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Mar 19, 2016, 11:41 AM
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DIY lipo battery charger (arduino, color lcd, remote control)

I'm kind of informally working on a charger project and thought I'd share some ideas and photos and see what people think.

The overall idea is to leverage existing charger boards (the ones that are easily programmed via a single resistor), and using a controller and a digital pot, allow the user to set the current or charge level via some simple UI.

I'm using a 16bit a/d breakout board to monitor the battery voltage as well as current (via 0.1ohm R and using differential mode in the 4ch a/d module). Lookup tables and fixup tables will calibrate this, as needed.

An adafruit charger module (micro poly) is used, but others could be used. I've used other common 'ebay charger boards', but I'm using the adafruit board, for now, since its a chip that I know is geniuine and I can count on.

There are setup modes and multi battery modes that I have UI's designed for. And, it will be remotely controllable in some interesting ways.

It data-logs over serial 9600 in simple ascii, so any script can read the time series log events and do whatever math it wants with it. The data will also be sent over RF, initially using xbee modules, and you can have data consumers on xbee's capturing the stream.

Just a fun project I found myself doing, for some reason or another

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