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Apr 02, 2016, 04:06 AM
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My limited quad/fpv far

Hi Guy's. Thought I would post a couple of my experiences and thoughts about getting into quads and fpv so far, and maybe a couple of things I would do different. I got into quads as I was not able to get flying fpv fixed wing, I unfortunatly did not know any fpv flyers, which would allow a spotter, plus I built a ground station with monitor, no goggles, still aiming for some as budget allows. So decided a quad would be a good place to try fpv, as back yard allows me enough room for quads, I fly electric and nitro helis here. Since building a 450 and just finishing off a 280. I gotta say going with a quad was the best move for me. I am able to fly when I want and dont need to carry my gear anywhere, that has allowed me to progress. And boy do I need to progress! Also learnt a lot about getting into fpv,when I first got interested 3 or 4 years ago I went and spent money on good uhf Tx ..,,900
-1.2- 2.3-5.8 vid Tx's and Rx's diversity Rx's already for when I was going long long way, So far I dont go more than a few hundred metres and when I eventually go fpv on fixed wing, I KNOW now I wont be going far either for a long while. I am now flying with a standard Taranis plus and 5.8 vid, so not counting the Tx,I am flying fpv having fun, and not complicated, nowhere as complicated as I thought I needed it to be, nor as costly as I made it,spent heaps that I did not need to. Even the camera I bought cost a lot more than needed, I am now useing a couple of $35.00 ccd cams that cost a third of what I first bought, and to be honest they outperform my first cam by a long way. The moral of the tale is start with the basics and have fun!! I have quite a bit of stuff in my hobbyshop I may never need! And could have bought at least a couple of pairs of good goggles with the money I spent and still have change.
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Apr 02, 2016, 10:51 AM
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About 3 years ago I bought a couple "toy grade" Quadcopters for my adult son for Christmas.
He was into building his own Computer, so he was not very interested in them. In fact, he never even opened them, so I asked if I could put them together and fly them, with his blessing i got my first experience with a SYMA X5C and instantly fell for the Quadcopter scene.

I eventually built a 650 sized quadcopter , an Octocopter Coaxial, a 300 Octo coaxial, and a 250 racing Quadcopter from scratch.

I fly FPV out in the rural part of my State and also never leave my homestead to fly. It's a great way to relieve stress from daily living.

I am soon going to retire from my occupation and will have more time and dedication for my three Hobbies. With all the technology evolving constantly, I wonder what great advancement in FPV and sUAS , in general, will surface?

Life Is Good.
Apr 02, 2016, 08:25 PM
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I do wonder as well "whats next"

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