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Mar 22, 2016, 05:10 AM
Car Bashing
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XC Racing 1/18 4WD Buggy Kit

XC Racing 1/18 4WD Buggy

I received a XC racing 1/18 here is my first thought and review...

Name: 88dcdde3-de90-4b31-993b-a03ed4e4f0f3.jpg
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Size: 27.3 KB
Description: Name: b9677cd3-9a22-4215-bbd9-80ea1bda1004.jpg
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Description: Name: 04270fc8-078f-46bc-b8a2-f540567c8885.jpg
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Name: c8a6b364-e91d-4616-8201-071e01d47fcf.jpg
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Description: Name: 0e2b8b83-7af8-4883-afc6-175881de445a.jpg
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Name: 473bc854-5d70-4234-b685-f54c1e895d41.jpg
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Name: TB270F6dXXXXXbDXXXXXXXXXXXX_!!765922928.jpg
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Description: Name: TB2h14PdXXXXXbeXpXXXXXXXXXX_!!765922928.jpg
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Specifications :

- Length : 250mm
- Width : 190mm
- Height : 96mm
- Wheelbase : 168mm
- Gear Ratio : 9.3:1
- Tyre Size : Φ58 x 31mm

This car is same as VRX Dart and FTX Colt.

Manual :

FTX Colt manual : Colt Manual

Transmission :

Name: TB2r9xYdXXXXXXiXpXXXXXXXXXX_!!765922928.jpg
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Size: 29.6 KB

- Spur gear : 41T
- Bevel gear : 14T
- Diff. gear : 38T

Parts provided in the kit :

Steel diff. :

Name: FTX6891-700x700.jpg
Views: 166
Size: 39.8 KB
Sintered steel.

Plastic diff. drive cup :

Name: FTX6882-700x700.jpg
Views: 129
Size: 27.1 KB

Plastic center coupler :

Name: FTX6854-700x700.jpg
Views: 93
Size: 32.2 KB

Steel center drive shaft :

Name: FTX6851-700x700.jpg
Views: 98
Size: 19.3 KB

Plastic dog bone on rear :

Name: FTX6856-700x700.jpg
Views: 84
Size: 30.4 KB

Plastic cvd on front :

Name: FTX6821-700x700.jpg
Views: 83
Size: 32.6 KB
With steel wheel's axle.

Plastic spur gear :

Name: FTX6847-700x700.jpg
Views: 85
Size: 49.9 KB

Chassis plate :

Name: FTX6832-700x700.jpg
Views: 97
Size: 35.9 KB
We can see that motor position can be adjusted.

Gear box :

Name: FTX6820-700x700.jpg
Views: 119
Size: 35.9 KB

Servo saver :

Name: FTX6826-700x700.jpg
Views: 77
Size: 28.5 KB

Envisaged upgrades :

Rear steel dog bone :

Name: FTX6918-700x700.jpg
Views: 77
Size: 29.8 KB

Front steel cvd :

Name: FTX6919-700x700.jpg
Views: 72
Size: 30.6 KB

Steel center coupler :

Name: FTX6922-700x700.jpg
Views: 70
Size: 24.3 KB

Steel diff. drive cup :

Name: FTX6906-700x700.jpg
Views: 74
Size: 33.3 KB

There is also aluminum upgrades available : A-arms, a-arm hinge pin holder, C-hub, Knuckle, motor mount.... And carbon : Chassis plate, shock tower, steering ackerman...A steel spur gear is also available.

I wait steel rear dog bone, Front cvd and this servo EDIT : but this servo, who was advised by Banggood, is too big, i bought a goteck 9g CS-9025MG 2.5kg.

Complet car can cost arround 100$ with a cheep brushless combo, 9g servo, and radio.

I will try to put a 390 brushed motor, then a 4000kv brushless motor and 7800kv brushless motor.

Unboxing :

XC Racing - 1/18 Buggy Kit - Unboxing (8 min 15 sec)

Build :

• XC Racing - 1/18 Buggy Kit - Build • (31 min 43 sec)

Thought about kit/assembly :

- Assembling is a little bit tricky without build instruction.
- Some screws as described on exploded view aren't in the kit.
- Just the number of necessaries screws, even few size are missing.
- Missing servo saver spring who make the car unusable.
- No mask for body.

Chassis thought :

- Design seems good.
- Good ground clearance for his size : 24mm.
- Front hub carrier seems thin and weak same for rear near the linkage screw's position.
- A-arm, shock tower and linkage are made with soft plastic who don't seems brittle.
- Plastic drive shaft are not very rigid and i can twist them a little bit with hands.

There are 2 positions on shock tower and two positions on a-arm for shock absorber on front end and same on rear.

On photos i put a 2440 motor but shaft is 2.3mm and XC buggy motor pinion is 2mm. The maximum motor size with 2mm shaft seems to be 2435. A 390 brushed motor wont fit.

Body and wing seems PVC but quite thick.

Width, 190mm, is as large as 1/10 tc car. Wheels have lot of offset who make it look like a truggy chassis.

Stock dogbone/CVD :

Name: XC racing plastic rear dog bone.jpg
Views: 93
Size: 37.1 KB
Rear dogbon. 52mm from pin to pin.

Name: XC racing plastic front cvd.jpg
Views: 86
Size: 49.0 KB
Front cvd. 50mm from pin to cvd axle.

Battery tray size :

- Lenght : 90mm
- Width : 34mm
- Height : 25mm

Exemple of maximum size battery who fit : Zop 7.4V 2200mah 35C lipo batterie (same as photo)

Servo : 9g 22mm wide

Photos :

Name: XC racing 118 rear ground clearance.jpg
Views: 139
Size: 715.0 KB
Description: Name: XC racing 118 side ground clearance.jpg
Views: 131
Size: 539.8 KB
Description: Name: XC racing 118 front ground clearance.jpg
Views: 132
Size: 464.1 KB
Name: XC racing 118 above front side w body.jpg
Views: 144
Size: 853.6 KB
Description: Name: XC racing 118 above front side wo body.jpg
Views: 209
Size: 864.6 KB
Name: XC racing 118 above front w body.jpg
Views: 139
Size: 743.1 KB
Description: Name: XC racing 118 above front wo body.jpg
Views: 195
Size: 775.0 KB
Name: XC racing 118 above side wo body.jpg
Views: 176
Size: 1.15 MB

Electronic :

Esc :

I bought a 25A-SL clone on ebay :

Name: HW 25A-SL seller photo.jpg
Views: 145
Size: 43.2 KB

I received it like this :

Name: HW 25A-SL clone.jpg
Views: 118
Size: 234.0 KB
Without Deans/T connector and 3.5mm female bullet.

This esc has 100% same parameters as Hobbywing ezrun 25A-SL. We can program it manualy.

Name: ezrun25a.jpg
Views: 164
Size: 64.3 KB

On the car :

Quite tight under the buggy body :

Name: XC racing 1 18 25A SL esc side with body.jpg
Views: 131
Size: 446.7 KB
Description: Name: XC racing 1 18 25A SL esc above with body.jpg
Views: 126
Size: 584.4 KB
Description: Name: XC racing 1 18 25A SL esc above without body.jpg
Views: 165
Size: 550.1 KB

Servo :

I bought a Goteck GS-9025MG on aliexpress :

• Goteck - GS-9025MG - 13g servo • (1 min 51 sec)

Fit perfectly in the buggy.

Motor :

2430 7200Kv

Fit perfectly as servo :

Name: XC racing 1 18 GS-9025MG 2430 7200Kv motor.jpg
Views: 159
Size: 222.4 KB

Videos :

Speed test :

• XC racing - 1/18 buggy kit - Speed test • (7 min 26 sec)

Top speed is as expected with a 7200Kv motor.

- Tires are pretty grippy on asphalt but the small structure will surely wear out fast.
- Handling is pretty good but if one wheel left the ground, with the power, the car spin very fastly.
- Steering is accurate and reactive.

First problem :

A pin from one rear plastic drive shaft started to go out :

Name: XC racing plastic drive shaft pin gone out.jpg
Views: 123
Size: 14.1 KB
I guess these plastic drive shaft are ok for brushed motor but not for high kv brushless motor.
We can add tape to avoid the pin to go out of drive cup.

After inspection i seen more play in the rear diff. than when i had finished to build the buggy. I seen that there is a washers between ball bearing and gear on a diff. that the other didn't have. I added a 5x8x0.2 whashers with inner diameter enlarge to 6mm to fit it on diff..

But for the small test i done i don't see bad wear out on gear.

BMX Track :

• XC racing - 1/18 buggy kit - BMX Track • (10 min 6 sec)

So i have discovered the weakest point of this car : shock absorber. They are worst than BZ444 plastic damper, they open really more easily, i have spent lot of time to screw caps back during the video.

For the front hinge pin i'm not really suprised when i see the falling height. Easily repaired and it doesn't happen a second time. This also show that a-arm nylon is quite strong.

For rear shock tower i'm not suprised also when i see all the bad landings i have done on this double bumps. I guess that truck version will more protect this part.

With that power handling is pretty tricky, we should be smooth on the throttle. The shock absorber issues bothered me to keep the good acceleration.

So i will need to upgrade shock absorber to aluminum and i think i will buy carbon rear shock tower. Unfortunately banggood doesn't sell shock tower.

No issues on transmission, the second plastic dog bone is ok as front cvd. Plastic is ok for bashing, better than on HuanQi 1/16 for exemple. As diff. accessibility is easy i took a look on gearing and i haven't seen something wrong.

More videos coming soon...

Hop-up parts :

Rear steel shaft :

Name: XC racing 118 rear steel cvd.jpg
Views: 108
Size: 228.3 KB
Rear steel cvd
We can read Link doesn't works for me. It was surely XC racing who had an account on taobao.

Front steel cvd :

Name: XC racing 118 rear steel cvd.jpg
Views: 93
Size: 77.9 KB

Rear carbon shock tower and aluminum shock absorber :

Name: XC racing 1 18 carbon rear shock tower aluminum shock absorber bags.jpg
Views: 128
Size: 493.5 KB

Name: XC racing 1 18 carbon rear shock tower.jpg
Views: 97
Size: 51.0 KB
Thickness : 3mm

Name: XC racing 1 18 front and rear aluminum shock tower.jpg
Views: 96
Size: 78.9 KB
Pre-filled with oil.

Need nuts for linkage and shock tower, they aren't provided with shock tower. I found nuts on an old pc connector, DB9 or something like that.

Result mounted :

Name: XC racing 1 18 aluminum shock absorber front shock tower mounted.jpg
Views: 114
Size: 309.6 KB
Description: Name: XC racing 1 18 aluminum shock absorber rear carbon shock tower mounted.jpg
Views: 139
Size: 441.5 KB
Description: Name: XC racing 1 18 aluminum shock absorber rear shock tower nuts.jpg
Views: 113
Size: 106.9 KB
I have added medium threadlock on nuts.

Unfortunately banggood doesn't sell these parts. I asked if aluminum shock absorber they sell are all the same size (seems to be all same size on banggood) and i don't have answer for this question.

Carbon ackerman steering bar :

Name: XC racing buggy carbon ackerman.jpg
Views: 104
Size: 317.2 KB

Comparison :

Name: XC racing buggy carbon ackerman comparison.jpg
Views: 89
Size: 26.3 KB

Mounted :

Name: XC racing 118 ackerman bar mounted.jpg
Views: 100
Size: 68.2 KB

Diff. drive cup :

Name: XC racing 118 Diff drive cup.jpg
Views: 97
Size: 837.9 KB

Comparison :

Name: XC racing 118 Diff drive cup comparison.jpg
Views: 93
Size: 15.3 KB

Mounted :

Name: XC racing 118 Diff drive cup mounted.jpg
Views: 84
Size: 9.6 KB

I didn't buy these drive cup because i have alreadyworn stock drive cup. It is to have them in my stock.

More to come, stay tuned
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Mar 22, 2016, 09:19 AM
Registered User
$100 Brushless car with plastic dogbones and outdrive cup. Hemm.
Mar 22, 2016, 09:27 AM
Car Bashing
Jym73's Avatar
Thread OP
Yes, will see the durability of the dog bone. But the Team Associated RC18 b2 is also provided with plastic dog bone.

It is still good to know that there are steel dog bone and cvd available.
Mar 22, 2016, 09:33 AM
Time For Me To Fly!
fastmax's Avatar
The original shaft driven RC18 lineup was also equipped with plastic bones. I raced it for over 3 years on Ozite with a 5400kv Mamba on 2s lipo and never had a dog bone failure.
Mar 22, 2016, 03:00 PM
Registered User
Guys always think metal is better if u make the plastic right it will last.look rc 10 don't they still use plastic gears
Mar 22, 2016, 03:10 PM
Car Bashing
Jym73's Avatar
Thread OP
I have nothing against plastic gearings. But with the cheap car i have their plastic aren't the best, there is plastic and plastic. In XC racing, diff. are already metal, only drive cup and drive shaft are plastic and when i have seen what happened to BZ444 center plastic drive cup, i think that maybe steel will be a good option if plastic wear out too fast. I have also stripped plastic ball diff. on my BZ444, now with the metal gearing i don't have issues. But my BZ444 still has the stock black spur gear, no problem with it.

But i wait to receive it, test it with different motor and see what happen, if plastic is ok i will keep plastic.
Last edited by Jym73; Mar 22, 2016 at 03:15 PM.
Mar 22, 2016, 03:34 PM
Buggy in style
I think this is a good alternative to a WLToys A959.
Mar 22, 2016, 04:36 PM
Car Bashing
Jym73's Avatar
Thread OP
Not the same price also. WLtoys A959 is nice for his price and RTR. With this one for the same price you have only a roller but i hope a better durability.

I can't confirm for the moment, but when i see the size measured of the motor pinion on banggood (11mm for 14T), it is maybe also a 0.7 mod.
Mar 22, 2016, 06:31 PM
Registered User
I just ordered the truck version for 59.00 shipped. I have the electronics already so not a bad deal
Mar 22, 2016, 06:43 PM
Car Bashing
Jym73's Avatar
Thread OP
When you have electronics it is nice.

I'm not sure the servo advised by banggood is the good size, seems too big...
Mar 22, 2016, 06:45 PM
Buggy in style
Originally Posted by Jym73
Not the same price also. WLtoys A959 is nice for his price and RTR. With this one for the same price you have only a roller but i hope a better durability.

I can't confirm for the moment, but when i see the size measured of the motor pinion on banggood (11mm for 14T), it is maybe also a 0.7 mod.
After all the upgrades I've put on the WLtoys, I should have gotten something else, like an RC18 or this.

Now, I am stuck with limited battery space on my A959.

I think I will order a truck version.
Mar 22, 2016, 08:03 PM
head designer at TEAM-D DESIGN
dogoman's Avatar
Awesome! it looks really good, let us know how it turns out
Mar 23, 2016, 11:23 AM
Car Bashing
Jym73's Avatar
Thread OP
7200kv motor is on the way with a 25A esc, copy of ezrun

I will also try this combo in the K929 and A212 .

I think that a 390 motor won't fit in the XC racing, to big and too long.

I also bought a 9g gotech GS-9025MG 2.5kg servo because i'm pretty sure that a the 17g, advised by banggood, won't fit. But i will be able to use it in the K929.
Mar 26, 2016, 07:22 PM
Car Bashing
Jym73's Avatar
Thread OP
Front steel cvd are now available at banggood.
Mar 27, 2016, 12:39 PM
Registered User you think a 2430 size motor will fit in the A212......I have the A202 buggy with the turnigy 2030 size motor,and had to make the motor mount holes wider......also used the turnigy trackstar 25a esc...and after a lot of use the buggy is holding up really breakages.......mind you the tyres are wearing out now...that's one thing I would like to find..some better tyres that fit the buggy wheels....anyone know of any??

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