motor shipped (hopefully they would do it expedited as asked. otherwise i'll have to insist some more.)

Originally Posted by adrenahelin
a short in the motor windings, here's a link a video shows measuring inductance of brushless motor. does your esc show any visible burn mark?
Thanks a lot man! I've tried to look it up, couldn't find any burn marks on the ESC, (I wanted to reply much sooner, but got delayed because.. LIFE) so anyways, i took it down to an electronic store to get help with soldering by someone with more experience than me. He did a perfect job, still didn't work, ESC's didn't look burnt but they were partially covered with the yellow stuff that covers the soldering points on the board.
the next thing the guy noticed. is that the motor is more stiff than the others. so we are pretty much solid on believing its a faulty replacement.
Waiting for another replacement to arrive. hopefully it'll be better.

Thanks again
And headsup.
a JYU facebook group closed down due the admin who said he has 3 hornets, and JYU simply don't respond anymore to emails and support it. (I actually ran into a complete silent from about 3-5 emails I sent them. I fear he has a valid point and it might be good to start looking elsewhere instead of investing more into this one.
Anyone that can provide me more info about JYU or how to reach them better. I would be really happy to hear back.

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Apr 21, 2017, 11:55 AM
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Just curious, anyone can sell me maybe a battery or 2 for the JYU?

Today, 11:24 AM
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Update about the drone
Looks like the logic board where the ESC's are for the bottom right wing have been slightly broken or doesn't have proper connection. anyone has any idea how to repair it or deal with it? would adding something small while closing the case to create pressure be enough?